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Powerful dragon Pyrhhia will ever know is clawing his way out of his egg Darkstalker the dragon who will change the world forever Long before the SandWing war lifetimes before the Dragonet Prophecy darkness is born ?. I am destroyed I am utterly destroyed It was perfect and I am destroyed If Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker were well written and y'know dragons that would be this book And I am destroyed

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Three dragons One unavoidable unpredictable destiny This is the beginning of the end In the SeaWing kingdom a young prince learns he is an animus capable of wonderful magic that comes with a terrible price In the mind. Darkstalker Wings of Fire Legends #1 by Tui T Sutherland may be made for teens or middle grade kids but I didn't think 'kid's book' at all while reading this book at all I was fascinated by the dragons the magic seers enchantments and the plot the mystery the romance the whole feel of it I enjoyed it tremendously and I am 60 I read a lot of fantasy and this book is one of those books that any age can read and fall in love with I got this from the library to try and loved it

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Of a NightWing dragonet a thousand futures unfold and almost all of them she knows lead to disaster and destruction And under three full moons and the watchful eyes of his NightWing mother and IceWing father the most. De press ing But also really good This book destroyed me

  • Hardcover
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  • Darkstalker
  • Tui T. Sutherland
  • English
  • 11 March 2018
  • 9781338053616

About the Author: Tui T. Sutherland

Okay I know what you’re thinking Tui What kind of name is that Is it short for somethingNope Among the many great things to come out of New Zealand the Lord of the Rings movies cats that paint my mom is a bird called the tui—not as well known as the kiwi but a heck of a lot noisierI was born July 31 same birthday as Harry Potter in Caracas Venezuela and lived in Asuncion Paraguay

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    This book hurt me physically I don't think I've been able to muster up so much emotion ever since I hit puberty Where do I start?Okay well first PAIN PAIN PAIN There's just Clearsight and Darkstalker being adorable dorks and her wondering what's gonna happen and all the dark futures and I just cry everyday because from the main series we know that Darkstalker's gonna turn evil and everything hurts when you see them happy and then there starting tension and then they don't see the signs of Darkstalker going insane but you do as the reader and it just hurts The hardest thing about being a seer is seeing that the future is always a million possibilities But the past is only one thing Once something happens that's itI swear to god that is what it felt like reading this book We got to explore the old Night Kingdom and it's beauty and peace and wonderfulness It was a place of culture where the NightWings thrived and were happy We stepped into the past But already reading the main series and knowing the fates of all the characters in the books there was no hoping for things to get better there was no deus ex machina to pull the characters out of trouble there was just watching in horror as everything unfolded I don't know right now if this was a weakness or a strength of the book I felt like there were some parts that were very emphasized in the future that didn't get a lot of attention in this book Jesus I suck at reviewingThere were other things about this book though I loved how rich the characters were how three dimensional and funny they were The writing is on point and through the narrative we could feel the colors and emotions I could see flashes of pain and fear in my head I felt a literal knot in my stomach worrying about Darkstalker and the characters and everything happening One thing I really have to complement the author on is the fact that we knew what was going to happen to the characters if you've read the main series but you still felt the suspense of the events It was super hardcoreAgh I can't I really can't review I tried I attempted This book is a treasure and I need Tui T Sutherland's next literary artwork Everything about this series is gold I genuinely can't think any I need Talons of Power or I will literally combustEdit Along with not being able to review it seems I cannot spell or grammar but I'm too lazy to fix it

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    Darkstalker Wings of Fire Legends #1 by Tui T Sutherland may be made for teens or middle grade kids but I didn't think 'kid's book' at all while reading this book at all I was fascinated by the dragons the magic seers enchantments and the plot the mystery the romance the whole feel of it I enjoyed it tremendously and I am 60 I read a lot of fantasy and this book is one of those books that any age can read and fall in love with I got this from the library to try and loved it

