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The Show (Peter Pan Man, #1)

Lawrence H. Sola Å 6 SUMMARY

Uture tag that only two executives with very different agendas were aware of The company relocated him to run a new selling division and his seemingly scripted life appeared to be a Well let me start by saying I’ve never consumed wine with the completion of any book and start this review with a warning To love this book you have to love life The book opens with a bang after a well crafted author’s note and races forward to tell the twisted tale of the author’s illustrious career in the corrupt wine industry The first relatable subject touched on was the marital discord he felt when he was promotedrelocated to run a new sales division After that envy rings true to form as he worked with a few “classic haters” who knew they could never be him while sabotaging his new sales division This alone would provide a relatable read but only sets up the love story part of the storyline which is nothing short of amazing But hold on Our charming lead doesn’t only have a female love interest In a long lineup of wonderful characters there’s his protégé A young handsome dim flunky who plays into his demise as an envious sales manager manipulates a sales draft for his new division After a few good belly laughs he meets the girl “His Wendy” The “Peter PanWendy” love story is brilliant and the references to Never Land come so naturally that as the wine flowed I began believing he just might be Pan I also believe in fate and strongly get this authors take on that too The Show is a story about life and a man who is way too intelligent to be fired amidst even this drama He refused to play the politics game and wanted out of a corrupt company to get his life back; the life he taught us all to celebrate I get Mr Sola and believe this tragic tale is the set up for a happily ever afterone I now look forward to readingcheers

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He worked hard played hard and was referred to as the Peter Pan Man set to be a star in the industry he adored After his third promotion in four years he was granted a rare bright f THE SHOW is fifty two chapters of CRAZY GOOD SHITFor starters the author is fucking hilarious I laughed out loud as he masterfully blurred the lines of serious subject matter with a humorous poke at himself or another fantastic character in this amazing mix It's probably important to note that the author is the Peter Pan Man A guy who I wanted to loathe but ended up loving Okay so I even pretended I was Wendy Don't judge You will too But with all that imaginary goodness aside The Show is a thought provoking read with so many relatable layers of life that I could not stop turning the pages A truly brilliant book by an author who has a magical way of tugging at your heart strings and telling a story in such a way that will have you impatiently waiting for his next book hopefully the seuel to The Show I CAN'T WAIT

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Dream until the warnings he ignored caused it to have traits of a nightmareWith pixie dust bathing the scene in magic the Peter Pan Man met his Wendy and the curtain rose on The Sh I'm shocked no one has mentioned this guy's similarities to Hank Moody of Californication He is cut from the same cloth and is a writer LOL anyway really engaging story I related to it so much that I had to stop reading it for a couple of days This should be a movie it was very entertaining

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