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Six years after Return of the Jedi the Rebel Alliance has established a New Republic over three fourths of the galaxy The surviving Imperial forces are torn by civil war and. As I said in one of my status updates this is no longer canon as Disney erased the Extended Universe canon when they took over the franchise I'm not bothered we comic book fans are used to canon being changed and alternate universes I can still enjoy the storyWhat's interesting is that this is a radio play based on a comic book If I remember correctly it's by the same people who did the NPR radio play of the original trilogy The voice acting is a little wooden but Billy Dee Williams stops in to do Lando and his acting is greatThe story is interesting but seems a little rushed when taken out of the context of a comic book The idea of Luke toying with the Dark Side given his family history is interestingOne thing I don't get about this storyline is that only Leia and Han's kids are potential Jedi Yet before Vader killed the Jedi there were tons of Jedi And no reason to think it was hereditary

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Eia Organa they rush to the rescue along with Wookiee Chewbacca and droid C 3PO of course But there's something else rushing toward the Imperial Citysomething that wants Luke. and we all thought that the star wars experiment was over not so two books and i am calling it a series i think this book might be where the next series picks up but really i have no idea

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Harassed by rebel attacks One of these raids ends in disaster Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian are shot down over the former Imperial City When news reaches Han Solo and L. Back in the 90s fans were starting to lose interest in STAR WARS in fact fans of the galaxy far far away was at an all time low Before George Lucas released The Special Editions into theaters Dark Horse Comics came out with this story about the return of Emperor Palpatine long before Rise of Skywalker was even a thought in JJ's mind which gave us a thrilling new adventure with our favorite characters along with the birth of what would become known as The Expanded Universe aka The Legends Timeline

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