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On the fabled city of Panama helped break Spain’s hold on the Americas forever Awash with bloody battles political intrigues natural disaster and a cast of characters compelling bizarre and memorable than any found in a Hollywood swashbuckler including the notorious pirate L’Ollonais the soul tortured King Philip IV of Spain and Thomas Modyford the crafty English governor of Jamaica Empire of Blue Water brilliantly re creates the passions and the violence of the age of exploration and empir. While this was an entertaining interesting read there was one thing that stuck out which I can't help but comment on only because this type of narrative in this day and age really should not be pushed any longer during the early portion of the book Talty briefly describes the early conuest of Mexico He states that the Mexica outright believed that Cortes was uetzalcoatlwhich as someone who has spent some time elbows deep in the indigenous history of Mexico however brief the semester felt is incorrect Since I didn't read a physical copy of this book to see where he was getting his sources I can only assume that Talty relied on a Spanish account of the conuest Honestly while this seems like a 'small' thing and I understand it is within the context of this book it is really not appropriate in this day and age when we have indigenous primary sources that state otherwise and are able to note the bias in the Spanish primary sources too

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Ies helped shape the destiny of the New WorldMorgan gathered disaffected European sailors and soldiers hard bitten adventurers runaway slaves and vicious cutthroats and turned them into the most feared army in the Western Hemisphere Sailing out from the English stronghold of Port Royal Jamaica “the wickedest city in the New World” Morgan and his men terrorized Spanish merchant ships and devastated the cities where great riches in silver gold and gems lay waiting His last raid a daring assault. Pirates or privateers always make sensational subjects so author Stephan Talty didn't need much embellishment to make the tale of Henry Morgan into a fast paced and thrilling book I've read a handful of other accounts of Morgan and other privateers and found this one of the most successful renderings And while Morgan cuts a definite dash Talty doesn't shy from making it clear that it was ruthlessness as well as leadership skills strategic thinking and inventiveness that led to his success Interestingly Morgan was best operating on land not sea as one might assume It was his epic land based raids that assured his fame not pitched sea battles though there is one wonderful episode involving the brilliant use of a 'fire ship' that is the exception What I found especially interesting however was the how Spanish inflexibility and bureaucracy in the New World made it relatively simple for Morgan to defeat them time and again Talty's descriptions of the bizarre workings of the Spanish court the historical background on the shifting alliances among the British French Spanish and Dutch and the details of Morgan's campaigns were all masterfully done He gave vivid accounts of both the top and bottom of the social ladder summoning images that made for example death obsessed Philip IV of Spain spring to life Talty has a vivid style too that made listening to the tale even enjoyableI'd be remiss not to mention the reader of this audiobook John Mayer who not only has the ideal voice for reading such a swashbuckling tale but who injected a certain humor and relish into the reading that struck a suitable piratical tone Mayer's pacing and reading of the text only improved upon it and were always a delight This reading is an abridged version of the book I understand but I can't think that reading the full text would be any improvement there are no tell tale gaps that gave away the abridgmentThis was the first of what I hope will be many audio CDs downloaded from a website maintained by a state wide consortium of libraries It took some fiddling to get the files into a format that would play on my iPod but persistence paid off It sure beats loading and ripping individual CDs checked out from my local library

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He challenged the greatest empire on earth with a ragtag bunch of renegades and brought it to its knees Empire of Blue Water is the real story of the pirates of the CaribbeanHenry Morgan a twenty year old Welshman crossed the Atlantic in 1655 hell bent on making his fortune Over the next three decades his exploits in the Caribbean in the service of the English became legendary His daring attacks on the mighty Spanish Empire on land and at sea determined the fates of kings and ueens and his victor. Have you ever wanted to know the truth about the Pirates of the CaribbeanHave you ever wondered the difference between a pirate a privateer and a buccaneer Did you uestion how Captain Henry Morgan could have been both a pirate and a knightHave you ever heard of the great earthuake that occurred in Port Royal Jamaica in 1692This book provides the answers to these ueries and The author has found an impressive number of primary sources from which to draw information Talty is particularly adept at describing the vicious battles initiated by the pirates in their insatiable desire for plunder He does not shy away from describing the cruelty torture and debauchery of a piratical life One wonders how these criminals can be as romanticized as they are in entertainment Talty provides an in depth biography of Morgan 1635 1688 while also imparting a wealth of information on English Spanish and French history The reader learns details about battles on the Spanish Main including Granada Portobelo Maracaibo and Panama It explains the reasons behind the rise and fall of the pirates under Morgan I found it gripping informative and eye opening

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Stephan Talty is the New York Times bestselling author of six acclaimed books of narrative nonfiction as well as the Abbie Kearney crime novels Originally from Buffalo he now lives outside New York CityTalty began as a widely published journalist who has contributed to the New York Times Magazine G Men’s Journal Time Out New York Details and many other publications He is the author of t

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