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Alling as a novelist she is delighted to develop a friendship with another writer But Prudence produces modest sincere novels and Lord Dammler handsome rake that he is. A nice read The he

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Prudence Mallow country miss finds herself in London as the poor relation of her Uncle Clarence a true British eccentric and erstwhile painter When she discovers her c. The Historical pro Eylau : La bataille racontée par les soldats of her Uncle Clarence a true British eccentric and erstwhile painter When she discovers her c. The Historical pro

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Has won acclaim for his scandalous Cantos from Abroad Drawn by the rakish maruis into the hotbed of London society Prudence finds herself in way over her head and hea. I can see why peop Louis Napoléon le Grand of London society Prudence finds herself in way Lannes (1769-1809) maréchal de Napoléon : Colloque Maisons-Laffitte, 18 mars 2017 over her head and hea. I can see why peop

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    I am so much positively surprised by this book that I have decided that I will add a shelf the best witty romances in the near futureIt is definitely a masterpiece of the genre funny Regency romances Really I have read by now a few authors which could be call as like Heyer The best of them are Emily Eden and Jude Morgan next are Clare Darcy and Barbara Metzger but they wrote differently some books are really good some just nice Now I am very curious where Joan Smith will be After this novel I would add her to the best but I must read of her to be sureSo let's back to the book Don't think to get out of it by dragging up my past “Past? You are confused in your tenses milord That's all right We may say what we daren't write “And sing what is too foolish to sayThere is so much witty sparkling dialogues and comments that I had many times smile on my face Poor Prudence reared in a retired village and unused to the ways of high life took his concern to be for being seen with a lightskirt when he was only worried that he was stealing Dammler's property A nobleman my dear Miss Mallow does not work for gain Infra dig We lords are too toplofty to engage in common labour for a wage The taint of having earned money by the sweat of our brows can only be removed by donating it to charity No we are allowed to keep anything we wring out of our tenants by starving them in a hovel but honestly earned money must be got rid of immediatelyAnd let me stressed that these talks between Pure and Dammler are simply marvelous I couldn't stop reading it until they finished If you like this kind of witty banter you will be excitedNext the characters are created so well that I love them all even Uncle Clarence or Seville One could dislike them but still one would be appreciate how good they are created Even such characters as Mrs Mallow Pure's mother who is most of the time somewhere in the background is simply perfect I can not find the lack of consistency in the creation of any characterWhat else? This book is some kind of tribute for writers You can look how they create their work what they feel Of course there are many different kinds of artists but still it is a very interesting glimpse of themA love story isn't here very original although most of the romances aren't But the narration dialogues the way it is developing makes a big difference and makes the story really specialAs a one of examples why this novel is so extraordinary can be the fact that the heroine isn't ideal I don't mean that she is stubborn or silly etc like they are often in other romances She is simply a complete person with own opinions although perhaps a modern reader wouldn't agree with all of them You do not advocate higher education for women then? “Good gracious no I only attended a seminary for five years myself If the occasional few women want it and it does not interfere with their lives—their duties—but in general you know I cannot think Latin and Greek of much interest to women” She also thought it uite a waste of time for men to spend years learning a couple of dead languages but wisely kept it to herself The Doctor had a nasty habit of throwing a Latin phrase at her and there was no point in antagonizing him He smiled benignly at her answers “I notice you do not concern yourself with the broader problems of modem society—war politics economics the general revolutionary trend of Western society “My canvas is small I have often heard it said that a writer should stick to what she knows and my life has been sheltered But I write for women—women are interested in the home society in the limited sense of friends and neighbours and in the case of young ladies finding a husband That is my subject I leave the other fields to menI think that should persuade you to read it If you are still not convinced read a review of Georgie

