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The League and has been hunted by them ever since Though many have tried none can kill him or stop him from completing his current mission to protect Kiara Zamir a woman whose father’s political alliance has made her a target As her world becomes even deadlier Kiara mus. 5 stars – P Sell It Like Serhant: How to Sell More, Earn More, and Become the Ultimate Sales Machine them ever since Though many have Tiramisu tried none can kill him or stop him from completing his current mission The Gold Bug Variations to protect Kiara Zamir a woman whose father’s political alliance has made her a Tiramisu: My Little Lamb target As her world becomes even deadlier Kiara mus. 5 stars – P

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In the Ichidian Universe The League and their ruthless assassins rule all Expertly trained and highly valued the League Assassins are the backbone of the government But not even the League is immune to corruption Command Assassin Nykyrian uikiades once turned his back on. Here are some Migration and the Refugee Dissensus in Europe: Borders, Security and Austerity the Ichidian Universe The League and Lamby Lamb their ruthless assassins rule all Expertly Changed By His Son's Smile trained and highly valued Elgg 1.8 Social Networking the League Assassins are Beautiful Bandit the backbone of Change Your Future Through Time Openings the government But not even Z. Apocalypse the League is immune The Pumpkin Blanket to corruption Command Assassin Nykyrian uikiades once The Rock turned his back on. Here are some

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T entrust her life to the same kind of beast who once killed her mother and left her for dead Old enemies and new threaten them both and the only way they can survive is to overcome their suspicions and learn to trust in the very ones who threaten them the most each other. I thought I m This Is How We Pray to The Halloween Mix-Up the same kind of beast who once killed her mother and left her for dead Old enemies and new The Power of Letting Go threaten Sebastian them both and The Day Dixie Died: The Battle of Atlanta the only way The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues they can survive is The Pirate Primer to overcome The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues their suspicions and learn The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne to The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne trust in The Prop Builders Molding & Casting Handbook the very ones who Мегре и човекът на пейката threaten Shot on Gold them Intelligence Powder the most each other. I The Nearest Thing To Life thought I m

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    4 StarsWhat up what up what up my friendsHow was everyone's holiday? Mine was swell I spent Christmas Eve spreading holiday cheerAKA champagneBut what can I say And Christmas Eve hung the fuck over from all the champagneWhoops Let's just say I never realized how loud the ripping of wrapping paper sounded But I digress This book I deliberated over my rating on this for a bit I was really enjoying everything and then there were a few too many convenient twists toward the end for my liking But after further deliberation I came to the conclusionWho the fuck cares As a PNR WHORE I have some serious appreciation for world building done right And this book had that in spades So for that alone it deserves a good rating I also really liked the heroThe heroinenot as much But we can't always have everything I guess Find me at

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    Here are some taglines that would be really great to put on the back cover of this bookTroubled ex assassin Nykyrian takes on his most difficult assignment ever to protect the Princess Kiara from the universe's most deadly killers But when things turn personal Nykyrian finds that saving Kiara may mean facing the one enemy he fears most of all loveOr Like Twilight but dumber and dirtierMaybe I should say first that this was a new genre for me One time I wrote a negative review of a book based on the Dungeons and Dragons board game and I got some disgruntled feedback that I was really complaining about the genre and not the book That may be the case here Maybe space sleaze just isn't for me But I am astounded to see the average rating for this book 424? That's higher than Huckleberry Finn Or To Kill a Mockingbird Or A Tale of Two Cities And those are like REAL BOOKS Anyway I don't get it and maybe I should leave it at that But I won't First for a book about deadly assassins they sure don't seem very deadly So this is the distant future To illustrate how distant they are always climbing in their transports or fighters and touching down on other planets just a few minutes later There's absolutely no sense of space or time Anyway far distant future And the bad guys want the princess dead at any cost So the princess takes her bodyguards with her to a party ? and rather than just shoot her from a distance the deadly assassin comes up behind her in the bustling crowd sticks a gun in her ribs and tells her to walk with him out of the room Then they get out of the party and he throws her on the ground and he decides to deliver a little monologue to her before shooting her But what do you think? Does he finish and kill her before her bodyguard saves her? I won't spoil anything Deadly assassins And romance The hero in this book is just so hot And mysterious and aloof And he's a gourmet chef He always wears shades to hide his eyes because he says that people always get uncomfortable when they see his eyes But what do they look like? Did he inherit the red eyes of his Anderian mother? Or some freakish anomaly from being a half breed? Nope They're just normal green eyes But they're really beautiful And they expose a sensitive fragile wounded soul I almost wept when I read about that it was just so darn tender Romance Deadly assassins A couple of days after the party incident the princess goes on a little date with her bodyguardlove interest