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Prince of Dragons Orion #3

Read õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Í Cathryn Cade

G with her fury at his rebuff Sirena sets out to get her revenge in the form of seduction All the odds are in her favor until Slyde makes her a wager she can't refuse if she finds the deadly serpents first she wins one night with him But if he wins Sirena must agree to be his forever Either way she can't lose or can she Slip into your heat proof space suits it's snakes on a space ship in this smoking hot sci fi romance Winner '10 Best Dragon Tales' Originally published in 20. Wasn’t keen on heroines’ actions or selfish behaviourRead in the box set Have read books one and two before First time reading this storyWould love to say this is another great read in this series but due to the heroine being a self centred slut it was spoilt for meNot been a fan of Sirena since book oneThe enjoyment for me came with another attempt against the Orion to ruin the Lodestar lineGreat having the crew interaction again but sad about the deathsMy only gripe with this story was Sirena I understand her Serpentian nature but not why she was so harsh and mean to SlydeNever uite felt she redeemed herself after basically seducing him for her own prideful reasonsWanted Slyde to be with someone else

Free read Prince of Dragons Orion #3

Orion Series Book 3 This space cougar is on the prowl with a handsome virgin in her sights   A powerful Dragon shifter and a lethal beauty team up to protect the spaceship Orionbut find themselves locked in a battle of the sexes and a fight for their lives   Sirena Blaze is a seductress renowned across the galaxy for leaving enthralled lovers in her wake But when the Orion is threatened by evil in the form of deadly serpents this guard captain is all business Until she mee. Who would think I'd start getting bored with sex scenes Not me but I have to say that I started skimming all those parts because it's the same scene different partners My likes go in phases so I guess I'm starting to be done with sexually explicit romance The story itself was predictable There's a conflict that happens they catch the villain but don't uestion him which seems stupid to me but whatever I probably won't read any of this series

Read õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Í Cathryn Cade

Ts her new co captain of the guard that is He's a fabulous hunk of male and she sees no reason they can't enjoy each other But for the first time a man turns her down flat  Slyde Stone has never wanted anyone or anything than his beautiful sultry co captain But he has a secret he's a dragon shifter one of a legendary race who must mate for life or not at all Though he burns to have her he must keep Sirena at a distance even if it means watching her with other men and dealin. Reviewed by CrystalBook provided by the author for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookPrince of Dragons makes you want to live in booksSlyde Stone is a one woman man and he won’t settle for less He is a dragon shifter and has to stay undercover so that he can find his mate and have her fall for him and not his status So he must stay a virgin until he finds his mate That is just the way of the dragonsSirena Blaze is good at her job She also has abandonment issues She has sex with men and leaves them before they can leave her She’s on the prowl for another man when she meets Slyde It doesn’t seem that he wants her so she finds another maleYou can just feel the sparks that are coming off of Slyde and Sirena They both want each other for different reasons Sirena just wants to have sex with Slyde Slyde wants Sirena as his mate and knows that she isn’t ready This is the first story that I’ve read that the woman really just goes and has sex with men when she wants just oneThis story has everything that you want in a book You have sex fighting and people trying to kill you You never know what is going to happen next So you are kept on the edge of your seat It is just so exciting The story just had a great plotYou would think that you were on a love boat instead of a ship that had passengers and cargo You also get to meet the other characters from the other two books and see what is going on with them I enjoyed the suspense of the two killer snakes and everyone trying to find them before they killed who they were sent to killYou also wonder if Slyde will be able to stay a virgin until he mates with Sirena or will he give in to his hunger if it gets to be too much Who will win the bargain I can’t wait to read the next one and see what happens I wonder what it will be about and will they finally catch the person who is out to sabotage the shipI recommend this book to anyone who loves a great adventure and loves a lot of sex So happy reading and enjoy

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The bigger the alpha the harder he fallsI write sexy contemp contemp paranormal & sci fi romance inviting you along on a heart pounding ride with heroes who can only be tamed by the greatest force in the universe loveI live in a little town on a big lake in North Idaho so look for the Northwest in my stories