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Mplain a dark eyed Cobain worshiping bad influence in lip gloss and Doc Martens The charismatic seductive Lacey forges a fast intimate bond with the impressionable Dex making her over in her own image and unleashing a fierce defiance that neither girl expected But as Lacey gradually lures Dex away from her safe life into a feverish spiral of obsession rebellion and ever greater risk an unwelcome figure appears on the hori Would normally ju

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On Halloween 1991 a popular high school basketball star ventures into the woods near Battle Creek Pennsylvania and disappears Three days later he’s found with a bullet in his head and a gun in his hand a discovery that sends tremors through this conservative community already unnerved by growing rumors of Satanic worship in the regionIn the wake of this incident bright but lonely Hannah Dexter is befriended by Lacey Cha DNF 50%I could ke Elgg 1.8 Social Networking the woods near Battle Creek Pennsylvania and disappears Three days later he’s found with a bullet in his head and a gun in his hand a discovery Beautiful Bandit that sends Change Your Future Through Time Openings tremors Z. Apocalypse through The Pumpkin Blanket this conservative community already unnerved by growing rumors of Satanic worship in The Rock the regionIn One Skein the wake of Creation Basics & Beyond this incident bright but lonely Hannah Dexter is befriended by Lacey Cha DNF 50%I could ke

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Zon and Lacey’s secret history collides with Dex’s worst nightmareBy turns a shocking story of love and violence and an addictive portrait of the intoxication of female friendship set against the unsettled backdrop of a town gripped by moral panic Girls on Fire is an unflinching and unforgettable snapshot of girlhood girls lost and found girls strong and weak girls who burn bright and brighter and some who flicker awa The blurb says th

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    It’s hard to think of what to say to even do this book justice Girls on Fire is the story of a destructive female friendship in all it’s glory There is something so intense obsessive and even terrifying about teenage girls and their friendships Robin Wasserman does an incredible job at capturing this in a powerful waySet in the early 90s Girls on Fire follows seventeen year old Hannah Dexter as she becomes Dex the girl Lacey sees her as The two meet amidst a town tragedy Craig Ellison committed suicide in the woods and there are rumors of satanic worship around bonding over their shared hatred for “ueen bee” Nikki also known as Craig’s girlfriend Hannah is uiet usually keeping to herself while Lacey is rebellious wild and very much the opposite Lacey brings something out in Hannah changing her name to “Dex” to go with it Thus begins an engrossing friendship What matters isn’t how we found each other Dex or why It’s that we did and what happened next Smash the right two particles together in the right way and you get a bomb That’s us Dex Accidental fusionLacey is the type decked out in grunge fashion obsessed with Kurt Cobain and I mean obsessed There are a lot of Nirvana and Kurt related references throughout as well as numerous other references to things going on at the time whether in the news pop culture politics etc There were even a couple Real World references keeping true with the times Girls on Fire has multiple perspectives mostly alternating between Dex and Lacey speaking to each other A few times you get a separate perspective in the chapters titled THEM These were only a few pages each but incredibly powerful regardless I specifically love when Wasserman touches on the fear of having a daughter from the perspective of a mother They had all been girls once upon a time If they were afraid now of their girls it was only because they remembered what it was like Girls grew up; girls grew wild Girls didn’t know themselves and the sharp toothed needs breeding within and it was a mother’s job not to let themI cannot get over how captivating the writing is I was trying to make the book last as long as I could I kept going back and rereading passages I wanted to take it all inreally savor the words It has some of the most gorgeous prose I’ve ever read It’s the kind that sets everything up so vividly from the setting to the plot and the characters It felt like I was there implanted in the story The characters are extremely complex They could be viewed as unlikable and even unreliable There were a lot of different dynamics to both Dex and Lacey’s friendship as well as their surrounding relationships The effect others have on us can be drastic especially as a teenage girlI enjoyed how thought provoking both the writing and the story were I had to share certain passages aloud immediately upon reading this NEVER happens But it was so goodI couldn’t not I kept writing out uotes to remember Some felt ripped out of my mind Robin Wasserman really has a way with wordsDon’t let me steer you wrong This book is very dark Me personally I love this kind of book Usually it’s the darker the better It’s just what I was looking for Girls on Fire is definitely not young adult but I can see where there is crossover appeal There is plenty of language and dark subject matter including suicide satanism sex drugs bullying etc I’m not trying to scare you away only giving fair warning I meanthis is the story of a toxic female friendship that gets pretty terrifying Think Megan Abbott even Gillian Flynn in certain aspects The effect this book could have on you is pretty intense I can’t stop thinking about it I’m already planning to read this book again numerous times; pre ordered and waiting for May Cannot recommend enough

