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    In order to escape his crazy life in the spotlight movie star Cameron Ross purchases a ranch where he can lead a normal life when he's not working away from people who only want to use him He grows some stubble trades in his Armani's for well worn denim and goes by the name Noah CampbellDulcy McCann ranch manager is all set to dismiss Noah as a rich useless city slicker until she sets eyes on him hard at work and actually pulling his weight A single Mother shunned by the majority of the Town Dulcy has remained celibate and worked very hard to get where she is and gain back the respect she lost from a past mistake She's stunned and frightened of her immediate attraction to Noah but it's darn impossible to fight She can't give into her feelings or she'll risk everything she's worked so hard for And although he's falling hard for her he fears he'll break her heart when she discovers who he really is and it's only a matter of time until she does since his face is plastered over the entertainment magazines her Aunt loves to readDON'T FENCE ME IN is a fast sexy read with a charmer of hero and an assortment of likable characters The plot is sprinkled with humor and a bit of intrigue The ending had me in stitches so if you suffer from read end itis try to resist temptation because you will really spoil it for yourself

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    Rating 45Now I really want the cousin's story Sail Away Yay for UBSI really enjoyed this book to the core When the book starts the media is following famous actor Cameron Ross speculating if he is gonna win the Oscar and marry film star Isabelle and then later we find a six year old Hannah and her mother Dulcy trying to wake up their hung over ranch owner Noah CampbellNoah and Cameron Ross are one and the same while Noah is actually the reality Noah realized that Isabelle was in love with a myth and that he needed some place to belong and connect with and the ranch is his dream He likes being treated as normal with people having no idea who he is so despite being drunk he drags himself to workDulcy is the manager of his ranch and a surprise first of all there is her daughter totally adorable intelligent sweet who can talk like an adult and then Dulcy who doesn't look like she can do much but is great Dulcy needs the ranch to give her daughter stability and she is also hiding that there has been some sabotage She made mistakes when she was youngerview spoilershe was preacher's kid who got pregnant at 15 but despite being sent away kept her baby and got a degree hide spoiler

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    I just almost reread all of Kathleen Korbel's books last week after Eileen Dreyer's new Regency came out I've loved most of her books

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Don't Fence Me In

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MR AUGUST The Man Noah Campbell rancherThe Myth Cameron Ross actor and Noah's secret identityThe Truth Noah just wanted to be left aloneWho was the real Noah Campbell He'd bought the Flying V ranch to fin. The Nightingale fin.

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D out Discovering that spitfire ranch manager Dulcy McCann and her precocious pint sized daughter Hannah came as part of the bargain only made it sweeter Noah realized he should resist Dulcy's charms no m.

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Atter how tempting Because he wasn't the man she thought he was and once she discovered his secret Noah knew he'd cause her pain than pleasureMAN OF THE MONTH He was a reluctant lover and an unlikely hero.