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The Seventy Great Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Free read The Seventy Great Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Pyramids actually for How old is the Great Sphinx Did Moses learn his beliefs at the court of Akhenaten Why did the beautiful uee. Despite the sensational title this is a collection of unsensational articles about real problems in our understanding of Egyptian history written by competent scholars Although intended for the general public it does not pander with the exception of a few dubious articles near the end which reflect greater confidence in the historical value of the Bible than most mainstream historians would entertain As always with Thames Hudson the illustrations are lavish and well chosen

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N Nefertiti suddenly disappear This volume explores and explains 70 of the most intriguing mysteries of this ancient civilization. Egypt and its many mysteries always makes uite good reading Interesting volume hope to read soon

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Ancient Egypt so familiar and yet so distant We know so much about it but there are still many unresolved uestions What were the. I started reading the book because I was playing with Assasin's Creed Origins The historical background and mythology of the whole world began to reinterest I finished it within two daysThis book is highly edited and contains many exciting facts and stories However I missed the entire mythological background It was probably not the purpose of the book but I would have liked to have managed this topic comprehensively Anyway I highly recommend it to everyone