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    DNF 50%I could keep going but I'm just really not enjoying this I can't shake the feeling that we’ve kind of already been here and done this thingGirls on Fire is yet another book with flowery prose about a good girl who becomes involved with a bad girl Their friendship spirals into a consuming chaotic obsession that leads to all kinds of craziness drugs sex satanism etc The author employs many shock tactics to keep you reading but in truth the narrative is very repetitive both Lacey and Dex go over the same things again and again using a different pretty metaphor It's a copycat story of several others that have done this bad girls crazy obsession thing a lot better Maybe it will feel shiny and new if you haven't read any of the other books but go out and read them first and this one will probably feel snoozeworthy in comparisonSeriously just read any of theseDare Me by Megan AbbottThe Fever by Megan AbbottBlack Iris by Leah RaederBoring Girls by Sara TaylorI got the feeling that Wasserman was really trying to channel Megan Abbott with this book but she just didn't capture that secret and psychotic little world of teenage girldom that Abbott knows like the back of her hand Nor did she nail that just purple enough prose that Raeder now writing under Elliot Wake has Or create sympathetic characters with realistic motivations like TaylorI don't need to read the ending to be sure what super shocking thing will happen I knew it as soon as Nikki was introduced in the first chapter And I do not care for characters who talk like this I love it here in the winter Everything dead It feels like being inside a poem you know? Oh wow you're so deepBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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    This book slaps you in the face on the first page and keeps on slapping you until it eventually gives you a good mugging and sends you off to recover wondering at the sheer brute power of it all Set in a town in rural Pennsylvania we learn of the suicide of a young basketball star at Halloween 1991 He was found in the woods outside the town with a gun in his hand and a bullet through his head The town is small with an isolated claustrophobic feel to it The parents fear for their high school children amid rumours of satanic worship and all the other traps awaiting their late teenage charges So enter Hannah Dexter a seventeen year old who is less than comfortable in her own skin and yet to forge an identity she’s happy with She forms an unlikely friendship with Lacey Champlain a grungy edgy girl who is obsessed with Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain She persuades Hannah to adopt the moniker ‘Dex’ the Doc Martens wearing garb of the subgenre and the attitude to go with it Together they ruminate on their mutual hate of their classmate Nikki ex girlfriend of the suicide victim Nikki is pretty and loud and hugely influential amongst their school peer group And she’s also already upset Hannah by embarrassing her in an incident at school How to revenge this deed?The pace and the general feeling of tension never lets up The language is raw and hard hitting as we tour through the full orbit of alcohol abuse drugs bullying suicide and Satanism We experience the highs and lows of the relationships between the girls and we see up close the perils and pitfalls of being a parent It’s harrowing and it’s funny It’s brilliantly doneFor the most part we see the tale unfold through Hannah’s narration but this sometimes switches to Lacey’s ‘reveal’ to Hannah and at other times we get a view from ‘them’ the parents I thought this change of perspective worked brilliantly It allowed the story to unfold in a non linear way that at no point felt clunky or contrived It also allowed the feeling of mystery surrounding the suicide to develop to a near ear rupturing tension This tale of growing up of passion and of rebellion is one of the most compelling reads I’ve experienced in a long time It’s believable shocking and surprising in eual measure The ending was not what I’d expected and I’m still trying to come to terms with this aspect I defy any discerning reader not to appreciate the sheer uality of writing and story telling ability demonstrated hereMy thanks to NetGalley and Little Brown Book Group UK for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Would normally just remove from my books but I won this as a Goodreads giveaway and don't want it to be marked as not reviewed DNF this one just skimmed major chunks as I couldn't get into it Funny this one and The Girls by Emma Cline were my 2 most anticipated summer reads but I expected to love this one and be disappointed with the latter but it ended up being flip flopped for me I'm sure there's a major crowd for this one just wasn't for me

