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    My dad voted for Norman Thomas in 1948 His father ran as the Socialist Party candidate for alderman in his ward in Chicago during the thirties until selling out to Roosevelt Dad says he used grandfather's old campaign literature for scratch paper throughout his public schoolingFleischman's biography of Thomas is the first I'd ever read A friend in Maine South's Social Science Society Tri S had introduced me to the Young People's Socialist League an affiliate of the Socialist Party by taking a few of us to one of their meetings That news coverage of Thomas' death in 1968 the fact that almost all of my older friends were socialists of one kind or another and the family connection led me to acuire and read the bookThe life of Thomas was so inspirational that when reuired to write an essay about an admirable person as part of the application process to Grinnell College I wrote about Norman Thomas and was acceptedWhy Norman Thomas? The most important factor was probably the volunteeristic aspect of his life Thomas was not born to labor or the left He was a Republican worked for Warren Harding as a lad and became a Presbyterian minister His politics arose partly from his experiences with the poor as a minister partly from the fact that he cared about others enough and was brave enough to try to do something beyond sermonizing I too was middle class I too cared and wanted to do somethingThis happens to be the actual edition I read in high school Fleischman wrote an updated version after Thomas' death in 1968 which has years appended to the title

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    he is forgotten nowbut we can learn a lot from NormanThomas

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Norman Thomas A Biography

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