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Finishing Well

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Rence The reality that life is short should orient the way we live right now The Bible has much to say about this In this 30 day devotional readers will explore what the Bible says about the importa.

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Nce of leaving a faith legacy persevering to the end earning heavenly rewards striving for unity in the faith mutually encouraging one another and Download your copy today to begin your 30 day journ. Course of Action: Out of Harm's Way\Any Time, Any Place rewards striving for unity in the faith mutually encouraging one another and Download your copy today to begin your 30 day journ.

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To finish the Christian life well we must live with the end in mind The world offers us many distractions but none of them offer lasting satisfaction nor do they allow for us to make a lasting diffe.

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    An Inspiring Compass to Finishing Well More than a 30 day devotional each day’s life example is real relatable and heart stirring Daily calls to action written in Warren’s approachable style of friend and confidant felt like encouragement from a caring big brother Each simple but profound nugget of truth encouraged me to live each day with purpose I found myself saying YES YES Finishing Well is a book I will read several times a year and will gift to others who want to know what to tell others who long to finish wellIn our busy world these few minutes daily can change your outlook and provide a spiritual compass to live well each moment of opportunityI received a pre release copy to have an opportunity to give an honest review Honest I loved it

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    Nice devotional Great for everyone

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    The author grabbed me with this line“But we will all face our own mortality at some point What matters most is how we handle the time we have left”I like that the chapters are short yet brimming with scriptural insight and encouragementThe uick daily readings easily fit into a busy lifestyleThe author gently challenged me to examine myself with thought provoking uestions like“Could a non Christian determine that you are a Christian by your actions?”“What sort of reputation do you have among your family friends and work colleagues?” and“If you live in a country in which persecution is not yet a reality consider how you would respond if everything were to change overnight ? Would you live with the end in mind faithfully enduring the persecution knowing that one day Jesus will make all things right?”Spoiler alert This was one of my favorite stories“My great grandfather Hugh struggled with alcohol—sometimes spending a large portion of his paycheck at the saloon One day he was headed up the stairwell to the saloon when God asked him a simple uestion “What are you doing?” Hugh shoved his paycheck back into his pocket walked back down the stairs and never touched another drop He knew the Lord had spoken After his conversion he became a voracious reader of the Bible memorizing large portions and speaking them over his family As a result my grandmother Modene became a Christian As an adult she became one of the founding members of a church in her hometown where she served faithfully for the rest of her life Hugh’s legacy was passed onto Modene and her work is still alive in the form of her church many years after her death and it’s alive in me They both finished well to God’s glory In a generation or two nobody will remember Hugh or Modene but their service for the kingdom lives on”This book encouraged me to think honestly and to remain steadfast

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