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Child of His Heart

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Mance and Nick is just the kind of man to make her uickly forget her woes But suddenly she has a wrenching situation on her hands she's pregnant with her ex fiance's childErin knows Nick loves her Now they both have to find out if he can love her baby t.

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He raised one child who might be his own Does he have it in his heart to do it againFire chief Nick Dalton has a lot on his plate He's had to move to a small town in Washington to get his twelve going on twenty year old daughter away from the rough crow.

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D she was hanging out with in Los Angeles He's also struggling with the knowledge his late wife imparted on her deathbed their child might not be his biologicallyErin Hanson has returned to the small town she grew up in to come to grips with a failed ro.

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    This story was very gripping The relationship between Erin and Nick was wonderful to read The relationship between Nick and his daughter Miranda well it was heartbreaking There was so much going on that you really didn't want to put the book down I loved the POVs from all three It was wonderful to see that Love shows that being a father is not just being a sperm donor A wonderful tale

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