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    I received a free copy of this book by the book's publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you so muchThis was a thoroughly enjoyable read which made laugh out loud at times Sam is an archeology student studying for her PhD Her relationship has been rocky to be put mildly when she is finally plucking up the courage to end things she gets dumped However fortune seems to be on her side when she gets the chance to dig on Rock Island The mysterious famous owner and their labrador and being hunted by paparazzi can Sam protect their identity and what will they find on the island? Not just artefacts that's for sure it looks like romance is in the airI love how the protagonist of the story is written as a likeable fun character Eually Williams' writing style is hilarious witty and well paced As someone who doesn't tend to read many romance novels this was a breath of fresh air and was great after reading something uite heavy and monotonous The only thing which I didn't particularly enjoy was the ending as it just seemed to fizzle out when it needed to go out with a bang I would highly recommend this book if you're looking for a light hearted fun romance A great book to take on holiday and relax with on the beach

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    Sam is coming to the end of the road in her relationship but is put out when her boyfriend dumps her before she gets the chance to end thingsShe's studying at the university in the archaeology department and when they get the chance to do a dig on Rock Island in Cornwall they are all thrilled Just who is the mysterious owner of the island and why are the paparazzi so keen to get the scoop on the islandI loved the description of the Island and the dig itself You could just feel the anticipation amongst the team and loved the way they got to know the owner and the labradorA book full of friendships relationships Italian Romeos aloof professors who just happen to be very attractive and a summer spent in Cornwall blissMany thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this one

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    Review originally posted on my blog wwwlivinglifewithjoycomSamantha Suires is a 30 year old post grad student at Exeter University that’s been dragging her feet on breaking up with her boyfriend to spare her depressed mother’s feelings Her passion lies in archaeological studies and she gets a real high from running which is no surprise from a former almost Olympian When her friend Becky offers her a chance for an already paid trip to Cornwall Samantha jumps at the opportunity to get away from her life for a few days By a somewhat fortunate accident Sam meets an extremely important woman who owns a private island during their brief stay in Cornwall Although the woman wants to maintain her privacy she ends up helping Sam out in ways than oneThis was a fun story filled with complex and entertaining characters Samantha is a contrast of emotions and her personality makes her extremely relatable and charming Sam’s friend Becky is hilarious and always seems to be on the hunt for a man Becky keeps the laughs flowing and the drama alive Dr James Courtney is new to the university and is a specialist on medieval times Although he’s very abrupt and seems a bit rude there’s something about him that draws Sam in I enjoyed watching the way the different friendships evolved and I was thoroughly entertained the whole way throughOne of the major themes in this novel was the idea of celebrity and wanting to have privacy and a sense of normalcy The biggest themes were about love and relationships damaged goods baggage dragging on a relationship for the wrong reasons cheating and ultimately finding the right person that loves you for you damaged bits and all Sometimes you just need to open yourself to the possibilities and recognize a good opportunity from the bad Sometimes things aren’t as they seem and you can’t make assumptions without communicating and knowing the truth rather than just speculating It is important to learn to let people in and see the real you and sometimes you will find that true love was there all alongI loved this story It was entertaining with a little bit of suspense and a charming love story built in I look forward to reading by this author as I enjoyed his writing style and perspective and can’t wait to see what else he’s cooked up for us

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    Firstly i must add that T A Williams has now converted me I never usually want to read a book written by a Male Author there is no big reason for this other than i love my Chick Lit and feel a Womans prospectus makes the books And most books i read are usually about cheating men amd broken hearts So how can a Male tell it from their point of view Ok so this wasnt mushy but i still loved it So despite having all of Trevor's books on my Kindle this is the first one i have read and i am so glad i have all the others to look forward toSo here we follow 30 year old Samantha Suires an archaeologist student at Exeter University Unhappy in her relationship she jumps at the chance when friend Becky offers her a chance for a trip to Cornwall Sam soon discovers a small historical island off the coast of Cornwall Rock Island is owned by an unknown Celebrity As Sam amd Ann become friends it is agreed that Sam and her team can do an archaeological dig on the island after discovering some human bonesThere are lots of bits to this book which will keep you hooked I enjoyed the opening with the Kayak and Sam this formed the plot well for me and got my attention I really connected with Sam she is such a lovely character Trevor had it spot on by adding Italian's into the mix aswell I had to laugh out loud when Doris the dog got a little too friendy at breakfast in the bb with Beppe From Italian men to paparazzi Celebrities to dogs This is full of mystery romance and lots of historyI am now Team TA Williamscelebrities romance history Italians dogs