They buy clothes And ice cream And eat at a really great restaurant And he can totally buy her like THE NICEST THINGS So hot Incidentally did you know that in the real world the longest confirmed sniper kill was over 15 miles? How far might trained deadly assassins shoot in the future? That is a uestion that Sherrilyn Kenyon spent a lot of time not asking herself while writing this bookAlso I just have to mention this because it's hilarious at one point our heroine is in the house of our hero with a dark secretive past and she's looking through his movie collection and she finds a box labeled private She puts in those movies and I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP they're a history of his life in little vignettes She sees him as a little boy being horribly abused in an orphanage She sees him at school defending a smaller boy from bullies and being beaten in return She sees him coming home from prison he was framed and being beaten by his foster father She sees him being rejected by his first lover She sees him in a dark alley where he's been badly wounded and he's saved by the younger version of his current best friend It's very touching and sad and I bet she was glad that someone had taken the time to get all of these scenes on video so she could understand the troubled past of our brooding beautiful hero And how do you think this scene ends? Do you think our hero might show up while she's watching these private movies and be furious with her for invading his privacy? You'll have to find out for yourself I won't spoil anythingAnd then holy cow does this turn into the craziest soap opera you've ever imagined view spoilerSo they travel to this distant planet in the middle of nowhere and the hero goes to talk to the wife of his arch nemesis the guy who's trying to kill our heroine And it turns out that the arch nemesis's wife once slept with our hero and our hero has a teenage daughter who has been raised by his arch nemesis Then they leave that house and they're walking down the street and they happen to walk past the hero's long lost half crazy mother who recognizes him from when he was a four year old boy he's now in his 30's And it turns out he's actually the crown prince of the Anderians but his grandmother hated him for being half human so she sent him to a human orphanage and faked his death so his family wouldn't look for him And it turns out that the woman our hero remembers who threw him cruelly into the orphanage was actually his mother's evil identical cousin Note As if this story hasn't been crazy enough why is there an identical cousin? Did the author think an evil identical twin was too cliche? She was right hide spoiler

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    This book did not start off well for me The author has a really bad habit of over describing everything Every reference to something was like it was the first time We had to hear the exact description all over again Also I really really hate when an author has a character think something then immediately ualifies it Like he didn't have time to humor her but he ached so badly inside with the need to comfort her That was my own example but crap like that happened constantly Also Nykyrian and Kiara did nothing but run around aching Every time I turned a page Kiara was aching to kiss him again while she hated him It was ridiculousLet's talk about Kiara I disliked her for the first 100 pages and absolutely hated her for the next 200 I'm serious I have never before loathed a character I was reading about If I could have reached through the book to take her out of my misery I would have She was such a rhymes with witch Nykyrian and his crew get hired to protect her from the multitude of assassins after her How does she respond to this? She whines Oh no don't put better security on my home I liked it how it was Take your stupid blast shields and leave me here to die She was like that about everythingPeople constantly referred to her by her status Princess That's exactly what she was A spoiled snotty self absorbed princess When Syn finally saw her true attitude and blasted her for it I just wanted to give him a big smooch at how someone finally gave her the smack down and introduced her to reality Unfortunately she was too dumb and self absorbed to be moved by anything he said They're animals because they're not upset when they kill the people who are trying to kill her I mean seriously what kind of idiot is this girl? These people want to rape and kill you They've captured you than once But you're mad because Nykyrian killed them and saved you from them? She was so disgusted by him she threw up later I have to stop talking about her I'm getting mad all over againNykyrian was a typical hero by this author He's huge and a bad ass and has a tortured childhood If you've read a book by her you'll recognize him I didn't really mind that part but I did mind his relationship with Kiara The situation reminded me of a stray dog who has been beaten often He's frightening and apt to attack first rather than let anyone get close But still that dog longs for someone to pet him So he meets this human The human is mean to him too But one day the human decides to take pity on him and feed him and love him This dog is eventually so grateful that he gives her all his love and devotion and totally ignores any time she's mean to him That's exactly how their relationship was To my eyes anyone would have done He caved at the first hint of basic human kindness It was sad not sexyBy the way when Kiara's so called turning point came about she was watching private movies of his childhood No explanation was ever given for why any of these things were ever recorded and how he got ahold of them These were not regular movies They were recordings of him being beaten at home at school and one of his first meeting with Syn out on the street where no one else was So where did these movies come from? It makes no sense and was rather weak So seeing these movies changes Kiara He's pissed at her rightfully so for watching his movies but two seconds later they're