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From the author of the Man Booker Prize winning literary sensation and long time Globe and Mail bestseller The Gathering comes a dazzling seductive new collection of stories“Anne Enright’s style is as sharp and brilliant as Joan Didion’s; the scope of her understanding is as wide as Alice Munro’s; her vision of I. 'Not that she minded men She had two grown sons at home so she was used to it the cheerfulness the indifference and the mess Though sometimes she turned around in the kitchen and was shocked by the sheer size of them – all that protein and carbohydrate the muscle and milk of them as though she had fed a couple of potted plants and grown triffids'Oh how well I can relate to the excerpt aboveAnne Enright writes like a dream although I'm sure she is incapable of using such a well worn phrase as that I must confess that I prefer her novels but this collection of short fiction has enough gems to warrant anyone's investment of their time

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Reland is as brave and original as Edna O’Brien’s” Colm TóibínA rich collection of sharp vivid stories of loss and yearning of the ordinary defeats and unexpected delights that grow out of the bonds between husbands and wives mothers and children and intimate strangersBringing together in a single elegant editio. This is a collection of Anne Enright's short stories published originally between 1990 and 2008 They are presented in reverse chronological order with the most recent ones first This has an interesting effect The stories in the first two thirds of the book are truly outstanding with surprising honesty and deceptive simplicity The last stories are all self consciousness It's fascinating to see that growth in a writer over 18 years

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N new stories as well as a selection of stories never before published in Canada from her UK published The Portable Virgin 1991 Yesterday’s Weather exhibits the unsettling carefully drawn reality the subversive wit and the awkward tenderness that mark Anne Enright as one of the most thrillingly gifted writers of our tim. Anne Enright really knocked me out of my socks with this book which surprised me as I usually don't like short stories as much I was amazed by how she developed such depth of character in short stories Her dialogue hit me as very real and I felt she wasn't afraid to allow her characters to be complex and have flaws I was amazed by how she picked up the brilliance of Lolita which I always thought relied upon the length of the story and spun it into something understandable in a short story

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