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    I can't think of a book I was looking forward to reading than Monterey BayMy hopes were high Possibly a little too over zealous I'm in Monterey or Carmel often on weekendshiking at the beach or at our friendsI have photos stored on my iPhone of Monterey and Carmel than of any other place in California Our family had a membership at the Bay Auarium for about 15 years starting with the opening weekend Oct 20 1984 our daughter just turned 3 years old Oct 1st THIS BOOKFrom the start I loved the name I think the cover is gorgeous seductivealthough the I think about the cover I'm not sure it's the image that best represents the creation of the world famous Monterey Bay AuariumTWO other authors whose books I passionately love gave high praise for this bookBret Anthony Johnston and Celeste Ng so I was SURE I would be in reading heaven But I wasn't I wanted to be It's hard to find fault with an author writing about a topic she loves and I love Hatton grew up in Monterey spent formative growing years working behind the scenes at the Monterey Bay Auarium She is ualified an MFA in creative writing at NYU and has a passion for Monterey and its history So I give the author a big PLUS for writing about a subject she loves I happen to agree with her on this I still want to congratulate the author on her first book Definitely writing talents for this author but this book wasn't what 'I' was hoping it would be Mostly I see now I wished for a different direction in the storytellingThe structure of the book jumps back and forth too fast for me from 1998 to 1940 I felt dizzy The flow of the story was irritating I kept blaming myself for struggling to enjoy this story I was mad at myself not the author I just had a very hard time finding a focus any real emotional connections which mattered much one way or another I was bored I thought at times the writing was lovely as in sentences but I didn't feel anything Towards the end I did a littleI wanted to enjoy the tide pools the frogs and other boneless brainless creatures with less of 15 year old Margot Fiske' s dreary disposition She was 'dreary' as the fogto me Just not very interesting as a character dull instead of colorful Margot is the storytelling the narrator but from the start she had a negative slant on Monterey It wasn't just the fact that after years of working at her father's side she had been exiled It was a bone deep certainty that Monterey was out to destroy her in the same manner it had already destroyed itself just a sample of negative ways of seeing her life I was hoping to read about the real history relationship and memories between John Steinbeck and Ed 'Doc' RickettsI was hoping to get a deeper feeling for how the Auarium was built at the siteincorporating one of the largest canneries from the past days I wanted to feel less fatherdaughter struggle less inappropriate concerns about a sexual connection and simply glory for one of the most complete Auariums you can ever visit I wanted to marvel at the exhibits not feel wrong for touching the glass as a tourist I didn't get a warm feeling from Margot a biologist assistant a girl who sketched sea creatures she didn't seem to have a heart understanding for the many supporters of The Bay Auarium When my friends visit from out of state from out of country I hope they see Monterey as one of the most beautiful places in the world and feel welcomed I hope they enjoy the feelings of the history of old days and enjoy the present modern days as well From the Auarium the bike trails in line skaters the beaches the whale watching the shops restaurants on Cannery Row photos of the old sardine factories Laguna Secas fresh sea air lovely people strolling around the Bay 3 stars Good but not Wow Thank You Penguin Press Netgalley and Lindsay Hatton

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    I read this book for a few reasons it is on the Tournament of Books longlist for 2017 and I always scan through that looking for interesting titles; the location is not far from where I was born and I love all things ocean; the connection to Steinbeck albeit a Steinbeck I've not yet read He has been making a resurgence in my reading life in the last few months that does not appear to be waning anytime soonThis story uses characters from Cannery Row focusing on Margot Fiske the daughter of the man who buys the cannery Most of the novel is set in 1940 but there are brief chapters set in 1998 Some of those were the most confusing the writing was surreal fantastical I thought the narrator of those was an insane person or maybe a seabeast but in the end that did not go where I expected and felt unnecessaryTo uote a review I read on NPR because it sums up my feelings on this book The best thing about Monterey Bay perhaps is that it sent me back to Steinbeck's magnificent Cannery Row And indeed my copy of Cannery Row should arrive sometime tomorrowAlso for those of you doing the Book Riot Read Harder 2017 challenge I counted this for debut novel