making out Their sex life takes off from thereAfter that point in the book it's like we're reading about a whole new character She's still irritating but now she's sickly sweet too I seriously wouldn't have been surprised if she had grabbed his cheeks and rubbed noses with him while calling him snookums Blech So they continue their relationship until the big misunderstanding The end comes pretty uickly after that with a pretty lame reveal about Nykyrian's past Thank God that came along out of nowhere to help you have a future with KiaraThe last 200ish pages were 3 stars for me just average I didn't hate it but I didn't like it either The first 300ish pages were a 1 star for me Kiara made me loathe them So I averaged it out to a 2 star Edited to add I can't believe I forgot to rant about something that drove me nuts in the book Kiara and her forgiveness of her father Nykyrian takes Kiara back to see her dad and her dad orders him killed right there in front of her She throws herself to the ground and wails until her dad comes and carries her away She's cold to him for months but she still stays in his home Then when she finds out that Nykyrian isn't really dead she stops being mad at her dad entirely The intent was still there Just because it didn't succeed doesn't mean he should be forgiven He never even apologized He wanted to make her get rid of the baby so she could get back to dancing He was a jerk

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    5 stars – ParanormalSci Fi RomanceI’ve had Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series on my TBR list for uite some time now but I’m a little bit intimated by the number of books there are to get caught up on The premise of The League series sounded interesting the characters seemed intriguing and with only three books produced so far it felt a little less daunting of an undertaking The main word that comes to mind to describe how I felt about this book isWOW And if it’s indicative of her other works then I can certainly understand why Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series is so popular and has such a large fan followingThe Ichidian Universe that SK has created in The League series is uniue and fascinating and I never felt overwhelmed confused or bored at all by the world buildingjust completely immersed and entertained And oh myAssassin Nykyrian is so sexy mysterious captivating and complex and he’s one of the darkest most tortured romantic heroes ever Seriously he’s right up there with Judd from Caressed By Ice Dante from A Rush of Wings and In the Blood and Reyes from The Darkest Pleasure for the best anguished tarnished hero although no one can top my beloved Zsadist from Lover Awakened Nyk’s past is so sad and brutally painful that it actually brought tears to my eyes and the romance between him and Kiara is intense touching at times heartbreaking and very hotBorn of Night is an amazing paranormal romance and I’m looking forward to in this awesome seriesand hopefully to finally reading the Dark Hunter books at some point in the future too Big 5 stars

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    I’ve been a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing ever since I first discovered the Dark Hunter series and that amazing hero Acheron When I heard about the re release of The League series I was thrilled until I learned it was Sci Fi because I’m really not a big fan of the genre Truthfully the only other Sci Fi book I have ever read and really liked loved in fact was The Host by Stephenie Meyer The Host like Born of Night was pretty light on the techie stuff which is why it worked for me The time period the locations and everyday living were given enough attention to detail that there was no mistaking the book’s futuristic setting yet at the same time I didn’t feel like I needed a degree in rocket science to understand what was happening And while this has nothing to do with the genre in the beginning there were so many characters being introduced relationships explained and back stories given that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to fully follow the story However once I got into the book and became familiar with the names I had no problem whatsoever Keeping in mind that this was Sherrilyn Kenyon’s debut novel something minor I want to mention is that I know that sometimes when we buy a book for the author’s name we expect it to be at least as good as their last book we read I ran into this recently when I began reading some books that were written by one of my all time favorite authors JR Ward writing as Jessica Bird The Bird books were excellent but didn’t have the same “feel” or “flawless flow” as the Ward books do and while Born of Night is a great story I could see a slight difference in the writing refinement I’m truly not trying to be critical merely pointing this out for readers who may not be aware that these books were written years before her Dark Hunter series was released and might wonder about the difference in writingHowever all that said I’m very impressed by how well written this debut novel is The plot is believable the characters well defined and with a depth of moral character that I couldn’t help but be proud of these criminals who are consider to be low life scum by the “important” people the ones who supposedly matterOverall I really enjoyed this book and adored Nykerian As for Kiara meh she was annoying as all get out and I really didn’t see how I’d ever come to like her enough to want to see Nyk saddled with her for the rest of his life Indeed oft was the time that I silently urged Nykie to put her rear end on the first asteroid out of the galaxy however as only an author of Ms Kenyon’s caliber can do she took the irritating traits flaws and weaknesses inherent in Kiara and explained them all so well that in the end I had found it in my heart to forgive her and yes even like her and was very happy with the matchIf you find yourself tempted yet hesitant to read this book because it’s Sci Fi I’d really encourage you to take the chance What have you got to lose?

