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Er 150 students and teachers from Cokeville Wyoming As parents of one of the student hostages Hartt and Judene Wixom recapture the terror and confusion that struck this small tight knit community on May 16 1986 The Wixoms describe in detail the chain of events that led up to David. i was curious about the incident this felt like an extended news articl

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“This is a revolution This school is being taken hostage Don’t push any alarms answer any phones or call for help I have guns and this is a bomb You and I are only one half inch from death” This is the true story of a traumatic hostage takeover that threatened the lives of ov. I read the older version of this book so I’m sure some of the grammat

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Young’s invasion balancing the horrific scenes of terror with stories of courage and faith If you loved the movie in theaters you won't want to miss this incredible true account of the miracles in Cokeville Inspiring and informative this book will bring you hope of help from abov. This book did an excellent job of balancing the intertwining stories of

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    I recently saw the new movie with the same title and expected as usual that the book would be better than the movie Surprisingly this was not the case The book tells the amazing true story of a crazy man and his wife who brought a bomb into an elementary school in Cokeville Wyoming in 1986 They held over 120 children and teachers hostage The bomber attached himself to the bomb so if he was killed the bomb would explode when he fell After many hours he needed to use the bathroom so he had his wife take his place attached to the bomb While he was in the bathroom she inadevertantly set off the bomb It should have killed everyone in the room but not a single hostage was killed The wife died from the blast and her husband shot himselfAfter the bombing many of the children told their parents that they were comforted and guided to safety by angels In later seeing family albums they identified the angels as ancestorsThe author is the parent of a couple of the children He does an adeuate job of detailing the story but the part that most people would be interested in reading about the angelic interventions is fairly short He writes that there were children with stories concerning their angelic rescuers but for privacy reasons they declined to have their stories toldThe book is okay but the movie is very good If you are not in an area where it is showing it is an independent film be sure to watch in on DVD or streaming when it is made available later this year You will not be sorry

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    This true story truly is a miracle whether or not angels really did aid in the guarding of these children and teachers who were held hostage by a mentally ill madman in the 1980's the fact that nobody was killed aside from the criminals involved seems like a powerful blessing than just luck or chance This book has all the intensity and emotion of the ordeal in its pages and since I just watched the film recently it was great to read this along with it

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    I read the older version of this book so I’m sure some of the grammatical errors have been fixed Although the writing wasn’t amazing the actual story is What a miracle they all survived I’ve also seen the movie which follows the book very closely but my favorite has been hearing one of the survivors speak recently She was in 5th grade at the time of the bombing and it was truly amazing hearing it firsthand from her

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    Through half of this book I wasn't so sure about it As the author is a journalist it read like a journalism piece and sometimes was hard for me to connect with the story and get the emotion from it that I thought I should have However as it got to the point where the bomb went off and the angels aspect of the title was explained it finally clicked for me and I could finally become invested in and connected to the story There were a lot of interesting points raised that I didn't think about some of the healing of members of the community and their families even far away family members but all in all I was sympathetic towards the Cokeville people and felt like I wanted to be a part of their community since they had such a great bond and were able to heal and help each other so well I was 11 going on 12 when these events happened and so I don't really remember it but I know the area of Bear Lake well and my husband knows someone from Cokeville so there is a small personal connection to the story Since there was already a movie made about this which I never saw and apparently a new one is in the works it'll be interesting to see how they portray the events

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    This was an enjoyable read I had never considered the ramifications or the aftermath of the bombing but this book mentioned the PTSD that was suffered not only by the hostages but by the whole community It also gave a lot of information on David Young the bomber The appendixes also gave food information It includes the fourteen points that helps keep the hostages alive as well as diagrams and pictures drawn by one of the children held hostage It's an incredible story of faith Angels and prayer Definitely a good read but I wish about the angel experiences were mentioned

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    i was curious about the incident this felt like an extended news article but it still fell far short of what I anticipated i wanted background of the criminals but maybe there wasn't much to them that just made it feel sadder i also would have liked background on individual survivors by the end most felt like just a list of names

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    My sister in law had this book sitting on her shelf and there was discussion of the movie about the incident at Thanksgiving dinner Her uncle was one of the law enforcement officers on scene and his son was a hostage I remember vaguely when this incident occurred A madman took an entire elementary school hostage in a classroom with a bomb in a shopping cart 154 hostages and 2 perpetrators in a room designed to hold 35 people When the bomb was inadvertently detonated the perpetrators died one right away and one of suicide All of the other people in the room survived; the bomb suad called it a miracle Everyone in town credited divine intervention The book was written by the parents of one of the hostages

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    I watched this movie and was interested to find out details about what happened to the children of Cokeville The book even had firsthand accounts and pictures of the hostages It truly was a miracle that all survived but the perpetrators I got a little choked up than once while reading it

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    This book did an excellent job of balancing the intertwining stories of fear and faith I especially liked the way the various religions represented in the community all respected each other and the way the book spent than half of its time talking about fallout and healing these kinds of experiences don't just end and I love how the book made that clear

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    Unfortunately not very well written and doesn't really delve into the miracles as much as I had hoped it would

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