SUMMARY é Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

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Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

REVIEW Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

A Jeeves and Wooster novelThe beefy 'Stilton' Cheesewright has drawn Bertie Wooster as red hot favourite in the Drones club annual darts tournament which is lucky for Bertie because otherwise Stilton would have beaten him to a pulp and buttered the lawn with him Sti. What if he does think you the world’s premier louse Don’t we allPoor Bertie cannot catch a break Despite the uote above everybody and their sister around London area run to him to happily unload their troubles on him leaving the guy to use one of the book expressions in soup This time it happened innocently enough His and mine too favorite Aunt Dahlia asked him to accompany one boring couple she knew to a dinner at a London restaurant It would be pointless to try describing crazy happenings that followed but sufficient to say a very convincing invitation from his aunt to visit her prompted Bertie to rush for a friendly visit Bertie you worm your early presence desired Drop everything and come down here pronto prepared for lengthy visit Urgently need you to buck up a blighter with whiskers Love TraversI mean who can resist such force of persuasion Sufficient to say during this visit Bertie came closest to being beaten up getting married arrested for theft and other eually unpleasant outcomes The things we all do for our relatives Here would be the good time to mention Aunt Dahlia again I love the old girl Just her presence promotes an average installment of the series into a good one and a good one into a great classic of humorous literature This time unfortunately it was the former as I would not ualify the book as very funny overall but it has very amusing moments It also has Aunt Dahlia who alone raised the rating by one star It should be obvious that I liked this book well enough but did not love it At least unlike the previous one Bertie is present here and the usual chemistry between him and Jeeves works Like this time Bertie decided to grow mustaches which Jeeves strongly disapproved What to say not everybody can grow them well enough to rival Hercule Poirot


Lton does not after all like men who he thinks are trifling with his fiancée's affectionsMeanwhile Bertie has committed a heinous offence by growing a moustache and Jeeves strongly disapproves which is unfortunate because Jeeves's feudal spirit is desperately neede. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy these books If there is one problem it is that I’m reading them out of order – but that is hard to avoid The problem is that they seem to have been out of print for ages and trying to find them in second hand bookshops is also remarkably difficult I asked a woman in a second hand bookshop I freuent about them and she said they disappear as soon as they come in the door She has a lovely grey cat that allows you to pat it while you talk to her the lady of the shop about books – I trust this woman implicitly as one trusts anyone who allows a cat to sprawl on the desk before them Bertie is a remarkable creation – I know I’ve said this before but he really has captivated my imagination Not least because he breaks all of the ‘rules’ as I would have them He is not the smartest person in the book – and I would normally recommend stories be told by the smartest person in the book Secondly people are constantly telling him he is not the smartest person in the book – often in ways that are breathtakingly rudeI really like the way he becomes tongue tied around Jeeves world recognised genius and recurrent saviour of Bertie and his family and friendsThe thing is that although the characters are exaggerated they are still very much recognisable types of people we have all known As I said I have had to find whatever copy I can get my hands on of many of these books and this is a Four Suare Edition reprinted in 1963 after having been first printed in 1954 The cover says “Jeeves and Wooster rally against the common enemy – A WOMAN” Now when Maddy my youngest read this cover she was suitably annoyed and picked the book up in mild disgust and flicked it open at random I assume to see if she couldn’t become even outraged Then she told me the most wonderful thing – she said she started reading it and found she had finished three pages before she realised she had really been reading any of it at all And it is true – the writing is so natural so free flowing that you just get completely sucked in Wodehouse says he writes romantic comedies – but they are a bit different from your standard romantic comedy In your normal romantic comedy the boy always gets the girl – in these Wooster is generally seeking to avoid ending up with the girl Finding out how he is going to make his escape is part of the fun of the story If these books were written today I guess people would talk about ‘repressed homosexuality’ – but in the world Wodehouse has created there is a kind of innocence that makes such thoughts seem – what – too clever by half perhaps This is a very special world a world not terribly different from childhood Yes think of children in the bodies of adults and you are somewhere close to the world Wodehouse has created – although even that view is too simpleI would love to study his comedy closely In part it is made up of very clever mixed metaphors – I think this gives a subtle back taste to virtually every page of the book There is also his wonderful misunderstanding of the key stories of our culture – in this story the ‘retelling’ of the Lot’s Wife really is very amusingBut best of all is Wodehouse's utter command of his story at all times They are so light and joyful that the craft behind them is hardly noticed in fact can be almost 'missed' entirely – well until you think about the wonderful twists and turns he has bent you through A master story teller – and this was pure magic as always

P.G. Wodehouse ã 1 SUMMARY

D Bertie's Aunt Dahlia is trying to sell her magazine Milady's Boudoir to the Trotter Empire and still keep her amazing chef Anatole out of Lady Trotter's clutches And Bertie Bertie simply has to try to hold onto his moustache and hope he gets to the end in one piec. With lots of stress in my life right now I find the need for escaping and Jeeves and Wooster are the perfect fluff to lift one’s spirit All out situational comedy and hilarious writing with zero substance This time we have a trouble causing mustache a necklace that needs stolen and unstolen and the usual engagement to escape There are night time intrusions into the wrong rooms misunderstandings and the plot thickens to even embroil Jeeves himself But of course Jeeves cannot be embroiled he saves the day as usualI highly recommend the audio narration by Jonathan Cecil His voices are superb