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    This is one of the better Margaret Way books and it has much story than mostThe heroine inherits the house of her late great aunt There she meets a neighbor the Hero who had just moved to the area and had made friends with her great aunt upon the reuest of his uncle It turns out that the great aunt and the uncle were at one point engaged to each other but the wedding never happened The heroine is also glad of the chance to stay at the remote plantation home since she is recovering from a bad break upThere is some mystery because the Hero insists that his uncle is claims that the great aunt had a child by him As far as the heroine knows her aunt was childless Although she has always been close to herThe main characters are very attracted to each other although it takes some time for the heroine to trust the motives of the Hero They search for evidence and find a portrait of a man he is not the Hero’s uncle It turns out the aunt had another lover In the portrait the heroine sees that the subject has the same eyes as she does so the mystery starts unravelingThey suspect that the heroines mother is the real child of the Aunt and therefore she herself is the real granddaughter Since the aunt was unmarried and her lover could not marry her since he was already married the sister convinced her to give up her baby so she could raise it as her own The heroine calls to ask her grandmother about this and all the details come out The grandmother is one of the nastiest characters in the book She only loved the “daughter” she took away from her sister but not her granddaughter I found that very weird because even if as it turned out the heroine was never her real granddaughter she was still the child of her “daughter” and was raised as a granddaughter How could she not have loved her?There is of a mystery since the ex of the heroine is stalking her He burns one of her boats and it seems he also was the one who killed the aunt The couple find the journals of the great aunt and the whole story of her love triangle with her married lover and the uncle of the Hero is explained The mother of the heroine and her nasty “grandmother” come over and the grandmother tries to threaten the heroine if she reveals the secret But the mother is a smart lady and confesses that she suspected that the aunt was her real motherThe ex is also lurking somewhere outside the property and he manages to damage the breaks on the Hero’s car so the Hero almost gets into a bad accident The police are called and the ex is arrested All loose ends are tied up The grandmother is revealed as a scheming manipulative witch but they agree to keep it within the family so as not to cause a scandal The mother also reads the journals so she knows what happed and who her real parents are The Hero and heroine get married The Hero’s uncle who had been in love with the aunt was very ill in the start but recovers when he meets the heroine and her mother who are the image of the great aunt so alls well ends well

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Hidden Legacy

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Zizi dies Alyssa inherits her wonderful house in Australia's tropical north ueensland where she meets Adam Hunt Zizi's very attractive neighbor It's from Adam that she learns the first of Zizi's secretsTogether she. Super 8 (Motel 6, inherits her wonderful house A Calendar of Cases of Witchcraft in Scotland, 1510-1727 in Australia's tropical north ueensland where she meets Adam Hunt Zizi's very attractive neighbor It's from Adam that she learns the first of Zizi's secretsTogether she.

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Alyssa Sutherland has always adored her great aunt Zizi Elizabeth Jane Calvert and valued their special relationship Zizi has lived a uiet contented life one without great passion Or so Alyssa thinksThen unexpectedly.

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And Adam uncover the greatest secret of all the lifelong love that Elizabeth Calvert kept hidden from the world Zizi's secret passion could change Alyssa's whole world But falling in love with Adam will change it eve.