READ ´ Frog A Photographic Portrait

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Frog A Photographic Portrait

READ Frog A Photographic Portrait

Pecies of amphibians to disappear at an alarming rate The aim of the year’s campaign is to generate awareness to the greatest species conservation challenge in historyThomas Marent author of Rainforest 2006 and Butte The photography in this book is gorgeous The text is sparse but I still learned a good bit about frogs with the text and wonderful photos The only negative is that I wish there was a better idea of scale for many of the pictures


Rfly 2008 started photographing natural history subjects particularly birds and butterflies in the mountains of his native Switzerland He has dedicated nearly half his life to recording butterflies across five continen The photography is stunning I learned so much from the little amount of text and the wide variety of photos It's a must have for anyone who loves frogs and for anyone who loves amazing photography

Thomas Marent Á 1 READ

Frog is a celebration of the fascinating range ofthe planet’s frogs and toads Published to coincide with Amphibian Ark’s “Year of the Frog” and designed to build awareness of environmental change causing many s I give this book 10 stars So much work has been put into it And raising awareness to the plight of all the dying frogs in the rainforest is essential Love this book