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    This is a book I most likely would not have picked up if it hadn't been on the Tournament of Books longlist In addition to be on the list there is also a strong connection to Steinbeck's Cannery RowThe book alternates in time between the 1940's and the 1990's In the beginning the 1940's part is a very straightforward easy to follow plot the 1990's not so much It took me almost 200 pages of this to really figure out what was going on in the 1990's part I don't mind confusion when I'm reading but I do like it to have a point and didn't feel like this did It was like the author started off down a road that she then decided she didn't want to goI have to agree with the NPR review that the best thing about the book is that it leads you back to Steinbeck I'll be reading Cannery Row in the near future

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    Margot Fiske has travelled the world with her wealthy father as his fortunes have waxed and waned with uniue uses of agricultural and industrial properties Now fifteen Margot is used to an independent lifestyle her father being too busy to do much than acknowledge her existence by cooking a hurried stand up dinner on some days Having left their most recent home in The Philippines and arrived by boat in Monterey Bay Margot is weary and her mood depressed as her father begins a new venture and she is left to learn specimen collection with a local self professed marine biologist Margot doesn't waste time asserting her independence and the result is a story of a young woman's desire for an older unattainable man and the further unraveling of the relationship with her fatherThis biologist for whom Margot works is Ed Ricketts the real life inspiration for Steinbeck's Doc in Cannery Row Steinbeck is a character as well hiding out in Rickett's Cannery Row lab as his fame fueled by sales of The Grapes of Wrath grows rapidly than he could have anticipated These interesting people set in a place well known in American literary tradition would seem to make for a can't miss reading experience Unfortunately these details served to raise the bar too high and the result was a novel with moments of satisfaction but that felt ultimately unremarkable Oddly I felt in some ways that I'd already read the novel having recently finished Emma Cline's The Girls No there are no Manson like cultists here but it is essentially an uncomfortable coming of age tale in which a very young girl puts herself in the sights of an all too willing older man realizing her own value too late And of course there is the frustration of a clueless father seeming powerless to stop itThe novel is well written and by an author who must no doubt be passionate about Monterey Bay However because the tale is told through a brooding calculating and single minded character that passion didn't translate to me the reader In fact when the narrative jumps to the future the now elderly Margot doesn't seem to have grown much or changed her focus in any significant way Ed has been dead for 50 years and he still seems her sole purpose Ultimately I just couldn't relateARC received free from publisher via NetGalley

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    You'd think that a book about Monterey Bay with the title Monterey Bay would have a little enthusiasm for the place My biggest problem with the book is the narrator She's 15 and has everything figured out She's a snot nosed brat who looks down her nose at everyone and judges everyone and everything far too harshly She doesn't seem to grow or expand as a person from 1940 to 1998 and her single mindedness was just too single minded I do not care what she had a lady boner for Ricketts unless it leads somewhere Instead it leads to her uietly obsessing over every single thing he does and literally basing her entire life on this man I mean come on this dude is double her age and a known womanizer and for these reasons and others unfathomable to me she is completely irrevocably in love with him? It was too hard to grasp and too hard to connect to her as a narrator I would've liked if the romance was gotten rid of entirely and the story of the auarium and Ricketts' friendship with John Steinbeck told from a different point of view like Arthur's It's obvious the author did her research about the sealife and about Monterey Bay itself but that enthusiasm and love doesn't show through stupid Margot's eyes She was annoying and dumb

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    The writing and descriptions in this book are absolutely stunning But for some reason I just didn't connect with the story I found myself not caring if I finished it or not I finally just sat down this morning and made myself finish it off The author can write there is no doubt about that So I'm looking forward to what she puts out in the future hopefully it will be something that I can connect with a bit

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    This fictionalized story of the beginnings of the Monterey Bay Auarium is exuisite The majority of the story is the backstory as it were to the Auarium the rhyme and reason for its existence We delve into the life of young and in a dual 1998 timeline elderly Margot Fiske in 1940 a complex woman whose brief affair with Ed Doc Ricketts leaves a lasting impression Her path crosses with John Steinbeck as well although this is solidly a novel about a complicated young woman coming into her own The Auarium itself is a sliver of this novel and the brief chapters that take place in 1998 provide a fitting framework to Ricketts and Fiske's work in the 1940s The writing in this novel is luscious; the descriptions are gorgeous and even make cephalopods something that normally doesn't interest me intriguing and seductive The ending of this book was beautiful and the last line still haunts me