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    This book was SPECTACULAR Let me preface this review by saying Wings of Fire has always been a kinda light snack of a book series for me I love it but I'd never gotten SUPER excited for new book until Escaping Peril because let's face it we were ALL freaking out about finally getting a story from Peril's perspective But Darkstalkeroh boy I was HYPED for this book The life story of a complex character one who has an important place in the lore of the series a set of classic It Comes With A Price powers and life that's already been established as super tragic and mysterious? SIGN ME THE HECK UP TUI SUTHERLANDThis book promised me great things and I am glad to say that it did not disappointSpoilers below just read the thing RIGHT NOW; you'll love itWhere do I even begin? Okay first of all let me talk about the one thing that immediately made me LOVE the idea of Darkstalker's story before this book was even announcedThe price of animus powers has bugged me for this reason it takes away all the depth and development that could have gone into making an animus character a villain A magical dragon becomes evil? Surely heshe couldn't have ended up that way through rational greed impulsiveness jealousy or any other personal vice that makes real people do bad things when they get too much power No it must have been because MAGIC DRIVES DRAGONS INSANEI'm sure the author Tui Sutherland didn't do that on purpose and to her credit she hasn't used the aforementioned reasoning as an excuse for lazy writing yet It's not that bad certainly better than not explaining a character's villiany coughUEENSCARLETBACKSTORYcough it just bugs meBack to Darkstalker Darkstalker is a great character because his magic DOESN'T drive him insane Oh he certainly goes insane by the end of this book I'm still really creeped out by what he did to Arctic but he's driven to villainy by his own flaws rather than some random curse that he can't control Instead of using the whole magical insanity thing to excuse his actions the author gave us a beautifully crafted character with a believable backstory We get to see the ups and downs of his life Every sweet and relatable moment with him makes his inevitable downfall even powerful I love itDarkstalker definitely stole the show for me a tragic hero from a broken home with a complicated past steeped in powerful politics I mean come on you KNOW he's the best character too But Clearsight and Fathom who share the spotlight with him are also very intriguing dragons in their own rightEver since Moon Rising introduced the idea of NightWings seeing multiple futures I've been wondering how a dragon with the power to see those alternate timelines could possibly stay sane Clearsight as if to answer my prayers appeared in this book and answered my uestion She's a wonderful character whose personality contrasts really well with Darkstalker's I guess they WERE destined to meet Their constant push and pull struggle of let me do this and listen to me all culminating in that sad end that we've been expecting since Moon RisingHonestly I was shocked at how well Tui Sutherland pulled it off No offense to her; she's a wonderful author but I wasn't expecting such a crazy complicated well written romance from this book The first few books in the Wings of Fire series seemed to have a lot of lovey dovey crush at first sight stuff in them This one on the other talon see what I did there had a high stakes romance that defined the fate of the world It was surprisingly beautiful and brilliant and well executed if a liiiiittle bit rushed at the end that's just a nitpickFathom the animus grandson of Albatross was a fascinating character Unlike Darkstalker whose story I have been waiting for for ages Fathom was one of those characters who surprised me by becoming so interesting I think the first half of his character arc was the strongest Seeing him evolve from an eager animus trainee to a cautious shell shocked survivor was heartwrenching and poignantIn the latter half of his book I felt like Fathom kind of faded into the background as a voice of reason or cautionary tale for Darkstalker's story His romance with Indigo was sweet but predictable and unecessary and I wish we could have seen development for his character in the third part of the bookI guess that last complaint can be chalked up to simply too many awesome characters and not enough pages to explore them all I still love everything about his character Hopefully there will be about Fathom in the upcoming books I really want to know what happened to his kidsAnd am I the only one who was super intrigued by Fathom's sister Pearl? She must have had one heck of an inner journey going from a snotty little dragonet to the ueen of the freakin' Sea Kingdom I hope we get a winglet or something about hermaybe after a winglet about a certain SkyWinga ueenwith a name that starts with S and ends with carlet Am I being too subtle?Anyway it was SO COOL finding out about daily life in the NightWing's old kingdom I was fangirling at every little detail We finally get to find out what NightWing society was like back when they had powers I'm going to have to reread this book several times just to pick up all the little details about the ancient Night KingdomThe other main setting the ancient Sea Kingdom was just as cool Call me crazy for this but I'm actually super interested in dragon politics The world of Pyrrhia 2000 years before the present series has an entirely different political landscape one that I wish I could have read even aboutThe setting the characters the writing it was all expertly done I felt like this book had something different to it something that the main Wings of Fire series never had It just feels bigger grander and older like some sort of classical tale or legend You know the kind of ancient story where a guy eventually kills his family or marries his mom or something I guess that's because it IS one of those stories The tragic hero rises up and wins it all then loses it all thanks to his own flaws The name of this series sub series? special edition series? Legends is perfect for this book It really feels like a dragon legend brought to life and finally told in truth after centuries of liesThis is the first time a Wings of Fire book made me think so deeply It must have been the perfect cocktail of characters story charm and tragedy Congratulations Tui Sutherland you've transcended the other children's book authors and actually made me feel sadNow Darkstalker isn't perfect but it's PRETTY DARN CLOSEMy biggest complaint? It was so good that it left me wanting I want to know what happened to Whiteout I want to know where Clearsight went Did Clearsight have any children does she have any descendants? What was Foeslayer and Arctic's relationship like before this book? They must have been happy once Was Arctic a cool dude before his animus powers ate his soul? Why is their relationship foreshadowing Moon and Winter's?My second nitpick would bethe happiness The ending was a bit too happy for my tastesOkay I know this is just my sadistic tragedy loving part talking; I KNOW this is a really stupid thing to nitpick but I just want to mention it I feel like everything was wrapped up just a little too neatly with Clearsight Fathom and Indigo I know it was suppose to be hopeful at the end to show that the threat was gone butOh who am I kidding? I was only expecting a darker ending because of how sad this story was And I guess if you choose to look at the ending in a different way it IS really tragic I don't know It just felt sosudden I wasn't expecting that much happiness after the sad climax It seemed weird and it didn't flow very well for me Yes you can end a sad story with a happyhopeful ending but the mood change should NOT be so sudden and unnatural Example the musical Next to Normal has a hopeful ending without sacrificing the overall tone of the storyMaybe the ending was just a little too rushed and that's why I didn't like the happy ending If the last part of the book had unfolded slower the ending would have seemed less weirdly idyllic and hopeful Like The Dragonet Prophecy the second half of the book went by too fastI also didn't care for Indigo and Fathom's whole romance Indigo was a decent character in her own right but I feel like she was shoehorned in to give Fathom extra motivation What part of that whole side plot was necessary other than to explain why the animus gene still runs in the SeaWings' royal family and THAT isn't even a good reason since we know it's recessive and ueen Pearl could have been carrying it? Why did he need a girlfriend to convince him that Darkstalker was bad? In my opinion the story would have been much stronger with less of Fathigo or whatever their unnecessary ship's name isFinally minor nitpick I wish Whiteout had been included She is a very mysterious and interesting character with a lot of potential but after rereading the book I felt as if she was of a bargaining chip than a character of her own I liked her but I wish the book had scenes with her so the reader would feel attached at the end Since she wasn't killed off or given some tragic fate I assume that she'll become important later somehow I was seriously expecting her to die by the end of the book and I breathed a big sigh of relief when I found out she was alive at the endThat's about it for my thoughts on Darkstalker I love this book I love the characters I love the story I love the setting the writing the themes and the little coincidental ways it reminded me of all my favorite things All Wings of Fire fans must read this masterpiece EDITI guess I should mention what song Clearsight and Darkstalker's relationship kept reminding me of since it is one of the reasons I fell so so in love with this book Their dynamic reminded me of a twisted take on thisFather forgive me; I am a piece of Hamilton trashEDIT #2I'm rereading this book for the fourth time don't judge me plz and now I'm getting a very Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story vibe from itEDIT #3This is the last theatre related edit I swearI FINALLY FOUND OUT WHO CLEARSIGHT REMINDS ME OF IN THE LAST FEW CHAPTERSI'M SERIOUSAND THIS GUY REMINDS ME OF DARKSTALKER NOWHeathers the Musical ruined my life