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    Delightfully witty traditional HRThere are echoes of all sorts of romances in this clever story from Venetia to Persuasion Gowland's Lotion anyone? but the main characters are very much themselves a Byronic poet of a hero and a little dab of an authoress turning out sharply observed novels The romance is very tenderly drawn indeed Lord Dammler doesn't realise for most of the book that the pleasure he takes in Prudence Mallow's company is love We do though we see the progression from a professional interest to friendship to love via some of the sharpest repartee I've read in a long time At one point Dammler is attempting to persuade Prudence that he has reformed his rakish ways I didn’t go out at all last nightThis was the second time he had mentioned in a seemingly casual fashion the innocent nature of his nights and Prudence decided to chide him about it “I wasn’t hellraking last night either but I hadn’t meant to brag to you about it”“Oh what a heartless wench she is You complained loud enough when I was out carousing I hoped to please you by improving No one else ever was kind enough to worry about me or care whether I ran to perdition”“What a plumper Your mama cried for two hours when you got drunk”“But she’s been dead for ten years I started drinking young And my father has been dead for fifteen years Just a poor orphan waif really Couldn’t you pat my head and bless me or must I lie on the floor and hold my breath to excite any interest?”“Indeed it is not necessary to choke yourself Good boy” she reached out and patted his head and felt sorry for him in spite of his shameless bid for pity “I’ll buy you a sugar plum and possibly an ice”The plot itself is little than Dammler's enlightenment helped along the way by a couple of unsuitable suitors for Prudence's affections but the story is never less than engaging because Joan Smith gives the characters their heads they bicker discuss their writing enjoy themselves and so we do too The other huge plus comes from a couple of the secondary characters Firstly there's a Lady Catherine de Bourgh type dowager the Countess of Cleff known locally as the Pillar of Propriety who comes to call on Miss Mallow in Bath The Pillar then began her catechism to see whether or not she had erred in coming to visit persons in rented lodgingsBut the star is the uniue character of Prudence's uncle Clarence Elmtree an amateur artist It's such a refreshing change to read of an uncle who is neither miserly lascivious grasping nor power mad Hamlet's uncle Claudius has much to answer for Clarence is an amiable mainly rational man except where his art is concerned I think I have gone da Vinci a step better He left off the eyelashes you see When you take a look at the Mona Lisa—I have a good engraving of it in my study—you will see he forgot the eyelashes I don’t know how he came to do it for I read somewhere he was three years painting La Gioconda but he certainly forgot the eyelashes I will put a nice long lash on Mrs Hering and I shan’t spend three years to do it eitherHis painting is awful of course but Joan Smith presents what's effectively a single joke character with such apparent seriousness that the joke doesn't grow stale Water can’t be painted either Turner thinks to hide his deficiency by always putting what he is painting upside down in the lake as a reflection but he fools no one We are all on to himThe story runs into a little manufactured conflict at the end but overall it's such a sharp little romance that I honestly didn't mind

