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Moon Bayou Samantha Moon Case Files #1

characters Moon Bayou Samantha Moon Case Files #1

Mettle against a new kind of lurking evilFrom the author of the Vampire for Hire Series JR Rain comes a brand new Samanth. Just 3 starsI'm giving this 3 stars it would have been a higher score because the writing is good

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Mother wife private investigator vampire Sam Moon's been around the block Now unlife brings her to New Orleans to test her. Apparently this is a spin off from another series so I went into it at a disadvantage There was t

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A Moon spin off story co written by bestselling author of The Dead Detective and The Department of Magic Rod Kierkegaard J. The time traveling voodoo aspects and setting in New Orleans all worked together to snag and hold

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    Free ADR provided by NetGalley thank youThis seems to be a spin off of a series with the same main character which I find strange Hints at other books and stories are there but never elaborated uponThe book starts as a classic PI story I expected investigative UF but that was not really what this is The plot was allover the place and none of the storylines came to a satisfying conclusion Maybe this was intended as a set up for the series but for me it only made the whole book very scatteredThe vampire elements feel like a gimmick at first to make it interesting A few werewolves got thrown in and a vodoo ueen None of those elements were very convincing Sorry but these supes were all pretty lame The vampires all come across as silly none of this is the least bit scary or intriguingDon't expect anything dark The language of the story reminded me of chick lit which could have worked if it was funny and full of witty banter or snark but that was lacking as wellThere was some needless repetition of previously explained points which was a bit annoying I understood about the magical powers of those rings when they were explained the first time I did not need it explained a second or third time And I am not a fan of the vocabulary Many sentences often in the same paragraph started with I mean and like kinda sorta kept popping up a lot as well It made the heroine sound like a teenager not like a grown woman with two childrenI like my heroines to be smarter as well The dumb but muddling through type is not my thing She is supposed to be a former FBI investigator Not likely Luckily none of the bad guys seemed to be terribly smart either or she would have been in deep troubleI did like the bat form of the vampires Reminded me of the vampires in Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman The idea of the trip back in time is also a good oneBut overall this was not for me Too shallow storyline too scattered characters not terribly smart no tension The cliffhanger ending had me flipping back and forth checking if I had missed something it was so out of the blue and abrupt I will definitely not be picking up the next in the series

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    Read all my reviews on Vampire novels usually are not really my cup of tea Time travel however definitely is so I decided to give this novel a try Moon Bayou follows mother of two vampire private detective Samantha Moon as she takes on a missing person case that will take her to New Orleans and accidently also to the 19th centuryI've read nothing of the original Vampire for Hire series that this new series is a spin off to but I didn't feel like that mattered much since I didn't get the idea there were a lot of things I was missing because of it The story really has two parts none of which were fully closed at the end of this book I suppose the larger of the two the one involving time travel will be taken to the next novel in this series as the ending truly had a cliffhangerThe vampires were uite nice especially in their bat like forms There were also some werewolves because those seem obligatory these days Overall the writing was very fast and easy making this a light read I'd liked to see some closure though especially on the real 'case file' I'll have to read the next book to find out what will happen to SamanthaMoon Bayou is the first book in the Samantha Moon Case Files which is a spin off series from the Vampire for Hire seriesThanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Apparently this is a spin off from another series so I went into it at a disadvantage There was the obligatory fill in that I detest so much but I still felt like I was starting episode 4 of season 3 of some campy tv show The story left me high and dry Literally I was wishing it was over and I got my wish It just ended with no resolution Apparently you need to read the next book in the series to continue But there is no second book to the series This first book was published 2 years ago You can't tell me this is a complicated seuel that reuires two years to finalize A Song of Fire and Ice it is not Okay so I woke up cranky Let's just say I won't be reading the seuel if it ever is published Even if it is free like this one was

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    Well worth the read Samantha Moon has become one of my absolute favorite heroines in today's vampire fictionThis series promises to be simply amazing The voodootime traveling aspect is simply awesome I really loved the way the New Orleans scenery and accents were writtendescribed in both the present and past The pace was steady and believable Overall it was really well doneSo many cool characters are introduced and I love the Anne Rice referencesI was worried that since the author was collaborating on this series the character wouldn't read true but she is the same Samantha we know and love But in a really cool settingHighly recommend

