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The Prince George Diaries

characters The Prince George Diaries

Arted the swell of revolutions the rise and fall of empires through the power of their pens But for the first time ever the gimlet eye of a ti. Easy and playful read Obviously bit of exercise in expected light fun with Royals and odd politicians thrown in for good measure Legions of aides and teams advising the obvious or less All in all may be better read and fun than some of exclusives and revelations about this or that of royal personages

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Ny literary colossus small in stature but mighty in influence unlocks the closely guarded secrets of the British monarchy How He's one of them. Hilarious

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The Prince George Diaries is a new comedy about the Royal Family told from the inside out Great diarists have changed the course of history ch. Review to come complete with uotes but on the off chance I don't get around to it in a nutshell absolutely bloody hilarious

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