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The Ministry of Special Cases

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Xistence and denies a checkered history that only Kaddish holds dearThe long awaited novel from Nathan Englander author of For the Relief of Unbearable Urges Englander’s wondrous and much heralded collection of stories. Nathan Enlgand

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In the heart of Argentina’s Dirty War Kaddish Poznan struggles with a son who won’t accept him; strives for a wife who forever saves him; and spends his nights protecting the good name of a community that denies his e. Didn't really

Nathan Englander ☆ 2 Review

Won the 2000 PenMalamud Award and was translated into than a dozen languages From its unforgettable opening scene in the darkness of a forgotten cemetery in Buenos Aires The Ministry of Special Cases casts a powerful spel. My rating didn

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