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    There has been a suicide in the small town of Battle Creek one of the stars of the school went into the woods and took his life leaving his super popular girlfriend Nikki to rule the school on her own She tortures everyone eually but Hannah Dexter feels like she singles her out She loathes Nikki Cue in the new girl Lacey Lacey wears Doc Martens does as she pleases and thinks Kurt Cobain was the gift to the world Lacey becomes Hannah's new bestie She makes Hannah into Dex who doesn't care what anyone thinks and isn't that perfect Hannah any They unite in their mutual hate of ueen Bee Nikkibut what is Lacey's past with Nikki? Since she is new should she have a reason to hate her so much?The town is still turned over by the guys suicide and then rumors of devil worship and sacrifices begin to surface These characters I didn't like any of them but I expected that from a book featuring teenage girls I know what demons they really are the thing isI just felt like this book had been done before So many books now are featuring teenage girls being assholes Probably because most teenage girls can be assholes These girls took that to a whole nuther dimension but still I will say the writing in this book was excellent and even managed to creep me out at times view spoilerLacey and Dex taking Lacey's little brother and painting the cross on him with blood shudders hide spoiler

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    My Girls Girls Girls jag continues with Girls On Fire a foray into literary fiction by Robin Wasserman who until the publication of this novel in 2016 had been dipping in the Young Adult pool This was my introduction to the author whose skills handling a poison pen and translating the venom of teenage girls onto the page are admirable but whose inability to trust an adult reader tell a story and get out of her own way turn the kitchen into a mess I abandoned it at the page 256356 mark but started skimming earlier as Wasserman skips around in time alternates between narrators but can't hide how little there is in the way of compelling content hereThe story pushes off in November 1991 in the fictional town of Battle Creek in western Pennsylvania Dullsville to any red blooded teenager disuiet and intrigue settle over the town with the suicide of Craig Ellison a high school football player who beats up weridos and underclassmen for sport You know the Neanderthal Jock Hannah Dexter is another archetype the Girl Next Door Hannah barely knew Craig and won't miss him but her world is shaken by the attention given to her by new student Lacey Champlain a Riot Grrl who refuses to participate in a silent prayer for Craig and contacting the ACLU forces the school to drop it for the entire student bodyHumiliated in gym by her monthly cycle and the school's ueen bitch Nikki Drummond Hannah reports to the nurse's office where she meets Lacey who convinces Hannah to cut class The New Kid gives the Girl Next Door a new name Dex new listening material Kurt Cobain and his band Nirvana and transports her on road trips in her crap Buick Her charisma not only proves irresistible for Dex but for her father Jimmy who long ago abandoned his love for music to become a responsible parent Lacey lives with a groupie mother whose free spirit has been put in check by a religious fundamentalist stepfather she calls the Bastard Like most teenagers the girls crave escape For six hours we drove The Buick bumped and wheezed the cassette player ate Lacey's third favorite bootleg the crumbled AAA maps beaconed our way and while I hovered over a suspiciously discolored toilet seat and then washed by hands with sickly gray soap examining myself in the mirror for some clue that I'd become the kind of girl who lit out for the territories some trucker tried to feel up Lacey in the Roy Rogers parking lot We drove until the car swerved off the highway and into a parking lot gritty with sand and there we wereThe ocean was endlessThe ocean beat and beat against the shoreWe held hands and let the Atlantic wash over our bare feet We breathed in salt and spray under the dawning skyIt was the biggest thing I had ever seen Lacey gave that to meThis is how I'd do it Lacey said almost too uiet to hear under the surf I'd come out here at night when the beach was empty and I'd take an inflatable raft into the water Then I'd hold on and let it carry me out Far enough that no one would ever find me That I couldn't change my mind I'd bring my mother's sleeping pills and my Walkman and a safety pin And when I was out far enough that I couldn't hear the waves breaking any that the raft was just bobbing on the water and there was nothing but me and the stars? I'd do it In order The order matters Pills first then the safety pin just a tiny hole in the raft small enough that it would take some time Then I'd put on the headphones and lie down on the raft so I could see the stars and feel the water in my hair and I'd let Kurt sing me homeOpen up Girls on Fire to any page and this novel has the appearance of being good Wasserman is a detail freak which I love She succumbs to nostalgia fever by setting her story in 1991 at the end of the Reagan Bush era in a town gripped by paranoia of Satanic cults and teen suicide but I found this choice was a function of the author drawing on her girlhood as opposed to marketing Lacey Champlain is the fierce otherworldly badass we all wish we were in high school and was forceful enough to sustain my interest for a while Wasserman introduces pieces to suggest that they'll click sooner or later into a storyThe fiction I read the less patience I have for the multiple narrator device It's creative and it disrupts what's truly important the story Imagine having mind blowing sex with someone and they get up to leave in mid coitus signaling someone else take over for them This is not my idea of a groovy time None of my favorite novels Lolita The Razor's Edge The Last Picture Show Of Mice and Men use such a reader alienating device Multiple narrators might be beneficial to authors who struggle to maintain focus in the years it takes to finish a novel as opposed to readers who really want to hear from multiple narrators in one bookWasserman's effort to write a novel does remind me of an author who might have written five or six pages at a time came back next weekend and continued unaware how many paragraphs she'd already devoted to Kurt Cobain to Christian phonies to co dependent friendships Girls on Fire goes round and round with some terrific language and strong images I liked her description of an abandoned train station in the woods where the local kids go to experiment without parental supervision but the answer to the most essential uestion I have for any novel Do I want to know what happens on the next page ultimately fails here completely

