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The Pumpkin Blanket

Deborah Turney Zagwyn Ô 4 Read

Needs help to survive the frost Clee understands that it needs her blanket than she does. A magical treasure about sacrificing In this case that special bla

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Sparkling with rich autumn watercolors and magical detail this book introduces little Cle. The illustrations in this book and the words are beautiful and sof

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E and her blanket a true and trusted friend But when her father's shivering pumpkin patch. Beautiful story Beautiful illustration

About the Author: Deborah Turney Zagwyn

Sometimes printed as Deborah Turney Zagw├┐n or Deborah Turney Zagwyn

10 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Blanket

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    Although I have been both able and willing to appreciate and have at least on a certain level also somewhat enjoyed both the narrative and accompanying illustrations of Deborah Turney Zagwyn's The Pumpkin Blanket the combination of text and image actually is at best just barely adeuate for and to me mostly due to the fact that there are a few annoyingly strange and frustrating parts of the text of the featured narrative in particular that really do and indeed massively rub me the wrong proverbial wayFor I do have to admit that I find it than a bit troubling that except for one tiny mention right at the beginning of The Pumpkin Blanket where she opines that Clee's special pumpkin themed security blanket might have been a gift from an aunt Clee's mother NEVER seems to be part of the story at all but seems to be totally absent and troubling totally absent without any reason without any explanation whatsoever absolutely ignored to the point that she seemingly does not even exist Now I do realise and even much understand that The Pumpkin Blanket is first and foremost a sweet little story about Clee her father and how she sacrifices her treasured security blanket her pumpkin blanket to cover up and save from early frost her father's planted pumpkins which still reuire a few daysweeks to ripen before they can be harvested and carved as Jack O'Lanterns for Halloween However even if The Pumpkin Blanket is meant to be a story mostly about Clee and her father why is the mother so totally absent why does she not appear at all in the illustrations and why is the only textual allusion to her her one line assumption that Clee's pumpkin blanket might have been a gift from an aunt? For while I have no issues with the concept of absent mothers or even ill or deceased mothers there should at least be some kind of a textual or illustrated explanation presented and in The Pumpkin Blanket the author does not ever show she does not ever offer any type of actual suggestions or explanations as to why Clee's mom is never present and even if the mother might be active behind the scenes she is so totally and utterly ignored in The Pumpkin Blanket that for me this fact makes me rather majorly uncomfortable and leaves a than strange taste in my mouth not to mention that for the intended audience for young children from about the ages of five to seven the mother's complete and utter absence might indeed engender both uestions and perhaps even a similar sense of emotional discomfort And really my sense of personal discomfort at the mother's at Clee's mother's almost complete non appearance within the pages of The Pumpkin Blanket this has in fact and actually so much distracted and annoyed me that I have also ended up becoming increasingly critical of Deborah Turney Zagwyn's presented narrative as a whole that I have indeed ended up seeing and narrative thematic issues that I for one consider rather personally problematic or at least uestionable For further while I do appreciate that Clee sacrifices her treasured security blanket in order to save her father's pumpkin patch I definitely would have appreciated that sacrifice considerably if the pumpkins were being harvested for food or for market for selling for making necessary money for the family coffers than just for Halloween decorations I mean the Jack O'Lanterns will grace the porch of Clee's house for a day or so and perhaps at best for a week at Halloween but they will then simply be discarded while her erstwhile pumpkin blanket was a treasured comforter she has had for years and thus at least for me personally I think that Clee's pumpkin blanket sacrifice is a bit too much for a patch of pumpkins that will neither be sold nor seemingly consumed as food but simply used as decorations for a one day autumn harvest holiday Now as to the accompanying illustrations and it looks like Deborah Turney Zagwyn functions as both author and illustrator here while they are definitely expressive and lively showing both motion and emotion and while I do also much love how the depictions of the father and Clee show a definite and strong family resemblance they are sometimes a bit too in your face for my personal aesthetics and also too centred on the human protagonists of The Pumpkin Blanket on Clee and her father and not enough on nature on autumn as a season and on the pumpkins themselves not enough therefore for me to appreciate the narrative than I have been able to and thus not enough for me to on a personal level rate The Pumpkin Blanket with than two and a half stars at best rounded down to two stars as the textual and thematic issues I have had with the presented storyline with the narrative are truly and simply too annoying for me to be willing to consider three stars

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    This is the story of a little girl who gives up her most loved possession her blanket that she has had since she was first born I was a bit saddened by this book It seemed odd to me that the blanket is what saves the pumpkins but they were not to eat but for decorationsAlso was the story meant to be a sharing story? A growing up story? I was a bit confused on what the aim of the book was for I am sure children would think it was a story of sharing but then again I do not knowThe book ended rather abruptly for me too I thought there should be The last page featured the little girl looking out her door and all the pumpkins that had now been carved She is holding just a shred of her loved blanket Again sadA real plus for this book was the illustrations They were all in fall colors of oranges yellows browns and some reds The pictures were large and cute The overall feel of the illustrations matched the bookAlthough the story did end abruptly it was written in mind of an emergent reader The writing was boxed off by itself and only a couple of sentence but still large to see and understand the storyOver all this book was ok for me and for that reason I give it 3 starsDisclosure I obtained this book from my local library The views reflected here are 100% my own and may differ with yours Naila Moon

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    The illustrations in this book and the words are beautiful and soft just like the satiny edges of the pumpkin uilt The love the family has for one another is also written in such a way that it comes across clearly and tangibly throughout While I understand that the purpose is for Clee to come to terms with growing older and to go to school without her blanket the reason given for cutting the blanket up ie to cover pumpkins in the pumpkin patch to protect them from frost seemed like a stretch especially when the pumpkins were not needed to provide for the family either as food or livelihood but rather for jack o'lanterns I would have had a hard time reconciling the ending as a child and would have been no encouraged by it to ever give up my own security blankets for such a fleetingly enjoyable purpose

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    Beautiful story Beautiful illustration

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    It is a cute story to share with students in the autumn and around Halloween It has several teachable ideas including giving up something you love which could be easily turned into lessons Overall it's good but the illustrations are the highlight

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    Alissa and I both gasped when the dad took a suare out of the uilt

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    Genre FictionThis book is great for Kindergarten and up One uniue feature of this book is the colorful and beautiful illustrations

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    A magical treasure about sacrificing In this case that special blanket above all others My 4 year old and I cried on the same page the one where she is weighing the cost of her decision A bit heart breaking but beautiful too

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    This little girl made uite a sacrifice with her pumpkin blanket

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    beautiful story to read aloud about letting go of a treasured possession

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