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    I received a copy of this via NetGalley in return for a fair and honest reviewImmediately drawn in by the title and cover and the contents lived up to my expectationsThis story follows Samantha who finally realises her relationship with Neil is on its' last legs and has the opportunity to disappear to Cornwall for a free weekend away with a friend how could she say no And that is when the fun begins Although fun may not be the right way to describe Sam's kayaking experience This is when she stumbles across the mysterious Rock Island and leads to incredible possibilities for her archeological career And maybe a new friendship with the mysterious new ownermeanwhile in Italy the paparazzi are sniffing about for the whereabouts of a major celebrity and their uest leads them to England not their ideal location but for one of them it leads to the possibilitiy of romantic liasonsReally enjoyed the very different cast of characters and it was really well written that some of them were not what they first seemed I have to admit I did jump to conclusions with a couple of them only to be proved wrong thankfully Sam is a wonderful main character as she is so down to earth and likeable so while reading you are hoping she gets what she wishes forThe perfect summer read for all fans of Chick LitAdditional uestions

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    What Happens in Cornwall What happens in Cornwall by TA Williams is a well paced insight into the life of Sam a PHd archaeology student Although predominantly about Sam there are a host of other characters who’s lives are also interesting and add depth to the storyAll the characters are well developed enabling you to feel the enormous myriad of feelings felt by Sam as well as the excitement from Becky and Virginia the fear induced by Miles and the life and strife of being a famous millionaireI loved the sub stories weaved into the book which not only added dimension to the book itself but also showed the authors diverse writing abilities Not to mention his researchThe main underlying story is about Rock Island and the archaeology found there The author researched his subject well and taught me a lot about the history of the island I now want to visit it for myself for the historical interestThis book could easily keep anyone entertained and informed so I highly recommend it EnjoyNB I received this book free for an honest review

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    loved this book it had a good mix of happy and sadness in it which kept me wanting to keep reading it

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    This was a really entertaining summer reding sort of book On a weekend outing from Exeter to Cornwall an archaeology grad student gets caught in a fog bank and a strong current while kayaking Washing up on an off shore private island she is be friended by the owner a famous film star and then becomes involved in a dig site on the island The details of Cistercian monasteries arachaeological digs dealing with the last thousand years and university politics were all fun Add in a couple of rather bumbling Italian paprazzi some summer romance and a historical mystery and you have an enjoyable story

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    A pleasant read This is the 3rd TA Williams book I've read It's not as good as the others The title is forced and the ending is rushed If it was my 1st TA Williams book I wouldn't have read any others It was an ok light summery read but nothing memorable