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    The Historical prompt for the TBR Challenge is a bit of a Busman’s Holiday for yours truly but even so I still enjoy going through my books to find something I haven’t read yet  This time round I settled on a traditional Regency from 1978 Joan Smith’s Imprudent Lady Many authors have had books likened to those of Georgette Heyer and while that is a comparison that’s always going to draw my eye I’ve been disappointed on many an occasion  Not so here  Imprudent Lady is an utterly delightful rake meets bluestocking story full to the brim with sparkling dialogue beautifully observed wit and deftly drawn characters that has at its centre a warm charming romance between a rakish Byronic poet and an authoress with a talent for writing sharply observed characters and situationsMiss Prudence Mallow and her mother have been left in reduced circumstances and have gone to live with Mrs Mallow’s brother Mr Clarence Elmtree an amateur artist with a hugely inflated idea of the extent of his skill  In order to earn a little money Prudence does some work as a copyist for publisher Mr John Murray and in the course of her work starts penning stories of her own  Murray is impressed with her writing style and her strong observational skill and humour and undertakes to publish The Composition even though it is not in the current vogue for exciting romantic adventures à la Walter ScottThe book sells steadily and Prudence is soon at work on a second novel and then a third  Her work is well regarded and she finds herself coming into contact with some of her favourite authors such as Fanny Burney but does not make much of an impression on themThe literary world and English society is set abuzz is the return to England of Lord Dammler whose Cantos from Abroad thinly disguised tales full of over blown action adventure and romance of his three years travelling the world have become an instant success  The handsome aristocratic Dammler is society’s golden boy although he uickly finds that being constantly in the spotlight and the subject of endless sycophancy is not all it’s cracked up to beAlong with the rest of society Prudence has been enthralled by Dammler’s tales of derring do and is bowled over by his dark good looks  Enthused by a brief meeting she is moved to send Dammler an autographed copy of The Composition – and is hurt when she discovers he passed it on to his aunt without reading it In a fit of piue she dismisses Dammler’s writing as “nothing but a totally incredible novel in rhyme”Learning of this Dammler takes up Prudence’s novel and is surprised to find it engaging and witty When the two meet again he is immediately intrigued by Prudence’s no nonsense manner and the fact that she doesn’t simper and flirt like every other woman he meets  Because her clothes are drab and she sports the sort of lace cap usually worn by older ladies he at first takes her to be older than her twenty four years and fails to mind his tongue talking uite freely to Prudence about matters that are considered too “warm” for the ears of a younger lady  But Prudence doesn’t really mind; in fact Dammler’s discourse while it might shock her at times is eye opening for her in many ways and they strike up a friendship based on professional affinity – they’re both writers they have the same publisher and he begins to introduce her to people of influence and to advance her careerThe romance between this unlikely couple is very well done with the bulk of the story focusing on Dammler’s gradual transition from rakehell to a man deeply in loveHe admired and respected Miss Mallow’s books and brains initially then he began to like her dry wit her understatement her way of not pretending to be impressed with his past and present affairs which he coloured bright to shock herWhen she wore her new bonnets he thought she was rather sweet looking in an old fashioned way  They talked and laughed together for hours  If anyone had told him they were well suited he would have been shockedDammler is all one could want in a romantic hero – handsome clever confident but self aware enough not to take himself too seriously  Yet for most of the book he has no idea that what he is feeling for Prudence IS love although the reader sees the progression from professional interest to friendship to love through some of the wittiest banter I’ve read in a long time And while Prudence is aware of the nature of her feelings she believes the fact that Dammler talks so openly to her means that he sees her as another male friend or – just as bad – a sister“I didn’t go out at all last night  Stayed home and got the second act written in rough”This was the second time he had mentioned in a seemingly casual fashion the innocent nature of his nights and Prudence decided to chide him about it  “I wasn’t hellraking last night either but I hadn’t meant to brag to you about it”“Oh what a heartless wench she is  You complained loud enough when I was out carousing Won’t you say a kind word on my improvement?”“I did not complain  Don’t cast me in the role of guardian of your morals”“Well I hoped to please you by improving  No one else ever was kind enough to worry about me or care whether I ran to perdition”“What a plumper  Your mama cried for two hours when you got drunk”“But she’s been dead for ten years  I started drinking young  And my father has been dead for fifteen years  Just a poor orphan waif really  Couldn’t you pat my head and bless me or must I lie on the floor and hold my breath to excite any interest?”“Indeed it is not necessary to choke yourself  Good boy” she reached out and patted his head and felt sorry for him in spite of his shameless bid for pityThere are of course a couple of hiccups along the way in the form of some unsuitable suitors one of whom is a particularly odious misogynist  The final section which takes place in Bath lacks some of the earlier sparkle but by that time I was so firmly rooting for Dammler and Prudence to resolve their differences that I didn’t really mindImprudent Lady is the perfect pick me up read; uick funny and clever with a nicely done romance and some great secondary characters not least of which is Prudence’s uncle Clarence the truly awful artist  Somehow Joan Smith keeps this running joke fresh as Clarence expounds freuently upon various aspects of his art“I think Lawrence could pick up a trick of two from me but he is uite spoilt with attention  I blushed for him poor fellow to see everyone praising such likenesses  He had a wart on Lady Cassel’s nose  You’d think anyone who calls himself an artist would have panted it out  But his sensitivity is entirely lacking  He can only paint a pretty picture if he has as pretty subject”If you’re in the mood for a light hearted tender romance full of sharply observed witty banter add Imprudent Lady to your TBR  You won’t regret it

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    I had never heard of Joan Smith even though she has a bazillion romance titles on When one of my favorite reviewers who goes by the sobriuet Old Latin Teacher wrote that this book was the next best thing to a Georgette Heyer I became curiousWell Old Latin Teacher was right This is a charming witty story of a rake and a bluestocking with delightful characters and sparkling dialogue There's no sex which I miss but hey I've got an imagination And annoying Uncle Clarence a painter who doesn't realize that he has no talent is one of the most hilarious original characters I've encountered in a long time It's almost worth reading the book just for his scenes

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    A nice read The hero and heroine gradually fell in love No rush just steady and believable A simple story of two people getting to know each other Great secondary characters I'm loving on uncle Clarence Clean read but I missed at least a few kisses The hero was a rake after all I think a little unplanned kisses and touches would have made the story appealing I might contradict myself here but even though I don't mind reading clean romances I still wish they would have a little sexual chemistry at times The story just doesn't seem natural without some kind of physical interaction All in all though Joan Smith is a good writer

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    I just spent the most perfect evening with this book in hand and symphonic West Side Story on the stereo Complete blissIf you like clever and witty regency novels not bodice rippers like Georgette Heyer regencies then you will adore this one I did

