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In his bed moaning his name But what starts as a sexy flirty temporary engagement uickly becomes something serious that neither one ever anticipated. Very cute love story He is rich handsome and fairly nice She is almost too nice pretty and has some self esteem issues because of her weight She makes up a fake fiancé to help promote her matchmaking business and makes the mistake of using his name to a few clients When he finds out he makes a deal He will play the part of her fiancé if she will play the part also He thinks that will get his mother and the psycho chick who wants to marry him off his back Then he might get the added bonus of getting our heroine between the sheets in the chair or anywhere else Good little romance

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Confirmed bachelor Max Sterling isn't into rescuing damsels in distress but when the very tempting Hailey Ellison needs his help there's only one thi. Get it here US UKI've almost started this book about eight times and then for whatever reason I never actually did Which is something I'm kicking myself for now because I really enjoyed these characters The whole fake fiance thing has been done time and time again yet these authors kept the plot new and fresh It didn't feel cliche at all and had my attention from the very beginning Hailey and Max fell into their relationship with little issue and I really liked that they didn't bring a lot of drama to the forefront Hailey had a few reasons why she wasn't looking for a real relationship but with Max they fit so well together that even she couldn't deny that they belonged with one another They had a certain level of trust in each other that was really amazing to see and it made their connection very strong This writing duo always delivers a fantastic story and I can't wait to get of them from the rest of this series

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Ng for him to do Step in and pose as her loving fiancé Except there is nothing fake about his attraction to her or how much he wants her beneath him. I wish Max is not that perfect I wish he has some dark kink or at least annoying kink so i can relate to him as human I mean come on There is no way a man can be that perfect But then i remember the series is Book Boyfriend Well thats explain why max is super perfect To all of the romance fan we do have our own book boyfriend Whom we secretly 'loves' Like many perfect over the top romance story this book serves its purpose Likeable heroine with self esteem issue perfect hero loving and supporting second characters who just so perfect Dont we all hope we can have our own 'perfect' Sigh3 stars

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