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Signal Noise

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Ly of Fleet Street Other witnesses include a drunken German by the name of Marx; the child who will christen the massive vessel by the wrong name; and Isambard Kingdom Brunel the ship's apoplectic and dwarfish architect who will soon die in ignominy As chief engineer for the Atlantic Cable Company the charismatic Chester enters the orbit of business and showmanship embodied by J Beaumol Spude the bombastic Western beef magnate who will mastermind the funding of the project; Joachim Lindt creator of the Phantasmagorium an animated tableaux vivant; and his beautiful wife the musician Katerina Lindt Drawn by the demands and adven.

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Ture of creating the first transoceanic telegraph Chester leaves behind his fragile wife Franny at the family estate of Willing Mind in MaineAbandoned and still mourning the accidental death of their four year old daughter Franny finds solace in the company of Chester's troubled brother Otis who introduces her to the mysteries of the world of spiritualism just as séancing is becoming all the rage in the jittery times leading up to the Civil War As Chester achieves renown as the glamorous engineer of the trans Atlantic project Franny desperate to contact her dead child becomes the preeminent spirit conjuror of a war torn Ameri.

Summary Signal Noise

Signal Noise is the epic page turning story of the laying of the trans Atlantic cable and the men and women who are caught in its monumental tide It is also a novel about the collision of worlds seen and unseen the present and the future; the living and the dead; the real and the imaginedOn a wet London morning in 1857 American engineer Chester Ludlow arrives on the muddy banks of the Isle of Dogs to witness the launch of the largest steamship ever built the Great Eastern Also amidst the tumultuous throng is Jack Trace a lonely bachelor and sketch artist hoping to make his name as an illustrator and journalist in the hurly bur.