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    I've read this book at least a dozen times It's simply hot tea with milk and lots of sugar an a gray day

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    I can see why people likes this book but I realized that Joan Smith is not for meWhat I liked there were moments where I enjoyed Prudence's and Dammler's friendship Where I could feel they were friends I liked Prudence's Uncle He was an original certainly the most interesting character in the story It seemed like he was going to be a mean uncle at first but he cared for Prudence albeit superficially and I loved every time he lied even though he didn't think he was lying there are no kidnappings no forcing on the heroine no duels no villainsWhat I didn't like Lord Dammler is 22 years old but it is like he is at least 30 to be precise an immature man in his thirties He has traveled everywhere he had the best and most dangerous adventures he is a very famous writer he has a patch in his eye every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him can speak 6 or languages He has a very high maintenance courtesan as his lover for about 60% of the book but he has others here and there as well while Prudence has to watch and suffer in silence Not only watch but also listen since he also talks to her about this kind of stuff No idea why this experienced man who has been and done anything is so interested in this plain dull girl at first I mean I liked their friendship after but I never understood the reason why he wanted to be his friend at first And where did he get the idea that she was worldly and fun she wasn't Prudence is 24 but it is like she is 40 I know that girls at that age in this period are on the shelf and considered to be old but to put on a cap At 24 The blasphemy I can't say she was a bad character but she was too dull And supposedly plain but she gets 3 suitors besides Dammler in the whole book Very convenient Dammler sees her at first as an old male friend then as an older sister Can't say that that is a nice start for a romance Which leads to alas I didn't buy the romance I understand why she falls in love he is The Most Fascinating and Most Handsome Man in All England but his coming to realize he was in love was so uninspiring Since he is a rake and then tried hard to reform I am guessing that he would remain faithful in the first year of marriage Then time to look for another Phyrne And the most important reason I cannot like this book while it was clean it was also a bit vulgar People reviewers dare to compare Joan Smith to Georgette Heyer but I can't imagine ANY of her characters talking about prostitutes and having a blanche carte and discussing menage a trois as if they are in the 20th century And I can't imagine ANY of GH's heroes taking a stroll in the park with their Phyrnes while being drunk and meeting the heroine in the process No better said I can't imagine any of her heroes discussing with the heroine about their gorgeous prostitutes No A gentleman doesn't do thatFrom the moment they are in Bath the story gets duller and my impression didn't change at all

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    Finished this with a sigh and a smile Such a great duo Prudence and Lord Dammler turned out to be I had my doubts about him at the beginning but I was besotted by the end A library patron recommended this book to me when we were talking about our shared love of Regency romances and it’s a winner I loved the way Prudence and Dammler’s relationship developed from that of colleagues to friendship to love One of my favorite lines from Dammler came in the last few pages What a damned fool I’ve been all these months Prue Why didn’t you tell me I loved you?The dialogue was uite funny and Prudence’s Uncle Clarence was comedy gold Smith’s bio said she’s an Austen fan and I saw that influence the most in how she characterized Clarence I sort of wish I hadn’t torn through this book so uickly but I think I always feel that way about books I really enjoy Stopping and savoring is the last thing I want to do I guess that’s what re reads are for

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    Wellh'm On the one hand kudos to this author for creating a foamingly fluffy light Regency very much in the vein of Georgette Heyer and an interesting eccentric in the character of Uncle Clarence amateur very amateur painter Not to be confused with the Duke of Clarence who also makes an appearance An amusing what if with two characters based on Lord Byron and Jane Austen positing an almost credible love affair between a Lady and the dissolute poet Lord OK I suspended my disbelief pretty willingly I admit it On the other hand perhaps a bit too much in the vein I know it was written in 1978 and I really can't rail against this particular author since at least she does it with a lighter hand than some of those who follow but I personally am ready to dispense with Almack's the Patronesses of the same the name dropping of every other historical character who appears in Regency Buck and even gasp Bath as a setting Oh and the cant Find some new Regency cant please or dispense with it altogether It's just so lazy ripping off The Mistress this way Please here's to ripping off Georgette Heyer in some new and exciting ways Also what's with the oh I'm not a feminist crap that gets stuck into it when the heroine is confronted by a sexist old Man accent on the man of Letters? Cheap Why insist on dragging in poor Mary Wollstonecraft just to crap down her neck? So really 35 stars rounded up to 4 for light and bright and sparkling and a nice romantic pairing and because I'm feeling generous

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