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Shiner by Amy Jo Burns

Read & Download æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ Amy Jo Burns

On a lush mountaintop trapped in time two women vow to protect each other at all costs and one young girl must defy her father to surviveAn hour from the closest West Virginia mining town fifteen year old Wren Bird lives in a cloistered mountain cabin with her parents They have no car no mailbox and no visitors except for her mother's lifelong best friend Every Sunday Wren's father delivers winding sermons in an abandoned gas station where he takes “Making good moonshine isn’t that different from telling a good story and no one tells a story like a woman She knows that legends and liuor are best spun from the back of a pickup truck after nightfall just as she knows to tell a story slowly the way whiskey drips through a sieve”“Stories like bottles of shine are meant to be given away”“ I didn’t want to be a story I wanted to live”This stunning story takes place on a secluded mountain in West Virginia where days of drink drugs death blind snake faith and isolation were dark Then as the secrets of the past are revealed an even darker shadow is cast Amy Jo Burns writes in clear beautiful prose that conveys fifteen year old Wren’s isolation and fear difficult to endure if not for her mother Ruby and her mother’s best friend Ivy and Ivy’s children Briar Bird her preacher snake handling father keeps Wren from the outside world and the outside world as far away as possible It’s about the shine and the religion with beliefs manifested in snake handling and the miracle of healing The relationships are complex between Wren’s parents Ruby and Briar “White Eye” between Ruby and her life long friend Ivy between Ruby and Flynn from her past between Wren and her father and the hope in the budding relationship between Wren and Caleb The author does an incredible job of fully realizing the individual characters as well By the end of the story we know them all At first I gave this four stars but then I thought about the true healing miracles here of unconditional friendship the capacity to love in spite of suffering caused by those you love and the possibility of hope when everything feels hopeless and the amazing writing I decided it was deserving of 5 stars A heartbreakingly beautiful debut novel about all of those beautiful things that are part of a place and culture where it’s easy to be mistaken that they won’t be found here I’m hoping for from Amy Jo Burns I received a copy of this Riverhead Books through Edelweiss

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Ledge Wren can imagine a different future for herself than she has been told to expectRich with epic love and epic loss and diving deep into a world that is often forgotten but still part of America Shiner reveals the hidden story behind two generations' worth of Appalachian heartbreak and resolve Amy Jo Burns brings us a smoldering taut debut novel about modern female myth making in a land of men and one young girl who must ultimately open her eyes Love and loyalty lies revenge fear and hope are what this story is aboutThe love and loyalty that grew from childhoods of want and suffering and a need for friendship that grew deeper through the years Two women whose lives are shaped and trapped by the mountains of West Virginia and the men who dominate their lives Ruby and IvyFathers and husbands control their lives because the women have no say in this world of moonshiners thieves and drunks The only true thing in their lives is their loyalty to each other and the hope of leaving this place but this too disappears when Ruby marries and Ivy is now tied to the mountain and this way of life because of her love for RubyLies are not just told but lived with so they shape one’s very existence and create a fear of discovery and destruction Revenge twists and turns and finally destroysHope lies in the young Ruby’s daughter Wren who desires so much than what the mountain has given her and yet will finally determine her own surprising futureWonderful book with such well drawn characters that you get pulled into their lives The book is a world away from my own life but it uickly drew me into Ruby and Ivy’s lives Resigned to a male dominated life style and yet Ivy still held out hope Just a really good readI won this ARC in a First Reads giveaway Thank you to Riverhead Books and the author Amy Jo Burns

Read & Download æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ Amy Jo Burns

Up serpents and praises the Lord for his blighted white eye proof of his divinity and key to the hold he has over the community over Wren and her motherBut over the course of one summer a miracle performed by Wren's father uickly turns to tragedy As the order of her world begins to shatter Wren must uncover the truth of her father's mysterious legend and her mother's harrowing history and complex bond with her best friend And with that newfound know Taking place amid the abject poverty of the “hollers” of Appalachian West Virginia a miracle goes very wrong and has devastating repercussions The storyline follows two generations of mountain men and women and their traditions of making moonshine snake handling and what appears to be male dominance Alcoholism and the opioid crisis rear their heads yet there is a great sense of love Love for each other their land and their mountain traditions which are not to say that there isn’t a pervading sense of being trapped In a sense this is a coming of age novel as young Wren learns the truth of her father’s divinity untangles her mother’s past and finally sees possibilities for her future

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About the Author: Amy Jo Burns

Amy Jo Burns is the author of the memoir Cinderland and Shiner a novel Her writing has appeared in The Paris Review Daily Tin House and Ploughshares Online Gay Magazine Electric Literature Literary Hub and the anthology Not That Bad