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    First half was GREAT Loved the world building and action Second half was horrible The MCs acted like absolute morons and the whole second half was pretty much a pity party for the main guy to make us feel sorry for him I felt sorry for him even in the first half I really didn't need to have it shoved down my throat like that You know like too much sweets makes you sick for me too much forcing me to feel sorry for the dude made me irritated Oh well

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    Final rating 55 stars “If I have to die I’d rather die knowing someone cared about me just once Is that really too much to ask?For us? Yes It is We are the gutter and the gutter is all we’ll ever be Don’t reach out for the stars They’ll burn you until there’s nothing left Then let me burn” Reread this because i needed to remind myself how much i love this series i actually read all of the books and i am uite up to date with them but i need to love them again Not to mention how much i love all characters in it especially Nykyrian Syn and Darling Maris ♥ I also cried again little less then i cried the first time but i also laughed like crazy woman on all those hilarious moments My love for this series is huge the characters are unforgettable and it's the ability of Sherrilyn Kenyon to make them so loveable I seriously love you woman Oh and one thing The author herself said that there were two versions of this book The earlier one which has the in the titleaka Born of THE night and it's different so i suggest you search for this one there is a short author's note on the beginning saying the version is new one WORLD BUILDING AND THE STORY Sooooooolet me start with the introduction to the world ♦ There is the League They are assassins and they are cruel vicious and sometimes horrible They are legendary they are unstoppable and they are some kind of law ♦ The Sentella on the other hand is a organization made to keep the League in the check but they are all criminals and they are crazy In a positive way btw It's an organization that has the same reason for existing as the League does and that is to protect people from those who are corrupted by power ♦ Andarions are the race who genetically come from humans but they refuse to acknowledge it They are fierce they are vicious and are predatorial race that sometimes fed on humans They are long fanged have red rimmed eyes and they always have black hair And they are scary as hell to regular peopleThey also value physical beauty only second to physical strength ♦ There are also many planetary systems some of them are populated with humans and are empires and such For examplethere exists Caron a human system and so on and on The story on the other hand is about Nykyrian a former League assassin he left the League a long time ago and they still haven't killed him because he kills them first He is a member of Sentella And then one day Sentella goes on a mission and Syn one of them finds Kiara and rescues her Together with Nykyrian who is in disguise as Nemesis the scarriest the most brutal assassin Sentella has After they rescued her Sentella signed up to be bodyguards for Kiara until the danger on her life passes CHARACTERS ♦ Nykyrian NykyrianOh Nykyrian He is a hybrid of two races he is half human and half Andarion They are extremely rare but the problem lies in the fact that Andarions think he is weak and therefore is an outcast and humans fear him because they think he would eat them and therefore he had been outcasted again If only it was an easy thing He once had family he had status he had everything until the day when he was a just a child when he lost everything and from that moment on his life had been nothing but utter and complete misery terror and suffering He was trained to be the most vicious the most lethal emotionless assassin until one day he decided it was enough and escaped And then he joined Sentella and became one of the most feared assassins called Nemesis But even he has a heart and he has emotions and deep inside he is afraid of showing anything lest he suffers rejection again He never smiles he is uite sarcastic and he is sometimes ironic as hellAnd thenhe meets Kiara who changes his perspective on the worldor not She also many many times misunderstands him and therefore she hurts him again and again and again But he couldn't help eventually falling in love with her which took half of the book and he decided that he could changefor her But he doesn't trust easily he doesn't open easily and he certainly doesn't feel like he needs someone He is so much used thinking that he was alone that he doesn't see the truth; people care about him Sentella members especially but he doesn't notice it “In your palms I’ve placed my life my secrets I give you freedom to leave me at any time I’m not easy to love No one ever has All I ask is that you always keep your silence if not for me then for the families of the others you’d destroy” Reading about his past always destroys me I seriously wonder how he stayed sane through it all and how he turned out to be a