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Doctor Pounding 2

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Krista Freze enjoys dipping her youthful inexperienced body in the cool lavish and private pool belonging to Dr Rockard But today's swim will be a little lustier than she's used to as the older man wants to show her a whole new kind of taboo wetness w.

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A lewd bet places handsome wealthy and mature Dr Fabian Rockard in a naughty position He is to deflower the best friend's of his own daughter All young untouched and irresistible girls Having just turned 19 each one is tempting in her own forbidden way.

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Ith even deeper depths This will be one forceful plunging she'll never forget – it will be her first time ever being treated to such pleasures And with it Dr Rockard moves one step farther in completing his wanton wager but the odds take a costly tur.