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    25 StarsA short story with a twist that the reader knows from the beginning It was interesting and maybe i will eventually read the next partMia is one of the guys kind of girl She recently started college and she is already a part of a boys frat Yeah she loves having them as friends and they respect her immensely Also they watch games together they talk and play basketball I must have read those particular things than ten times each We got it you are a tom boy and you have a good time with you friends move onJax is a part of the frat too He is aloof and comes of as a coward Although Mia isn't clingy at all or demanding he acts like total ass to her after they have sex and tries to avoid any interaction like crazyI thought it was because he found out the truth but in the end he just as dumbfounded as Mia All in all the story was mediocre uite repetitive really but i enjoyed Mia's character

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    Mia and Jaxson are new college friends They share many common interest one of them is their love for sport Mia's love for sport is what made her get accepted in the Frat house Jaxson is part of and so loved by the boys This gets her closer to Jaxson the hot arrogant guy Slowly as they begin spending time together feelings begin to developWell I didn't expect to like this But I did The characterization of Mia and Jaxson was very good And for a short story they felt already established in my head I loved the scene view spoilerwhere they had sex for this first time it was really good hide spoiler

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    I really liked this book Mia being a tomboy and hanging with the frat guys she is really into Jaxon With flirting and her thinking nothing off it But when they are alone Jaxon makes the first move on Mia Jaxon is just like any other frat guy as in hit it and uit it and Mia doesn't understand why he is being such an ass Jaxon told her Mia that nothing happened and to move on and he completely ignores her When she does as he says he seems pissed but nothing prepares them for what happens next Can't wait to read the next book

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    Need Jaxon and MiaNow that's what I'm talking about Need to get to the next one ASAP Jason was a big jerk hopefully not for long

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    An easy to read stepbrother romance 5 book series so here's your cliff hanger warningNot too brain taxing takes approx an hour to read each book However an issue I found with each book was a tendency for a lot of Mia's thoughts repeated over and over causing me to skim read a lot Never a good sign when I do this but it didn't seem to affect the storyline Only the 2 main Charachters were really explored and not to a great depth beyond the relationship or frat house experience but lije I say it IS a light easy read so nothing heavy is going to be put in hereAs for a stepbrother romancenot with a 5 book maybe could be condensed into a 2 book maybe even 1 if pushed to shoveThe sex scenes do sizzle but are only a couple max per book till you get to the last oneBut great for a beach read to fill in time or when you fancy a bubblegum read

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    This is a great bookIts great I love the bacjstiry and attention to detail Story progresses uickly

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    I loved this book But can not find where to purchase the other books in this series😣

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    Mia is confident about what she wants and she finds ways to make sure she gets it She has a wonderful group of friends from the frat house who have basically adopted her into it She is the only girl who they consider part of the group and she wants to keep it that way She wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that until Jaxon starts making a move on her She is hoping that sleeping with him won't ruin her relationship with the frat but it goes wrong in a completely different wayJaxon is fun attentive and sexy When he starts making his move on Mia he draws it out turning it into a month of seduction to lure her in He inserts himself into different parts of her life to get closer to her When he finally gets her where he wants her things go terribly wrong He learns a secret that makes him pull awayMia and Jaxon are awesome characters They are both very kind I would say they have a way of making people feel welcomed I really liked how the guys included Mia in everything and never said she couldn't hear stuff because she is a girl In my opinion that is the ultimate level of friendship Despite the cliffhanger and the secret at the end I would say that this was a romantic novella

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    Stepbrother WOW is the first in a serial by author Clare Adams and truthfully for a short book it packs a lot We meet Jaxon and Mia as friends in college Mia having been adopted in to the Phi Kappa Alpha Frat seeing as she’s lover of all things sports and the guys think that she’s cool because of it Jaxon is a seriously hot senior that gives Mia major butterflies whenever he’s around Jaxon forms a snowboarding league and encourages Mia to join knowing that she’s snowboarded before They begin to connect Jaxon going out of his way to tease and flirt with her when they’re alone but around the other Frat guys only acting as a friend One night of heavy teasing and their passion explodes Serious hotness alert Come morning however Jaxon begins to treat Mia differently and tensions increase between the two and not in a good We reach the end of the book with an epic cliffhanger and a desire to reach for the next book ASAP I’m so looking forward to the next book The writing was great the characters are likable and the premise of the book overall has me wondering if Mia and Jaxon will ever officially be together

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    It depends on how you read it If you just want something mindless a uick read it's fine certainly fills that bill But if you actually like to get into a book and the characters it doesn't work There is not a lot of depth to the characters or to the story Similar to watching a soap opera I could pick it up a month later and the whole thing will be rehashed for me very soon Good premise certainly raises a couple of interesting uestions But the characters are very flat and overall disappointing The author needs a few new ways to describe her sex scenes they are all the same Things like column of my throat is way overused I've liked other things by Claire Adams but am certainly seeing too many similarities between series to read much of her work

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Sn't sure whether to go for the attractive and athletic guy or to just keep things the way they've always been Her mind is made up when Jaxon makes a move but then she's thrown into confusion as he. Need Jaxon and MiaNow that's what I'm talking about Need to

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Mia has always been one of the guys and with her friends in the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity it's no different But when one of the senior members of the frat Jaxon starts to pay attention to her she i. I really liked this book Mia being a tomboy and hanging with Course of Action: Out of Harm's Way\Any Time, Any Place really liked this book Mia being a tomboy and hanging with

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Goes out of his way to ignore and snub her after they sleep together Mia decides to move on with her life right up until her mother announces her marriage and introduces her to her new stepbrother w. I loved this book But can not find where to purchase the othe