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“You've made a mistake coming here Now save us all a lot of hassle and take the first flight home”The last time Dr Javier Sandoval Noriega saw Savannah Richardson he asked h. 5 Stars Savannah is desperate to prove to herself her father her ex husband and her ex lover that she is a great surgeon and has the strength to endure the danger zones of Columbia The mission in Columbia is Javier's He's dedicated his medical career to save as many as possible in his rebel torn country When Savannah arrives Javier doesn't want anything to do with his former lover and fears that if she doesn't leave he'll lose his sanity Savannah is thankful that Javier has no grounds to send her away Not only are her talents needed but Savannah's own personal self worth is at stakeWOW this is truly an amazing read I'm thrilled that Ms Gates' excellence in story telling continues on in her second book The story of Javier and Savannah is a passionate one the emotion of their personal stories and the stories of the plight of the people of Columbia is heartfelt bravo to Ms Gatespage 20 That just hurt Crippled Oh God don't let him see how much God heard her The tropical sky clear just minutes ago darkened then wept obscuring her tears

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Top surgeon but a compassionate committed doctor And can Javier get rid of her fast before he falls in love all over again247 Feel the heat every hourevery minuteevery heartbea. This book was EPIC I can't believe how much I got out of it Beside the inferno hot romance I learned so much about a place I knew nothing about Colombia about the plight of a lot of people there and the medical scenes were mind blowing and so integrated into the relationship and the plot it was amazing And that bondage scene OH MY I'm still amazed these medical romances by Olivia Gates have been so poorly treated with terrible covers and no advertisment and no publishing even That book isn't even available as an ebook and I'm wondering how the publisher doesn't know what absolute GEMS they have and are wasting I had to buy this book used and I would have paid hardcover price for it

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Er to marry him and she laughed in his faceSo what is the pampered socialite doing here in Colombia as part of Javier's Mobile Surgery Unit Can she really have become not just a. One of the most intense books I've ever read In romance in action in sheer human drama The setting in colombia is uniue to me and seeing this side of the country and the human suffering there was eye opening Among the incredible details and the medical drama is one of a kind I'm really really wondering why this book isn't famous and sold everywhere and being talked about in blogs and reviews Oh well at least I discovered it and had the great pleasure of reading it It was the first book I've read for Olivia Gates and it was by complete chance I've read all her books since and though only a handful of books turned out to be in the same genre medical drama everything she writes has her voice and that's been what made every book a five star book This and all her other books come highly recommended by me

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