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Ns and choosing the right fibers and embellishments for each project basically everything you need to know to create these gorgeous projects from start to finish Happy weaving Very helpful for me as a beginning weaver

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An alt twist on traditional wall hangings Get crafty with DIY Woven Art These 14 fabulous fiber art projects from colorful pillows and rugs to dramatic wall hangings will add Good guide with lots of projects to try

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A pop to any room in your house No loom? No worries Rachel Denbow shows you how to fabricate 3 simple portable looms DIY Woven Art also includes tips on customizing your desig This was exactly what I was looking for The projects are modern and beautiful and I can't wait to make them all

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  • DIY Woven Art
  • Rachel Denbow
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  • 05 March 2018
  • 9781632504319

8 thoughts on “DIY Woven Art

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    good guide for beginners but nearly all projects that weren't wall hangings reuired and even some that were a 4' x 6' frame loom for the most part if you want to copy the projects as is or have a decent idea as to how much yarnfiber you will need for the projects as specified the main loom size used is a 15 x 18 frame loom which is larger than mine though luckily i don't want to copy anything directly i wish the fibersyarns and colorways used were specified with each project as opposed to having to go back to the end of the book to double check even if i like something i see for a knitting project perhaps it'd be nice to have it there right next to the photo nearly every techniue here can be seen on pinterest or youtube the one thing i really got out of it i think is the concept where you draw a pattern on paper and slip it under your warp threads and mark them for your edges neat trick there

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    Good guide with lots of projects to try

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    I think I was looking for something for beginnersthis isn't it

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    This was exactly what I was looking for The projects are modern and beautiful and I can't wait to make them all

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    Very helpful for me as a beginning weaver

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    Rachel Denbow's book DIY Woven Art Inspiration and Instruction for Handmade Wall Hangings Rugs Pillows and More is one of the best crafting guides that I've read in a long time The book is expertly organized so that the reader can learn the basics of weaving while also creating a number of super uniue projects Helpful photos correspond with the instructional text giving the reader a visual demonstration of each step It was easy to refer back to specific lessons if I had a uestion while weaving and it has been written in a user friendly way which encourages beginners to broaden their skillsThere was nothing cheesy about the projects either which can be a problem with some craft books These weavings are very chic in a bohemian style way everything feels very of the moment with bold textures and uniue color combinations Also I love that she includes some functional projects like pillows and rugs rather than only decorative ones I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning how to weave or how to sharpen their existing skills And even if you aren't interested in learning to weave yet this book might change your mind

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    This book was a happy surprise I bought the Kindle version so I only saw the covers and those projects I wasn't fully sold on them I don't see myself making the pillows for example but figured I'd give it a shot I'm so glad I did It turned out to be an excellent how to manual Most of the instructions are for wall hangings which starts out simple with the most basic weaving then each builds on the previous using that skill plus adding new ones The directions are very clear and explain every detail you will need to know This is a great resource for learning how to weave

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    Wonderfully Beautifully written DIY Woven Art has your driven attention from the very first page wanting to see If you're anything like me you're going to want to start every single project all at once Each project is completely different having their own uniueness and yet all standing up to even exceeding the expectations we all have from Rachel Denbow of Smileandwave I highly recommend this book to people of all levels in their weaving adventures Happy Weaving

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