seriously wonderful gentle and sane person It's a wonder ♦ Kiara Kiara has everything she is rich spoiled she has normal family she is loved she is famous she is a dancer But then again is she good human being? Yes She is though sometimes she can be utter and horrible bitch still i don't blame her She doesn't think about the things she says she thinks she knows it all and she is uick to judge I wanted to strangle her and i wonder how Syn didn't do it already xD “Everyone has a choice KiaraNo princess they don’t Choices aren’t always up to us Life and circumstances can shred even the stoutest soul No matter how pure and untainted you think you are I promise you that you too can be shoved into the darkness just like we were Syn” But then again she is wonderful she is nice and she is total match for Nykyrian She falls in love with him slowly especially after she slowly cracks his shell She finds out that life can be a bitch that not everyone lived the same way as she did and it made her understand how happy she actually was and is in her life and in her skin “I wish I could take away your pain I wish I could go back to when you were born and take you somewhere safe Far away from all the people who’ve hurt you”His eyes were liuid emeralds “You’re doing that now” ♦ Sentella members The Sentella memebers are uniue They are all criminals that is true But they are good they are never bad and they have never been bad but it doesn't make them less criminal Everyone judges them before they even met them and all of them hide some deep and traumatic pasts not sure about Hauk though They are batshit insane and crazy and funny as hell “What the hell was that action?” Syn asked him“I think it’s something called ‘paternal concern’ ”Syn scowled at his bland explanation “What ? You sure? I thought that crap was a myth”Nykyrian shrugged “No really I watched it once in a documentary It was fascinating Believe it or not there are people out there who actually have feelings for their progeny”“Get the fuck out No way You’re screwing with my head again aren’t you?”“No I swear You just saw it with your own eyes I did not make that shit up”Syn shivered “Yeah but it’s really messing with my concept of the natural order of the universe Paternal love? What’s next? Limb regrowth? Genetic splicing reversals?” Hauk is an Andarion he is funny scary and awesome he is not interested in humans Syn one of my fav characters is crazy SOB who drinks himself almost everytime not to mention that he considers Nyk his best friend and he was always there for him And his sense of humor is fascinating Darlingoh godDarling i fell in love the moment i first read about him He is a redheadyes i had to say it he is scarred and he iswelljust fantastic especially after you read his book I always hated his situation with his family and it hurt me every time ♦ Other characters All of the families in this series are insane We have some overprotective fathers dead mothers dead sisters and unknown daughters ignorant parents psychotic brothers and lots and lots of killers Well let's just say there is a long list of peoplecharaters i wanted to slaughter OVERALL AnywayI fell in love with the dancer and the assassin Just reading the synopsis for the first time grabbed my attention it was Sherri so could i ask for ? I think i love this series than i love her Dark Hunters And also her ability to produce tortured heroes is amazing even heroines If you like science fiction with good world building romance action and hotness and if you love tortured heroes and great characters than this series must be readThe rest of the league booksBring it on● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● MY THE LEAGUE REVIEWS ◉ Born of Night The League #1 ◉ Cloak Silence The League #7 ◉ Born of Fury The League #8 ◉ Born of Defiance The League #9 ◉ Born of Betrayal The League #10 This review can be found on my blog infinity of timeblogspotcom also known as

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    5 Stars Nykyrian uikiades is the man behind the Nemesis mask a name that strikes fear to the hearts of the most hardened criminals A fugitive from the League with contracts for his assassination from several planets goverments Nykyrian is a man fighting a war against an organisation that has grown too corrupt to dispense the justice and protection it was founded for His latest responsibility is protecting Princess Kiara Zamir a woman caught in the middle of her father's political differences with his enemiesKiara Zamir is no stranger to fear She felt it to the bone when she was eight and watched her mother die on the hands of their kidnappers Now the terror of running for her life is back by the target painted on her back but at least this time she has Nykyrian and the Sentella looking out for her Nykyrian with the tortured eyes and the air of mystery that attract her as much as his assassin job repells her Can she get over her aversion to violence to see the man behind the mask?From one of my favorite Paranormal authors a series that's par Sci fi part Paranormal and all Action and Romance Once again Sherrilyn Kenyon managed to suck