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    The blurb says that this 'stands alongside The Virgin Suicides in its brilliant portrayal of female adolescence but with a power and assurance all its own' This is certainly the case but despite its themes Eugenides' book is a uiet one This is not it is loud and brash and vibrant It shouts at the reader These girls do not take the path of uiet surrender they push and fight and live It is both a celebration of youth the fire that burns within the young and a warning that such fire can destroy even as it enthrals usWasserman has created one of the best portrayals of people i've read this year the nature of the human character relationships the differences between who we are inside and what we show to the world morality death The juxtaposition of voices reveals secret lives secret thoughts secret selves From Hannah Dex to Lacey to the flashes of Hannah or Nikki’s mum there is something recognisable in each character an aspect of female experience that is relatable but not always positive Their inner thoughts display the chasm between who they want to be and how things turned out; the tiny ways other people have turned them away from who they are; the underlying dislike and distain for those ‘friends’ those ‘loves’ who have been part of creating this person they don’t want to be because they don’t recognise the fakeryOn top of all that the plot races along never boring for a second and takes the reader to places they weren’t expecting to go Right until the final chapter I wasn’t sure how it would endAnyway I loved it I want to tell people about it I think you should read itMassive thanks to Robin Wasserman Little Brown Book Group UK and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review

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    I was curious about this book I debated about reuesting it from Netgalley at least a half dozen times I have mixed feelings I don't hate it Yet I don't love it I 'thought I was prepared for 'darkness'but maybe not I appreciate the authors talent a skillful writer Yet for me perhaps it's my mood or age 64 this month but I felt 'removed' rather than engaged from so much swearinglet alone the violence I didn't feel the power my emotions were not invested I was observing this story than being part of it The best message I take from this novel is choose your friends wiselyand support your children doing the same Thank You Little Brown Book Group Netgalley and Robin Wasserman

