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  • Coyote Dreams Walker Papers #3
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  • 13 January 2017
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    In the words of Kate Daniels too much woo woo hand waving not enough fights Okay maybe that was meStill too much vague spirit walking which might have improved if Murphy took a page from Phillip K Dick and dropped some acid while writing it But I'm jumping ahead The basic premise begins with Joanne waking up in bed with The Ideal Guy supportive easy going polite funny able to cook delicious food for multiple people with no notice and an empty fridge makes no demands on her except a second date She vaguely remembers being extremely jealous of a gorgeous new woman hanging on Morrison's every word at a company picnic and trying to drink her fellow mechanics under the table Thankfully she and Ideal Guy didn't actually get intimate as Joanne recalls in one of those moments I would only confess to a Very Best Girl Friend and pretty much never my 75 year old guy pal In a frantic effort to distract the reader from the Very Obvious Joanne's pulled away from her dealing with IG to deal with the unusual coma of good friend and department detective Billy Holliday Off to the hospitalOops She embarrasses herself by getting all up in the face of a doctor in Billy's room defending the woo woo ability that she won't even admit to After a spirit walk she decides to work on her car falls asleep and has a dreammemory about being childhood IG wakes her up when he arrives for her date only to discover she's covered in grease Luckily her fencing teacher shows up to do a miraculous Transform Plain Girl into Hot Chick scene cue Sandra Dee solo and every 80s movie ever and they all go dancing Clearly it is very pressing to solve the disaster of the absentee police force It was a small but side encounter with Holliday's precocious kids that really annoyed me After working to establish trust with Uptight Doctor she offers to babysit Holliday's kids Oops After a uick heart to heart with one of them she bails to go work and calls on taxi driver buddy Gary to pinch sit What a terrible example of lack of ethics And sloppy plotting to boot I'm not sure it was necessary It is bad enough Joanne has trouble taking responsibility for her spiritual development You mean to tell me that as a police officer she thinks first accepting responsibility for someone's children then passing them off to her good friend is acceptable in any sense of the word? It was a small plot point but huge turn off for me in terms of likeable and consistent characterIf you can't tell i've been listening to Jenny Lawson's memoir Let's Pretend This Never Happened A Mostly True Memoir which is filled with asides of asides and the style has rather rubbed off on meResuming After abandoning the kids she heads in to work and is ambushed by a reporter investigating the sudden absence of a uarter of the department Not that that distracts Officer Thor Edward from admiring her during a uick stop at the station A development I viewed with a sinking spirit as multiple love interests is one of my hallmarks of bad chick lit In case you're curious one of the other defining characteristics is the need to describe outfits Repeatedly Spirit walking ensues One can only hope even personal growth At least I am I just cannot find redemption in the narrative style essentially a jumbled mess of back story and I'm not just referring to the first few chapters an altered time line multiple episodes of spirit walking and police work in modern Seattle Murphy can't uite manage it The narrative jumps into the spirit world were a few short sentences away from completely wasted text if you don't believe me check some of the ambivalent reviews where some people admitted skipping it entirely; they felt lacking in character development and mystery It's rather sad I wanted to like it As a big fan of gardens animals trickster gods and vivid imagery spirit walking with Coyote should be right up my ally AlasThe plotting is eually unfocused Murphy can't decide if she is focusing on Joanne's spiritual development saving the world or getting Joanne together with her twu luv of the three or four choices presented for our scrutiny and as such tends to write a story unfulfilling for everyoneI found the voice also inconsistent and a struggle Joanne suffers from a tendency towards UF snark in real life situations particularly in the beginning Must authors use first person narration inconsistently? Hung over heroines who can't even open their eyes and who genuinely appear to wake up thinking they are being beatenkilled are capable of thinking mocking or lustful thoughts? The snark disappears when she's in spirit land which is disconcerting Is that her style for dealing with challenge? Or not? Overall uite honestly I find Coyote Dreams to be the worst of both worlds the male protagonist UF detective MUF and the female protagonist paranormal romance FUF attributed to Carly in her insightful analysis of Sookie #1 What makes it mildly redeeming is having a half Native character with shaman skills a type of magic system that is not overly prevalent in UF So I'll give the next book a try based on the shaman focus however vaguely done the narrative hinting that Joann's finally developed self acceptance and Sharon's report that the series improvesCross posted at

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    35 I like this chick

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    Coyote Dreams the third book of the Walker Papers is a solid story with a tighter and better paced plot than the previous book in the series Thunderbird Falls It's far cohesive and I think it's the best of the first three booksWithout a doubt CE Murphy's greatest strength in this series in particular is fantastic character development I may not always like Joanne Walker Siobhan Walkingstick or the choices she makes but I still love her as a character She's so delightfully human flawed and sometimes petty petulant and frustrating She's also got one of the most amusing internal monologues I've ever read and her sarcastic and biting wit drives the action of the plot The first person narrative is a perfect vehicle for her characterSupported by the familiar and spectacular secondary characters her boss Captain Michael Morrison and her pseudo paternal influence and robust septuagenarian cab diver Gary in particular Murphy's Coyote Dreams shines brightest during the continuing development of those interpersonal relationships And some of my favorite reading ever are any scenes between Joanne and Morrison Murphy has been absolutely brilliant during every single step of their tense and reluctant relationshipI believe that the three books Urban Shaman Thunderbird Falls and Coyote Dreams would've been complete as a trilogy there was satisfying arc of character development and a plot theme that came full circle That being said I'm thrilled that the Walker Papers has been continued and look forward to book four Walking DeadReviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another

