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The Astral Codex

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Son and taken by tens of thousands of people worldwide Of the people surveyed who took the course 67 percent reported having an out of body experience as a result of it The Astral Codex includes sections with detailed As from the course Find out what lucid dreaming and astral projection is Learn about the multidimensional nature of reality Learn about what the astral plane is and how to travel there Discover what dreams mean and how to remember them Learn how to explore destinations in the astral plane Discover how to become successful at astral projection Overcome common obstacles to conscious astral travel Find out how the mind and emotions affects our ability to perceive other dimensions Learn about how we leave our body every night with sleep Discover how dreams and the astral plane are connec. This is the latest edition of a series of books on astral t

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Ted Learn about the different ways someone can have an out of body experience OBE Discover the stages and sensations of having an OBE Learn exercises to help train the mind to stay focused on astral techniues Find out why we have bad dreams and nightmares and where they come from Discover the reasons why science is limited in its studies on OBEs Learn how to use astral travel for gaining spiritual knowledge Learn about the symbolic language of higher dimensions and how to interpret it And much much About the authorBelsebuub is the author of a number of books on spirituality out of body experiences dreams self discovery and esoteric knowledge He has appeared on radio and television programs internationally and writes from decades of spiritual and mystical experienceVisit belsebuubcom for informatio. An overview of astral travel for modern times from today's

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A Guide to Using Out of Body Experiences for Spiritual DevelopmentThe Astral Codex is an effective practical and comprehensive guide to what out of body experiences are what to see and do in the astral plane how it fits into the structure of life and how to use it for spiritual developmentThroughout history seekers of spiritual wisdom have traveled beyond the body into other dimensions to explore a wider reality Their experiences formed the basis of otherworldly accounts found in many of the world's sacred teachings Drawing on decades of out of body experiences Belsebuub explains how someone can use astral travel to seek out spiritual knowledge todayThe Astral Codex is based on the popular A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belsebuub a course created in 2001 that was studied online and in per. This new and updated edition of material originally appeari

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wwwbelsebuubcom in the form of articles videos and audio recordings Belsebuub has always stated that spirituality is something shared freely from the universe and therefore should be passed on in the same way For this reason he has never profited from his work and he does not receive any royalties from his books BELSEBUUB’S MEDIA APPEARANCES Belsebuub appeared over seventy times on radio and television to discuss spiritual topics including appearances on the BBC in the UK Rogers TV in Canada Triple J radio in Australia and national television in Greece

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