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    Honestly Legends was way better than any of the mainstream WoF books other than Moon Rising in my opinion It was much deeper much tragic and felt much less a children's book than others until the end which I really appreciatedI really recommend it even for non WoF people This book is so thematic it's crazy and I tried to read it not to look for them too Ideas about if there is truly a good and evil side grey morality uestions on heroes vs villains the concept of time and the future power greed and corruption authority gender so many themes It's the best work Tui Sutherland has ever written I'd have to sayidk I don't like writing long reveiws so I'll leave this here

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    455Wow besides for a rough beginning and some pacing issues I absolutely loved this book The characters grew on me as the story progressed and it really got me in the mood to continue on with the original series Highly recommend picking this one up if you are a fan of the Wings of Fire books

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    De press ing But also really good This book destroyed me

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    Okay I take back every doubt I had about this book It’s one of the best in the series surprisinglyI was so worried going into this book I love this series and seeing it all of a sudden was having super editions made me nervous I hate saying this but I don’t want this series to turn into WarriorsThis series is some of the best middle grade I’ve ever read one of my go to’s when recommending books for younger readers I don’t want it to be dragged out unnecessarily and have 25 super editions and guide books and graphic novels It would really make me sad to see this turn into a series continued only for the moneySo is this book unnecessary? Yes But it’s also really really goodAs you may have guess from the title we follow the origin story of Darkstalker We also follow the girl he loved a future seer named Clearsight and a Seawing animus named FathomEach of their POV’s was very strong Clearsight is such a sweetheart and easily likeable The beginning of Fathom’s story was uite interesting but once we got to a certain point in the story his POV felt boring because it was Clearsight and Darkstalker who I wanted to read aboutIt’s the timeless story of a character's fall from grace how someone went from good to evil No one ever gets tired of that story and this was one of the better villain origin stories I have readIt stays true to the way Warriors are usually done; tragicallyIrrelevant side note does anyone think this cover is ridiculously lazy compared to the rest of the series? It’s overly simplistic and literally has Darkstalker positioned in a weird angle in front of a bright red background I usually love these coversA great take on the story of power corrupting Well worth reading if you’re a fan of the series though I will continue being skeptical of any other weird add on’s to the series

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    I am destroyed I am utterly destroyed It was perfect and I am destroyed If Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker were well written and y'know dragons that would be this book And I am destroyed

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    The ending broke my heart

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    I was lucky enough to find this book the weekend before the release date and it went above and beyond my expectations When I first heard that Darkstalker was coming out this summer I wasn't very happy I wanted to go back to the dragonets in the main series books after the huge cliffhanger in Escaping Peril Looking back I definitely should have been excited This book was a masterpieceThat isn't to say that it doesn't have any flaws the ending was rather abrupt and left a lot of uestions unanswered I'm not sure how the loose ends will be resolved if they ever will be but in a way they worked for the overall mysterious feel of the book Also a minor nitpick but I disliked how the second chapter took place chronologically before the first I'm pretty sure that view spoiler Fathom is only a year or so older than Darkstalker making Darkstalker a year old during the first chapter rather than still in the egg hide spoiler

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