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Hunted Eden #2

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They feel everything is perfectBut things are changing outside their little kingdom The wolf people are disbanding and someone or something appears to be hunting the NeanderthalsFly makes provisions to protect all that’s dear to him but then he just doesn’t. I absolutely loved Eden and Hunted did not disappoint This book was a page turner from beginning to end Ms Wise writes with the kind of plot suspense and atmospheric danger that you are never sure if she is going to kill off a major character including the hero or the heroine There is so much fast paced action in the second half of the book that I felt a little worn out when I finished it The natives take a major role in this seuel and it takes a talented writer to imbue semi verbal creatures with so much characterization that they feel like friends and enemies Plus we finally learn a lot about Fly's fascinating backstory As in Eden Ms Wise has very rich descriptions of the landscape making it a character in this book too Fly and Jenny are basically explorers and settlers and their new world plays an appropriately sinister and threatening role This book was great from beginning to end and a perfect conclusion to the Eden story I liked Fly and Jenny so much that I will miss them They were great characters who solidified their roles as a couple in the first half and then were tested and challenged on so many fronts as individuals in the second half that Ms Wise left you prepared for their possible demise It was a breathtaking adventure

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Jenny's from Earth Fly's from Itor By a uirk of fate they met She tamed him and they fell in love They live idyllic lives in a protected corner of the world away from the wolf like people and savage tribes of Neanderthals and when Jenny discovers she’s pregnant. I was excited to see there was a seuel to Eden especially when I discovered they were going to have a baby Fly was so changed in the first book going from a deadly assassin to a man wanting nothing to live in peace with Jenny A baby would be something new for him something to love And he already felt so deeply Now everything he loves would be threatened and I couldn’t wait to see Fly in action to protect Jenny and his child I couldn’t wait to delve into this bookI was thoroughly enjoying this book smiling at the lightheartedness between them the jokes and teasing Fly endures from Jenny I was also interested in the honnards and the occurrences that were happening Plenty of action and edge of your seat moments However I didn’t love Hunted as much as the first Possible Spoilers aheadFly and Jenny spend most of this book separated I’d say roughly about 65% of this book they are on their own Several events keep them separated and when you think they are going to finally find the other someone else makes another move to put distance between them I was looking forward to Fly going into protection mode as he and Jenny are on the run from the Jelvia To seeing them justtogether So I found myself at times skipping some parts not many of running thoughts on finding each other so they could justfind each other More Spoilers aheadWhen they were finally together at the end I feltcheated It was over so fast by that point I loved the emotion Fly had with his daughter upon seeing her for the first time and I wanted to see him actually experience the birth on his next child Overall this was still a good read We meet Jelvias and discover about Fly's past as well as what the honnards think of Jenny I liked the book but I guess I just missed the romance

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Return home Jenny knows he’s alive somewhere but alone with her baby daughter is she euipped to deal the horror that awaits herHer life and that of her baby daughter depend on her presence of mind And when Jenny becomes hunted she knows it’s time to fight bac. Another excellent book by this author There was sooooo much going on in this book at times I had to put it down because I just could not stand all the tragedy I wanted Fly and Jen to be safe and sound in their little piece of paradise Fly has come such a long way in his love of Jen and their mutual need of each other Jen has grown by leaps and bounds from a TRULY pathetic scary whiny clueless girly girl to a kick ass survivor determined to save not only herself but her man as well Between explosions cave ins marauding Jelvias HUGE attacking birds and the elements trying to kill both Jen and Fly at every turn this book was a real roller coaster ride lots of action adventure and past histories revealed I highly recommend this one

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