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    Dammit Gary Do you have to make me cry in every book? Coyote Dreams is incredibly successful in one particular area Murphy makes me care about these crazy characters Whatever the flaws in the series I enjoy visiting with this reluctant shaman and her loony but endearing circle of friendsI didn't love Thunderbird Falls but with Coyote Dreams Murphy seems back on track bringing back the whimsy and emotion that characterized the first book And with a tighter storyline and concise writing Coyote Dreams is a page turner It was compelling enough to keep me up all night reading anxious to discover who'd succumb to the sleep state next Coyote Dreams also has fluid magic descriptions than the previous books Still not completely clear but certainly improvedThe problems? Joanne still hasn't fully come to terms with her position and comes across as a bit whiny at times By the end though her outlook is changing I think the next book will find her at peace with her situation Once again the villain is too damn obvious from the beginning Clues are fine Blatant flashing signs that the heroine doesn't instantly cop on to are infuriating Be a little subtle MurphyMore references to the short story that most of us haven't read and can't seem to easily find Stop taunting us with info we don't have ladyFinally I was disappointed in the choice Joanne makes at the end of the book It left me saddened to think she'd closed the door on something important and I can only hope Murphy finds a way to open it again Overall I love the characters the story was nicely paced and I found plenty of reasons to laugh out loud and even one or two to start sniffling Despite my frustrations I'm definitely interested in picking up the next book and continuing my crushes on a 73 year old cabbie an irascible super hero police captain and a mechanic dubbed Thor

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    Much much better than the previous book In fact I would have enjoyed it a lot if the second book didn't even exist With some minor tweaks this should have been the second book It's still far from perfect or even from very good but I have to give it extra credit for turning around my opinion of the series If it stays on this path it has enough potential to be goodUnfortunately the second book did exist and now I'll always be a little on the fence about what might happen It's not easy to get excited about what's coming when you don't trust in the author Since I already have the next in the series though I might as well keep going

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    I have never in my life ended a book furious I had steam coming out of my ears and ranted around the house for at least 2 hours view spoilerThis was the biggest tease and set up to a romantic happy ending I've ever read and at the end for no valid reason the two involved decide not to go on with a relationship I read books all the time where things don't work out between a couple but the author owes it to the reader to set if up as that might be the outcome not set everything up to have this delicious sexual tension play out over 3 books and then when it's come to fruition and they are both in the same place emotionally and physically just jerk the rug out It was like getting to the end of a Harleuin romance and having the hero and heroine just decide no let's just don't I felt absolutely betrayed It wasn't like in say Middlemarchwhere you hoped but knew it was coming and it was gonna end bad hide spoiler

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    C E Murphy does it again How I love this series xx

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    Book 3 of the series and I'm hooked It was a slow start for me with the first one dragging a bit with the technical details but I kept on because I really liked the characters and the world and magic lore seemed interesting Book 2 was vastly better plot wise but still had some hiccups This book was great I couldn't put it down And now I'll tell you whyCharacter growth Our Joanie finally grows up a bit and just in time I was starting to get impatient with her moaning and groaning about magic and such and I'm guessing it will continue some albeit to a lesser degree but at least she recognizes it's a problem We also finally get some much needed backstory on her that gives us some insight into her character Oh and her backup? Gary Billy Coyote Morrison Phoebe even Thor they're all great and getting better every book Magic Joanne's shaman magic is cool I love when she has her visions love when she gets glimpses into the past present and future and am loving learning about it along with her I was worried this series was going to be too close to Mercy Thompson or Jane Yellowrock Mercy because Coyote visits her and she's in the Pacific Northwest oh and she's a mechanic; Jane because she's Cherokee a snarky socially inept loner without much of a past and because I knew they did a crossover novella together at some point But it's not Joanne is nothing like Mercy or Jane and her magic is not even close to theirs It's uniue and fun and I can't wait to learn about itPlot I loved the premise behind this book Right from the start It was like this whole Sleeping Beauty dreamwalker type of thing and you never knew who was going to get taken out next The plots for book 1 and 2 got sort of murky a little confusing and I found myself not really caring what the outcome was The plot in this book had me hooked right from the start and even when I thought I had it all figured out I was still on the edge of my seat to find out if I was right I was only partially right Relationships I can't believe where things were ended here That's all runs off to read book 4 Walking Dead

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    Another 3 12 I've been in the good but not very good category for a while This could have been very good but I was disappointed in the TSTL moments not getting the baddie and how one of the relationships ended view spoiler She has been pushing the Morrison love angle and when it finally comes front and center kills it Well we know it is for the time being but it was really disappointing hide spoiler

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    I love the writing and adore most of the characters but the story drove me out of my mind Murphy has a pretty open field with the Shaman gig She doesn't need to belabor every single aspect of shamanism And yet she does At length ad nauseamTill I desperately skimmed to get to an interesting part Which happened a lotSo much time is spend trying to describe the esoteric the actual story suffered Maybe I'd feel different if I'd read this ten years ago I Loved urban Shaman the first time I read it But now I just want Joanne to find her feet without hundreds of unnecessary pages

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Coyote Dreams Walker Papers #3

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Guide The messages just aren't clearSomehow Joanne has to wake up her sleepingfriends while protecting those still awake figure out her inner spirit dream life and yeah come to terms with these other dreams she'shaving about her bo. Another 3 12 I've been in the good but not very good category for a while This co

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S no physical cause anyone can point to and it keeps spreadingIt has to be magical Joanne figures But what's up with the crazy dreams that hit herevery time she closes her eyes Are they being sentby Coyote her still missing spirit. I have never in my life ended a book furious I had steam coming out of my ears a

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Much of the city can't wake up And are dozing off each dayInstead of powerful forces storming Seattle a insidious invasion is happeningMost of Joanne Walker's fellow cops are downwith the blue flu or rather the blue sleep Yetthere'. 35 I like this chick

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