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    The Cowboy Meets His Match a Rodeo Heroes Series by Leann Harris Sawyer Jensen is hired to revive uay county's faltering rodeo He soon fines out that Erin Delong had also put in designs for the the job The locals thought Erin would get the job One board member and his daughter did not want Erin to get the job Just because Erin didn't get the job did not mean she was going to keep her mouth shut There are idea's she has and to her surprise Sawyer listened to her Sawyer knew they were good idea's he didn't think of Erin also found out her father was on the board and voted against her Sawyer has a past that he was surprised he felt at ease telling Erin about it Lots of touching parts in this story A good read

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    I don't give 5 stars often and rarely for this genreseries but this one was very well done in my opinion The focus was not so much on the two main characters Sawyer and Erin developing a romantic relationship as it was on them working together to revamp the rodeo that Erin's family had founded years before Both characters are strong enough to put forth and argue for their ideas but also flexible enough to listen to the other person's point of view and be persuaded if the arguments are sound or at least reach a compromise Yes there are a few rocky points but they are resolvedThe author puts many life lessons into the pages and this is the main reason I gave it 5 stars even though I probably wouldn't read the story again at least not anytime soon There's the fact that men and women will process things differently and reach out in different ways Women may just sit down and talk about their feelings but men often do so when they're working on other tasksSawyer is able to point out things to Erin and to her brother Tate in ways that show them truths without making them feel silly or stupid for not seeing it Erin does the same for Sawyer This plot avoids many of the common to the genre plots and creates characters I care about and root for

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    I really liked this book It was a great read The characters are great Sawyer Jenson get the job to renovate the rodeoErin Delong thought she had a chance at the job too but comes to find out Sawyer has the jobShe has some doubts but they come together to make the rodeo the best they canHer brother is having troubles and Sawyer helps with himErin has a lot on her plate Her dad is sick had a stroke but is getting betterDeal with her brother and work with SawyerThey wonder where the final figures areThey work together and get locals and other to helpThere is a bad storm and Erin somehow gets the three of them back Her brother is hurt and She hurt her shoulder Sawyer is unconscious for two or three days He comes face to face with his mom who is now a nurseHis brother is not so sure about herAs they work together their attraction grows They understand each other and open up about their livesThey come to find that love that is meant for themThis is a great read

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    Christian romance about a cowgirl who tames the cowboy who steals her job as she leads him to forgiveness and family reconciliation

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    Fantastic I love how the Author’s Characters seems so real I wish we could’ve gotten an update on Joel from the last book but was glad Caleb had a part in this one

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    Loved the storyline Great Christian Romance

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    The Cowboy Meets His Match by Leann Harris It is part of Rodeo Heroes but does fine as a stand aloneSawyer Jensen and Erin Delong were in the running for the job to revive uay County's faltering rodeo Sawyer wins the job and Erin works with him As time goes on she sees God's hand in having Sawyer there and he is helpful to her family and her it is an adventure and mystery filled story which also includes learning to trust and to work together It is well written and keeps your interest I did not want to put the book down as I wanted to know answers to the mysteries and see what happens next A wonderful read that is hopefully

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    Erin is a tenacious character and she is a good complement to Sawyer The reminder that disappointments in life can make us stronger is a good one RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Rodeo Heroes

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    Another great book on true forgivenessi loved the chemistry between Erin Sawyer At first the book started out slow but once it got going I couldn't put it down How it brought out the true hard nature of forgiveness is captivating☺

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    This was an okay romance novel with Christian themes of forgiveness and grace The plot elements were not exciting; the characters were not well developed; and there was little or no suspense

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Corralling Her Heart Sawyer Jensen is ready to grab life and his new job by the horns The tall hazel eyed cowboy has been brought in to revive uay County's faltering rodeo but his bigger challenge may. The Cowboy Meets His Match a Rodeo Heroes Series by

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Im are brand new Her independent spirit both intrigues and scares him As it turns out Sawyer's biggest project will be repairing his own wounded heart and Erin may just be the perfect person for the job. Erin is a tenacious character and she is a good com L'affaire Dreyfus, vérités et légendes out Sawyer's biggest project will be repairing his De Dreyfus à Vichy. L'évolution de la communauté juive en France, 1906-1959 own wounded heart and Erin may just be the perfect person for the job. Erin is a tenacious character and she is a good com

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Be taking on Erin Delong The beautiful rodeo rider was in the running for Sawyer's job and she's not walking away without a fight Sawyer is no stranger to conflict but the feelings Erin is stirring in h. Christian romance about a cowgirl who tames the cow