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Securing Constitutional Democracy The Case of Autonomy

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Basic liberties that are preconditions for deliberative democracy to allow citizens to deliberate about the institutions and policies of their government as well as deliberative autonomy to enable citizens to deliberate about the conduct of their own lives Together Fleming shows these two preconditions can afford everyone the status of free and eual citizenship in our morally pluralistic constitutional democracy.

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Famously described by Louis Brandeis as the most comprehensive of rights and 'the right most valued by civilized men the right of privacy or autonomy is embattled during modern times than any other Debate over its meaning scope and constitutional status is so widespread that it all but defines the post 1960s era of constitutional interpretation Conservative Robert Bork called it a loose canon in the law while fem.

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Inist Catharine MacKinnon attacked it as the “right of men to be left alone to oppress women” Can a right with such prominent critics from across the political spectrum be grounded in constitutional law In this book James Fleming responds to these controversies by arguing that the right to privacy or autonomy should be grounded in a theory of securing constitutional democracy His framework seeks to secure the.

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    My biggest problem with the book is that most of Fleming's arguments consist of I will argue that x That's it that's the argument for x At first I thought that the argument was to follow shortly but he had already moved on to another topic This is a shame because Fleming is able to explain things very well in person His lectures when I was his student were superb

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