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    Find all of my reviews at 25 StarsHannah Dexter has lived in the same small town her entire life As her father so elouently puts it “You couldn’t shit your own bed in Battle Creek without your neighbor showing up to wipe your ass” The story takes place when the Real World was the hottest thing on television and Sun In rather than Kool Aid was a way for teens to change their hair color It was a time when boy bands like this were popular I should be ashamed of myself for having spent my hard earned dollars on this cassetteSome things were still the same however That is until the new girl came to school “Lacy Champlain had a stripper’s name and a trucker’s wardrobe all flannel shirts and clomping boots that – stranded as we were in what Lacey later called the butt crack of western Pennsylvania – we didn’t yet recognize as a pledge of allegiance to grunge” Lacy takes Hannah – or Dex as Lacy renames her – under her wing and shows her the wilder side of life maybe too wild for everyone to come out unscathed After reading this I have now discovered there may be only two kinds of people in this world – those who love Kurt Cobain and those who think that the only good thing to ever came out of Nirvana was this guy There was a lot of focus on ol’ Kurt and I am just not a fan I know I know Girls On Fire also suffered from the same overwriting that made me dislike The Girls so much “I loved it Loved it like Shakespearean sonnets and Hallmark cards and all that shit like I wanted to buy it flowers and light it candles and fuck it gently with a chainsaw” In fact the only thing I enjoyed was the “mean girl” which I realize should not happen but “She never gave a shit about you All that energy you put into hating her and still you were nothing to her” ^^^^^YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSI don’t know I just was not feeling this one at all I’d say I read it wrong per usual but since I actually was a teenager during the 90s so zero of the references were lost on me as well as the fact that I farking looooooove every teenage girl book written by Megan Abbott which this was supposed to be comparable to I’m not willing to take all the blame

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    Try not to see them I dare you Girls everywhere Nobody special two nobodiesExcept that together they're radioactive Together they glowWatch them split a pair of earbuds and stare up at the clouds their secret soundtrack carving shapes in the sky Girls on Fire is everything I love in books nowadays Women empowerment dressed in flannel shirts boots that can take over the world sticky lip glosses and flowery parfum This book shows the obsessive side of female friendships; how dark it can get how possessive and wild How crazy passionate it can be The girlsneither of them knowing how little time they have left before the fire goes outRemember how good it felt to burn Girls on Fire is written like perfection very descriptive with a clever observation on girls and their hidden secret inner lives that they share with close friends in whispered carefulness I love how girls are portrayed in this book; so much than meets the eye while still being somewhat regular Every situation is sketched like something no one is ordinary even if it seems soThe story is set in the early nineties Hannah Dexter is a good girl who changes her entire life when she meets Lacey Hannah becomes Dex and together they are explosive with a shared love that is as tender as it is violent Their friendship is beautiful in its destructiveness yet vulnerability that it kept me hooked I had to know what would happen next This book tackles a lot of subjects that we all struggle with in our daily lives Our true identities versus what we show the world is discussed in a poetic way that is so gripping You cannot not love these girls So humanly but otherworldly as well Mesmerizing characters that are too complex to really comprehend but also described in a vivid manner like they really exist somewhere Setting fire to the rain giggling while doing it See them in their golden hour a flood of girls high on the ecstasy of the final belltumbling onto the city bus all gawky limbs and Wonderbra cleavagechewed nails picking at eruptive zitslips nibbling and eyes scrunching in a doomed attempt not to cry This novel is a feminist manifestation due to saying goodbye to biases we have when it comes to gender There are all sorts of girls; good girls mean girls evil girls but all of them are powerful and have a story to tell There are no guys needed to do the saving The story is centered on girls hating each other loving each other and it is so empowering and passionate The girls are not perfect another prejudice we have when it comes to gender Women are often viewed as the passive gender while men are portrayed as animalistic and sexual predators In this story the girls are animalistic too and they are portrayed with a vivid imagination that shows they have forbidden desires as well or even the need for vengeance It was refreshing compared to a lot of other stories nowadays that describe the female protagonist as 'perfect' 'shy' 'beautiful' and 'kind' I do not have a problem with those personality characteristics in any way however I do feel the need to express that female protagonists are often portrayed as perfect and that is just not the truth Girls have bitten nails and chipped nail polishThey have zits and other imperfectionsThey love they hate they sob It can cute but it also can be explosive vengeful hurtful raw and grittyThis story showed that side of women with a prose that was breath taking We would be ghostsWe would disappear from the mundane world into one of our own makingWe would be wildWe would be freeThis was the promise we made to each other and thisif nothing else we would keep

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