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Had stayed in a holding pattern of indifferenceThe thought of sleeping with Daniel now seemed to Heather a little like hell and heaven Would true love be forever on standb. Wow it was great Totally worth it He was scared and arrogant and she was loving They had a hard long road but so good at the end when all his actions were explained Love it


She married into turbulenceTo inherit her rightful share of the family airline business Heather Danvers was forced to marry her late father's partner Daniel Taggart a rough. A forced by daddy's will story with a smitten heroine and a cranky hero While the hero has a reason for his crankiness before the wedding view spoiler he thought for two years before the dad's deathbed confession that they were half siblings hide spoiler

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Edged self made millionaire whose contempt for her was obviousIn the two years since they'd first met Heather's love had soared to dizzying heights while Daniel's feelings. I really don’t care what he thought about the heroine about her being his half sister he wasn’t celibate and that’s a dealbreaker for meHis use of his mistress was pure tacky No I don’t believe he went to see his mistress after getting engaged to the h and almost seducing her but we have no explicit proof he didn’t and he’s a CM hero they can be somewhat shadyHe was very attracted to the heroine yet kept on hurting the heroine for what Accident of birth Should the whole world treat him the same way tooThere was an incredible amount of slut shaming and misogynistic views throughout the book2 stars only because heroine WAS in fact extremely strong and he apologised to heroine for asking her to give up her careerNOT a 25 star heroine was happy he returned to her even if it was from the bed of another woman Hold that thought while I go throw up my dinner

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