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    Fifteen year old Margot Fiske arrives in Monterey Bay California right at the height of John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row the novel that made the area famous Steinbeck himself is there hiding out at the home of Ed Ricketts the biologist Steinbeck made famous Margot manages to get a job with Ricketts over the protests of the author and her father helping Ricketts out by making drawings of sea creatures But her relationship with him turns personal and puts the future of the Monterey Bay auarium – and her relationship with her father – at risk A beautiful passionate debutBacklist bump Cannery Row by John Steinbeck In my top five all time favorite booksTune in to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books All The Books

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    Heartbreakingly beautiful Monterey Bay is an engrossing tale of love – and what happens to the people places and things we try so desperately to preserve The scope of this book is staggering In 320 pages you meet John Steinbeck his muse Ed Ricketts and Margot Fiske a driven intelligent young woman who is unwavering in her attempts to make her place in the world; you’ll travel from Canary Row era Monterey California to post World War Two Manila and back to Monterey in 1998; you’ll see the raucous parties in Rickett’s lab learn about auariums sea life and the early days of marine ecology and you’ll meet members of the immigrant populations that built Monterey There are fires horse fights flying steaks bags of cats and through it all the unuestionable magnificence of one of the most incredible places on earthWhile some reviewers have pointed out that Margot is a challenging protagonist I disagree Though she makes some uestionable decisions she owns them she moves on and she’s never willing to be seen as a victim Imagine if Edna Pontellier didn’t drown herself at the end of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening but instead swam on and then built an auarium – that’s MargotHatton tells it all with stunning writing that is worthy of place and people who inhabit this book This is a book that will stay with you for a long time

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    Welllll I was pretty excited that it was about the Monterey area including the auarium Half way into the book I was concerned that the story would taint my love and nostalgia for the area Upon some excellent advice well just don't let it taint anything for you I finished it I never connected much with any of the characters the story seemed a bit disjointed and flat Vague descriptions of the area were disappointingthe one upside now I'm interested in reading about Ed Ricketts

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A beautiful debut set around the creation of the world famous Monterey Bay Auarium and the last days of John Steinbeck’s Cannery RowIn 1940 fifteen year old Margot Fiske arrives on the shores of Monterey Bay with her eccentric entrepreneur father Margot has been her father’s apprentice all over the world until an accident in Monterey’s tide pools drives them apart and plunges her head first into the mayhem This is a book I most likely would not have picked Talking to the Ground in Monterey’s tide pools drives them apart and plunges her head first Being in the Jungle into the mayhem This Super 8 (Motel 6, is a book I most likely would not have picked

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Pulls from the waters of the bay Unbeknownst to Margot her father is also working with Ricketts He is soliciting the biologist’s advice on his most ambitious and controversial project to date the transformation of the Row’s largest cannery into an auarium When Margot begins an affair with Ricketts she sets in motion a chain of events that will affect not just the two of them but the future of Monterey as wel This fictionalized story of the beginnings of the M 5 Steps to a 5 500 AP U.S. History Questions to Know by Test Day is also working with Ricketts He Talking to the Ground is soliciting the biologist’s advice on his most ambitious and controversial project to date the transformation of the Row’s largest cannery Being in the Jungle into an auarium When Margot begins an affair with Ricketts she sets Super 8 (Motel 6, in motion a chain of events that will affect not just the two of them but the future of Monterey as wel This fictionalized story of the beginnings of the M

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Of John Steinbeck’s Cannery RowSteinbeck is hiding out from his burgeoning fame at the raucous lab of Ed Ricketts the biologist known as Doc in Cannery Row Ricketts a charismatic bohemian uickly becomes the object of Margot’s fascination Despite Steinbeck’s protests and her father’s misgivings she wrangles a job as Ricketts’s sketch artist and begins drawing the strange and wonderful sea creatures he Margot Fiske has travelled the world with her wealt