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By identifying the structure of DNA the molecule of life Francis Crick and James Watson revolutionized biochemistry won themselves a Nobel Prize At the time Watson was only 24 a young scientist hungry to make his mark His uncompromisingly honest account of the. “In the end though science is what matters; scientists not a bit” ― Steve Jones in James D Watson's The Double HelixI gave it three stars last night DNA night thanks Riku but that just didn't seem right The structure wasn't stable and I felt it probably deserved four stars one for A one for T one for G one for C; also one for Watson one for Crick one for Wilkins and yes one for FranklinShort interesting personal and important but also sexist biased according to Crick a violation of friendship Watson's attitudes towards Rosalind Franklin today seem so maligned that Watson eventually had to clarify that these were attitudes and view at the time of the discovery and not when he wrote the book Still despite this major and very real issue the book along with Watson Crick Wilkins contributions cannot be undersold The discovery of DNA's structure changed biology and the book catapulted Watson Crick into that pantheon of fame that is seldom reached by even Nobel level scientists

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Oiled by false modesty Watson relates his Crick's desperate efforts to beat Linus Pauling to the Holy Grail of life sciences the identification of the basic building block of life Never has a scientist been so truthful in capturing in words the flavor of his wo. The Double Helix is a wonderfully candid recounting of the scientific process revealing the interplay of conditions precedent—especially technology observation and theory—and the human condition—especially ego competition and teamwork I can’t help wondering that many if not all of the scientists revered through history are really the beneficiaries of much good fortune and coincidence Of course they were accomplished and driven necessary prereuisites to greatness yet those factors are not enough for a large amount of their success seems due to pure serendipity

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Heady days of their thrilling sprint against other world class researchers to solve one of science's greatest mysteries gives a dazzlingly clear picture of a world of brilliant scientists with great gifts very human ambitions bitter rivalries With humility unsp. Shows how arrogant misogynistic and plain stupid the discoverers of DNA's double helix were Pros Emphasizes the importance of being able to access a free open creative in some ways childish state of mind in order to allow for truly creative and defocalized states of mind that allow for scientific discovery Tunnel vision can be a scientist's worst nightmareCons Shows how childish pretentious and socially inept the scientific establishment can be Also shows how a great scientist who suffered in silence due to being surrounded by sexist men in positions of authority was robbed of credit for providing the critical evidence necessary for finding and verifying the structure of DNA Rosalind Franklin you will not be forgotten

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  • The Double Helix
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Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins His bird watching hobby prompted his interest in genetics He earned his BSc degree in zoology from the University of Chicago in 1947 and his PhD from Indiana University in Bloomington in 1950 He worked with Wilkins and

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