me right in with her complex plotlines and multi dimensional characters She made me laugh and cry and sympathise with everything they went through She made me want to learn about them and their world I'm not going to review every book in the seriesbecause I'm sooo not reviewing 10 books right now but I will say that much like her Dark Hunter series there is one constant in every book Sherrilyn Kenyon sure loves to torture her heroes She puts them through hell and in the end rewards them with what they want most for all the pain they've suffered She also makes them resilientsome even immortal just so she can torture them some AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF ITBorn Of Night is no exception to the rule What Nykyrian has been through had me to tears than once The stuff he had to do to survive the pain he had to suffer the sheer strength of will it took to get through the hell other people's prejudice put him through made me ache and root for him from start to finish His badass attitude and hotness didn't hurt either Kiara was also no delicate flower Despite the fact that she spent most of her life protected in the cocoon her father had surrounded her with she had met her fair share of pain She wasn't blind to the cruelty people were capable of even though she may not have exactly been aware of the extend people could go to to hurt other people I liked her backbone and her determination to not be a victim for anyoneI also loved the world SK has created Although ten books later I still have plenty of uestions regarding how things work in the Universe she has created Still the intergalactic travels the advanced weaponry the out there technology and the different forms of civilization are enough to keep this girl glued to the pages of each and every book

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    I thought I might like this one It opened with an intro to our anti hero as he refused to kill a child in his role as exceptionally deadly assassin He contacts a friend who it seems might be telling the story and takes his leave so as to protect said friend He's going to fight rather than be killed by his former superiorsthe only outcome for an assassin who wants to retireThen we jump to the point of view of a scrappy young woman who's been kidnapped She fights against her situation she will not give up she'll die first Then the ship that's a space ship in which she's being held comes under attack Well she thinks that's it I'll die here Then against all hope she's rescuedby the universe's most feared and possibly hated assassin She thinks almost hateful thoughts about himAnd then the book goes completely off the rails From this point on neither character victim or assassin think of anything except their lust love obsession and desire for the other Sweating panting and over heated the girl who was just rescued from certain death can't look at the guy whom up till now she'd hated on principal from reputation alone without losing it completely and falling into sexual fantasy The hard cold viscous assassin whom no one has ever survived goes hard the book's description not mine at the very thought of the girl Excuse me while I stifle my gag reflex roll my eyes and sigh deeplyLook I can take a love story I can take some romancebut I don't like books that are romances If that's the point of the book don't call it action Don't give a synopsis about a galaxy class assassin and daring do if the books pages are going to be filled with adolescent lust fantasiesSo don't care for it can't recommend it if you want a romance try this one If you want an action read about a reforming assassin maybe not

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    Okay I think I am an official futuristicspace romance convert now I loved what Ms Kenyon did with this concept I thought she did a very good job with the world building but I caught a couple of 'slips' where she would describe things that I really had trouble believing they would have in a futuristic setting on another planet But then I have no creativity when it comes to making up technological devices and futuristic settings so I can hardly judge her Overall I was happy and I didn't find those rare instances jarring I think she did a great job coming up with the different cultures and races It wasn't to the degree that I got bored and neither was the technological references I don't like my sci fi to be top heavy with this kind of stuff Just enough to make me believe the setting thanks very much Some of the aspects with the League of Assassins Academy and the political structure aspects reminded me vaguely of Star Trek but this book is not very much in that vein at all If anything it is like Firefly Sigh Yes I definitely had happy reminders of the short lived but brilliant show Firefly with this book The characters aren't that similar but some of the aspects of the universe and the socialpolitical structures are There is the whole fancy politically structured universe paired to the backwater planets theme that is prevalent in the Firefly universe Also the group of smugglers and outlaws that Nykyrian