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  • Six Weeks to a Brain Upgrade
  • Janet N. Zadina
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  • 10 June 2019
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Six Weeks to a Brain Upgrade

Janet N. Zadina ✓ 9 Download

Rn• How to activate the brain's reward system• How what you eat can affect school performance• How your friends can make you smarter the social brain• How to use your mind to see inside your brain metacognitionAnd much much Each lesson contains What the Research Says information about recent brain research a section called So What explaining how that can make a difference to your brain and learning a section called Just Do This with one simple strategy that makes a big difference and a Reflect and Connect conclusion that helps you understand your own brain better.

Summary ½ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Janet N. Zadina

To get better grades while getting smarter overall You can make important changes to your brainStudents will learn• The two best study strategies• What improves test scores than extra study time• The difference between thinking and learning• How to take control of your brain• Why reading is not enough• The truth about multitasking• How to make emotions work for you not against you• Why making mistakes is a good thing• How to avoid cognitive overload• How to use multiple pathways to enhance learning• Why video games are fun and how to use that to lea.

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An essential book for students ages 14 through adult providing the latest from brain research about how to boost intelligence and get better grades Written by a teacher who became a neuroscientist the latest brain research is explained and simplified showing you how to put it into practice immediately in any subjectThis book could change your life in six weeks or less You can do an entire week in one day if you want Scientists have discovered that you can change your brain and you can become intelligent This book shows you how With specific brief tips you will learn how.