The Wolfe of Skye Moriag Series #5 Free read ë 102

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  • The Wolfe of Skye Moriag Series #5
  • Hildie McQueen
  • English
  • 03 October 2017
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2 thoughts on “The Wolfe of Skye Moriag Series #5

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    Hildie did a good job with this book however there were certain otherworldly elements thrown into the mix which I didn't believe in I love stories based on facts and the wishing well just didn't sit good with me Faolan left his home Skye in search of a fabled wishing well so that he can make a wish to be united with his love Moira who is betrothed to his brother On his journey he came across a village in which he stopped for food and shelter for the night and end up meeting a feisty and strong willed redhead It needed a little substance and grounding

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    This story centers on a wishing well that grants true love's wish Its the 2nd story about the well legend I've read this season I didn't hate this version but I didn't really love it either

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The Wolfe of Skye Moriag Series #5

Hildie McQueen Ø 2 Free read

Ross Scotland to a mysterious well that grants wishes However upon getting to know a beautiful lass in the village of Moy Faolan Mackinnon uestions his true feelingsCatriona Grant is sure both her overbearing brother and the handsome stranger from Skye will bal.

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K when she challenges the newcomer to announce their betrothal Instead she finds herself tied to a man who is too honorable to dismiss her public pronouncementHow will two people who destiny brings together in the most unconventional way find they are meant to.

Summary The Wolfe of Skye Moriag Series #5

Fate's wicked sense of humor strikes Highland guard Faolan Mackinnon when he ends up betrothed to Catriona Grant a fiery lass who he met only minutes earlier A heartbroken Highland guard's last desperate attempt to regain the woman he loves becomes a journey ac.