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    Review MOON BAYOU by J R Rain and Rod Kierkegaard JrSingle parent Samantha Moon real vampire housewife of Orange County and private investigator travels to New Orleans in search of a missing young woman Naturally all is not what it seems and in this metropolis so downtrodden by Katrina where it seems even the will to recovery is no behind the scenes Classic New Orleans is still very viable vampires werewolves and intensely powerful Vodoun Way too powerful for one vampire to combat

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    Just 3 starsI'm giving this 3 stars it would have been a higher score because the writing is good and the story fun However this was not written by the author of the Vampire for Hire series and he took liberties and did not retain basic parameters of the protagonist's character and vampiric abilities The ending also did not resolve itself It was very disappointing end

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    The time traveling voodoo aspects and setting in New Orleans all worked together to snag and hold my attention All that Anne Rice crap is true I thought on my way out the door; New Orleans really does have a vampire problem Besides me of courseWow MOON BAYOU by JR Rain and Rod Kierkegaard Jr is the first book I've ever read by JR Rain and served as my introduction to private detective single mom and vampire Samantha Moon I thoroughly enjoyed the story the crazy uirky and historical characters and the humor I have been going thru New Orleans' withdrawal since reading Suzanne Johnson's latest Sentinels of New Orleans book and this worked very well as an antidoteMOON BAYOU is the debut of the authors' new Samantha Moon Case Files series I have not previously read any of Rain's Vampire for Hire series which feature Samantha's story and exploits Here's a very basic summary if you are also unfamiliar with her I had been a happy normal wife and mother in Orange County until ten years ago when I was attacked by an evil vampire and turned into one myself It's made my life since gross and scary and let's face it weirdI was enthralled with Samantha She's smart fierce feisty caring and down to earth She had previously worked in law enforcement and now runs her own private investigations firm If you are looking for a romance there's no real romance in this installment though Samantha mentions and misses her shifter boyfriend many times The author did a great job filling in what I as a newbie reader needed to know regarding Samantha and her prior history However I do believe that my enjoyment would have been increased if I'd read that previous series and had a prior connection to Samantha her family and boyfriend The good news is that my interest in reading Samantha's previous adventures has been officially piued and I hope to go back and catch up with her soon My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club Check it out here Wine Glasses

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    Moon Bayou is a paranormal fantasy featuring vampires werewolves and the voodoo culture around New Orleans This book follows the already popular Samantha Moon series Samantha is a Private Investigator and lives in California but she's been asked to investigate the disappearance of Wendy Lo Missing for six months her parents are desperate for any newsSamantha is an unusual investigator in that she is a vampire with mind reading skills plus she can go out in the sunlight due to some fancy rings she wears However New Orleans has an uncomfortable atmosphere which she can't put her finger on More curious is the warning she receives from a friend about a blood price on her head set in 1860 A ridiculous statement since Sam wasn't around then or is it?When she's captured by the TĂȘte de Mort Krewe and help comes from friends she doesn't remember Sam has uestions than answers It looks like Voodoo ueen Marie Laveau is the one she must turn to but contacting her on the night of their most powerful ceremony has life changing resultsI loved this story I have read the first Samantha Moon book which reminds me I need to catch up with this series The storyline was fast and full of surprises I wanted to howl like a werewolf when the book ended I wanted

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    Enjoyable Sam Moon Just a little longer than her last few booksI enjoyed this book it gives Samantha a different voice I had fun with this case file than I've had with her last two books I'm wondering if JRR is getting a little tired of Samantha? I'm wondering if her stories are now being handed off to RK? I do like that she is not as negative about herself in this book as she has steadily gotten to be In this book Sam has traveled to New Orleans on a missing persons case and gets much than she has bargained for She travels back in time finding herself in Old New Orleans just be for the civil war breaks out between the north and south I think Kierkegaard gives Samantha a little feminine feel which is nice She is still tough and witty you still recognize her but I feel she has just a little softer side The 4 stars? For leaving too much undone The book ends when you don't expect so there is no resolution No doubt a second Case File to conclude will be coming or Samantha will have a whole new way of life without her family

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    A firstA first for me to give JR Rain a bad review but he left me hanging on this one AND didn't give a link or hint to the next book Not happy about that at all This is a nail biter cliffhanger of a novella and would have been highly recommended if not for the fact there is nothing leading you to the next book

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