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World begins to change Vanessa discovers that her own self worth is than the scores of her talent performance and her interview answers and that she doesn't need a crown to be comfortable in her own skin and see her own true beaut I cannot say enough about this story If you are looking for impactful culturally diverse YA this is your book I was totally immersed in the MC's life from the first few pages Everything I want to rave about would be a spoiler so this is a very short reviewI was approved for an eARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Summary Like Vanessa

Rated mother she barely remembers a grandfather dealing with addiction and her own battle with self confidence But when a new teacher at school coordinates a beauty pageant and convinces Vanessa to enter Vanessa's view of her own Like Vanessa felt like a blast from the past for me Although I don't uite remember the eighties fully but I bonded with Vanessa having to be raised by a single father who worked a lot This was a story that definitely gave me the chills It is reality that many lower income families face Having many family members in the home but not a lot of resources Families members that have their own strife I didn't feel like any of the characters fell flat This story is empowering and honestly I wish I could have read this story when I was a tween

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In this semi autobiographical debut novel set in 1983 Vanessa Martin's real life reality of living with family in public housing in Newark New Jersey is a far cry from the glamorous Miss America stage She struggles with an incarce 35 stars Overall I enjoyed Like Vanessa but there were a lot of harmful statements that I could’ve lived withoutCheck out my blog for reviews and other bookish posts This is a spoiler free reviewfull reviewI received an e ARC from Charlesbridge through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI feel conflicted about Like Vanessa I enjoyed reading this middle grade novel and I liked Vanessa’s character development but there were some messages that rubbed me the wrong wayI want to read middle grades often but I tend to struggle reading from a child’s point of view Thankfully that wasn’t the case in this novel; it was very accessible for an adult as well This story was diverse the main character and her family is black there is poverty and disability representation and a side character is an immigrantVanessa was flawed and I enjoyed seeing her grow and become confident It broke my heart that she prayed her skin would be lighter I loved that she learned to love herself in the end but it sucks that she had to lose weight in order to be considered beautiful I think the message could’ve been even wonderful if Vanessa could’ve remained fat throughout the book This is how Vanessa describes her body after losing weight “It’s not the boxy shapeless boyish body I’m used to I look like a woman” Being fat doesn’t have anything to do with your genderThough the author mentions in the author’s note that she is still close friends with many of the women she met while doing pageants this book is filled with petty girl on girl hate Especially in an industry that is already considered “bitchy” I would’ve loved to see supportive female friendships The mean girls were all Puerto Ricans; I don’t think any character of Puerto Rican decent was shown in a positive light Further we only got to see how and what Vanessa was doing during the pageant; we didn’t get to know the other contestantsI also have some issues with the ueer representation I am ueer but I am white so I don’t really know how this is handled in other communities Though anti gayness is realistic especially during the 80s I was very hurt by reading about a violent attack on a young gay black man I feel like the attack was used to further Vanessa’s storyline rather than to start a discussion about accepting ueer peopleAdditionally slurs are used and it’s said multiple times that being gay is “different” I don’t think it was necessarily meant in a negative way but different implies that being heterosexual is normal whereas being gay isn’t The gay representation was rather stereotypical though that doesn’t have to be a bad thing I was a bit annoyed though that Vanessa said that “he knows about all things girlified” implying that sexuality has anything to do with genderThere is a character in Like Vanessa who uses drugs though it isn’t mentioned whether they were addicted to it Nonetheless I thought the discussions surrounding this character were very black and white I know it’s hard to accept or understand but doing drugs isn’t always a choice Being addicted to alcohol is accepted in this book but if you’re doing drugs you’re a monster I believe this topic should’ve been approached in a nuanced way especially because Tami Charles mentions the following in the author’s note which isn’t really the message of the story itself “Remember this in life everyone experiences setbacks but those moments don’t have to create the path for how your life will turn out” Like I said I liked this novel but the amount of in my opinion problematic statements definitely lessened my enjoyment Because I read an ARC and no one I know and trust has read this yet I can’t check whether other readers found these examples problematic as well I’d rather warn people too much than have them end up hurt because of mecontent and trigger warning for poverty alcoholism drug use abuse anti gay slurs prison abuse a lot of ableist language physical assault for being gay anti biracial remarks “not really black” and “half black” making fun of someone’s appearance shaming girls who have sex “shameless skanks” cissexist remarks “ a woman can bleed for a whole week” gangs anti fat remarks anti Asian remark “TJ comes walking down the hall cheesin’ so hard his eyes almost disappear If that boy wasn’t brown skinned with an afro I’d swear he was Chinese”

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