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Hat maybe she is strong enough to handle the bout a lost friendship and middle school in short strong enough to be a roller girl In this graphic novel debut that earned a Newbery Honor and five starred reviews real life derby girl Victoria Jamieson has created an inspiring coming of age story about friendship perseverence and girl power From the Trade Paperback editio. This book is super adorableI especially like the girl’s relationship with her mom – my favorite part is when the girl has to admit that she’s been lying and her mom is like ‘no worries; growing older and making good decisions is hard’ Excellent parental behavior modeling

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Ns up for derby camp Nicole decides to go to dance camp instead And so begins the most difficult summer of Astrid's life as she struggles to keep up with the older girls at camp hang on to the friend she feels slipping away and cautiously embark on a new friendship As the end of summer nears and her first roller derby bout and junior high draws closer Astrid realizes t. Even if I scratch my head particularly hard I'd still be hard pressed to find a topic of less interest to me than women's roller derbyI mean yeah I lived in roller skates as a girl but I skated while I was also applying a new layer of lip gloss or while I was daydreaming that Erik Estrada would pull me over for speeding My ideal in roller skating was Olivia Newton John's depiction of it in the horriblewonderful Xanadu Like you know a goddess on wheelsAnd ironically that weird movie is referenced here as a retro inspiration for these young girls in this 2015 graphic novel that I FREAKING LOVEDThe writerillustrator is a former book designer and mom who wait for it wait for it skates roller derby in REAL LIFE under the name Winnie the Pow Wow I just fell a little in loveThis is a badass brilliantly illustrated you've gotta get a copy for your 10 13 year old daughter granddaughter or niece graphic novel Trust me They need this book All around Everything great Not a single complaintGirl power for REAL

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The Newbery Honor Award Winner and New York Times bestseller Roller Girl is a heartwarming graphic novel about friendship and surviving junior high through the power of roller derby perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier's  Smile  For most of her twelve years Astrid has done everything with her best friend Nicole But after Astrid falls in love with roller derby and sig. Roller Derby Girl Power and FriendshipI was pumped to read this middle grade graphic novel all about recognizing female empowerment within the roller derby community especially after having read and loved Pamela Ribon's SLAM Vol 1 which is a YA comic bundle set around the same premise Twelve year old Astrid has always done everything with her best friend Nicole So when Astrid signs up for roller derby camp she assumes Nicole will too But Nicole signs up for dance camp with a new friend instead and so begins the toughest summer of Astrid's life There are bumps and bruises as Astrid learns who she is without Nicoleand what it takes to be a strong tough roller girl Roller Girl tackles a lot of important issues within the story arc such as the giddy start of a new blossoming friendship growing apart from childhood friends standing up for yourself and those in need the power of positive role models and channeling your inner TOUGHER STRONGER FEARLESS selfPlus I know I really enjoyed a middle grade book when I can't wait to share it with my little sister She adored Raina Telgemeier's work in the past and has been on the search for anything and everything similar so she'll be pleased to know that  Roller Girl  reads like the perfect follow up bookI do have to note that personally the story hit a bit of rut when it focused too heavily on supplying all the technical terms in roller derby but thankfully it than made up for that with its following character defining momentsSo without further ado here are some of my personal favorite bits from  Roller Girl That resilient moment of overcoming adversity is an ever shining star I was all smiles reading the many descriptions and was even pleasantly surprised to see my name Natalie included until I read her silly defining characteristicAnother comical moment happens in the following hair coloring scene This brought to mind how Louis CK has a whole standup bit just around kids names 3 4 weeks got me good Gentle parenting and patience is keyUnrelated I find it funny that this is the second book I've read that featured both my name as well as my sister's Rachel Note I’m an Affiliate If you’re interested in buying Roller Girl  just click on the image below to go through my link I’ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko ficombookspoils

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