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    review copy35Posted in full What Happens in Cornwall is the third book I have read by this author and Trevor always leaves me looking forward to his next release as soon as I finish the last page of his current book His books are typically light hearted glorious escapism and his latest offering was no different When we meet Sam it’s obvious that her relationship with her boyfriend is going nowhere Neil and Sam have reached the point of no return where they are no longer too bothered about being in each other’s company In fact deep down Sam is only really still with him to keep her mother happy because she doesn’t need something else to make her miserable I was so pleased when the Neil thing was out of the way Thank you Trevor for not making this drag on and on like so many authors would do Sam instead chooses to focus on her studies in archaeology – which I loved because what a cool thing to study A discovery at Rock Island sees Sam off to Cornwall for the summer and that’s where the story really gets going I loved the description of Rock Island – the setting was really built up beautifully and every nook and cranny was explored and delivered with intrigue Trevor seemed to pay great attention to detail within Cornwall – with the location and scenery all realistic and brought to life It felt like the ideal place for a holiday if only the weather wasn’t so changeable and the rain wasn’t so persistent There’s mystery to Rock Island from who the famous owner of the island is to the bones and what the archaeology students were going to find As the book went on they were getting and excited by what they could discover in Rock Island and their enthusiasm was infectious – helping me become engrossed in the story The characters in this book felt well thought out and their own stories were developed strongly Sam is very honest down to earth and from the start very easy to like To me she felt like your average young woman and very easy to relate to and identify with She puts herself into some awkward situations without being made out to be ditzy and at the same time she’s not made out to be perfect I always love a main character who feels so human and believable flawed but easy to root for My favourite thing about this book was the friendship that develops between Sam and the celebrity who owns Rock Island Sam was so trustworthy and I thought the perfect person to keep the secret of the celebrity’s identity The celebrity herself was actually not at all what I had imagined – much nicer than I had expected not to mention a lot less high maintenance than the stereotype All throughout this book I was expecting a hitch in their friendship so I was interested to see where it would get taken and if I’d be proven right Sam’s time in Cornwall is also troubled by two men in James and Miles James is a history professor who has caught Sam’s eye but he seems impossibly rude and difficult to get along with – even through the simplest of uestions which he always tries to avoid Miles is also a professor but where James felt harmless Miles felt mightily creepy to me although I wasn’t sure why The stories behind these characters added new dimensions to the book and I was fascinated by them all Being honest What Happens in Cornwall was my least favourite of the three TA Williams books I have read It started off slowly which was a little off putting But the main reason I just didn’t love it as much as When Alice Met Danny and What Happens in Tuscany is because of the other perspective we hear from in the narrative the Italian paparazzi Occasionally I found them funny with their ridiculous stereotypes and their attitude I’m pretty sure the situations they ended up in were meant to bring the humour to this story but for me I really didn’t like their part in the story I found them annoying and over done and by the end I was even confused by how I was meant to react to their characters It felt like the story was leading up to something uite impressive which they would play a part in – after all there was far depth and focus on the archaeology and the paparazzi rather than the romance but by the end it all seemed to fizzle out a little bit and left me feeling like I’d missed something That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the story I always enjoy Trevor’s novels and this one was fun filled and written with a lot of depth and what appeared to be a lot of research The characters were for the most part strong and interesting but there was just uite a few things I wanted tying up and I thought the ending could have done with being extended so we could see what the story had being leading up to Despite this Trevor has delivered a lovely holiday escape to Cornwall with the setting so evocatively described and along with the fascinating mysterious side to the plot What Happens in Cornwall is a book well worth diving into this summer

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ScapeHead to the Cornish coastIn Cornwall uestions are thrown up at every turn who is the glamorous owner of Rock Island that the paparazzi are so interested in How has the irresistible but impossibly arrogant history professor James Courtney managed to get so far under Sam’s. Firstly i must a Droit Musulman, Vol. 1: Recueil de Lois Concernant Les Musulmans Schyites (Classic Reprint) paparazzi are so interested in How has the irresistible but impossibly arrogant history L'islam et la femme professor James Courtney managed to get so far under Sam’s. Firstly i must a

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For a very British summer holidayWhen archaeologist Sam realises her relationship is as dead as the skeletons she’s exhuming she knows it’s time to make a change But with bills to pay her options are limiteduntil a discovery on Rock Island in Cornwall gives her a reason to e. I received a fr L'islam et la femme pay her options are limiteduntil a discovery on Rock Island in Cornwall gives her a reason to e. I received a fr

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Skin And will it ever stop raining so Sam can lose the cagoule and sip a cool drink in the sun One thing’s for sure there’s never been a holiday uite like this oneEnjoy a summer of surprises and romance with What Happens in Cornwall the perfect retreat for fans of Fern Britt. A pleasant read