associates with reminds me of heavily of the crew and passengers of Serenity and some of the folks they encounter in the various episodes That's where the similarity ends because this story is Classic Sherrilyn Kenyon Sorry Malcolm Reynolds lovers There is no Mal character in this book But we have Nykyrian and he rules this book A newbie to tortured heroes? Meet Nykyrian uikiades This man takes the cake for this hero archetype Was that a bad thing for this reader? Certainly not I love tortured heroes Nykyrian earns his spot on my hero to die for list I found myself rooting for him crushing on him and almost crying for him and deeply feeling for him That's a good signAnd Ms Kenyon reaffirms to me why I love her books with this novel She writes romance novels that read like my favorite actionadventure movies with the amped up romance that is usually missing from some of my cinematic fare of my choice I know I talk about movies a lot when I review books I can't help it I am a Movie Buff and a Bookworm Those areas often overlap for me Anyhoo there is a bit of Cleric John Preston in fair Nykyrian Oh yes That is a good thing since Cleric John Preston from Euilibrium is a Certified Grade A Badass So is Nykyrian He is absolutely lethal and he doesn't have to concentrate to be that way His lethality is actually hard for Kiara to deal with after he goes futuristicmedieval on some badguys who were trying to kill her I had a little bit of a I want to slap the heroine of this book really hard moment when she treats him like garbage afterwords I told myself to calm down and remember what she went through She had been kidnapped and was tortured had to watch her mother be tortured and killed was almost murdered herself and had survived several other attempts on her life I could understand her dislike of violent people However there are some instances where violence is the answer for other violence In other words she lives in a shades of gray universe not a black and white one She should have been conscious of that before she started condemning Nyk and his colleagues There are many instances of violence towards her and the other characters that really did demand a response in kindI was really glad that Nykyrian's friend Syn told her off She needed to hear that because she had badly misjudged Nyk I a not a fan of cruel bullies and conscienceless murderers despite my love of antiheroes and assassins It was clear to me early own that this was so not Nykyrian I think that Kiara really needed a reality check on Nyk She has a couple of moments where she shows some emotional immaturity that irked me but overall she really comes through for Nyk So I guess she can have him even though I want him all to myself He's got so much damage and pain in his past present and future Ms Kenyon says in the introduction that she added back the parts that the publisher would not allow in the first publication since they were too intense Yup they were intense She definitely didn't pull her punches with this one I haven't read Acheron yet so I don't know if Ash had it worse but gosh I don't know if I'll be able to stand it if he did Nykyrian really had a crap life Some really awful things happen to him so the reader should be warned that some of this is not pretty at all But it really helped me to understand the person that he is No wonder he doesn't trust anyone and is cold isolated and lethal or maintains a facade to this effect Kiara was a good heroine She had her moments where she annoyed me but she turns out to be the right woman for Nyk Ms Kenyon doesn't seem to do tormented heroines and Kiara isn't exactly one But she's had some bad stuff happen in her past that flavors her and gives her added depth I liked the aspects of her career as a dancer I think Ms Kenyon must have known a dancer or have been a dancer because this felt very authenticThe love scenes are very light so don't read this expecting a lot of steam But I didn't mind that at all I liked them because they showed the tenderness and the connection between Nykyrian and KiaraI'm loving Nyk's friends and sidekicks They were all very interesting adding to the flavor of this book The dialog between them was great Kenyon certainly knows how to turn on the snark and to have you laughing My favorite secondary character was Syn I'm excited to read Syn's story He's funny and interesting and he's got a lot of anguish that should make for an interesting journey in his novel I also really liked Darling I hope he gets his happy ending although it wouldn't be the traditional boygirl kind of romanceI don't want to give spoilers but readers will find that Nyk's past intersects very heavily with his future giving him closure and opens a door for new beginnings I must say I enjoyed that aspect of this storyI'm very glad that this League series came back into print I love the setting and the characters and it meets my sci fi loving needs with some great romance and action in a wonderful combination I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series FYI The short story in the Man of My Dreams anthology is about Nykyrian and Kiara's son It's awesome