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    This was a good mystery but the editing got in the way of my reading There were several typos Sorry but that bothers me Otherwise a fun story with interesting characters a strong woman lead character who inspires a weaker woman character An Alpha male and the strong woman collide but get married after knowing each other for a few weeks; she tries to find a missing man and ends up with a dead body beside her This was a fun afternoon read

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    Hillarious A good story line however a lot crammed into the last few chapters But I liked it

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    A fun entry in this series The characters are funny but realistic and the story is twisted enough to keep the reader guessing Supposedly there is a third entry in the series but that book seems to be out of print or unavailable Too bad for the readers for that

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    Although there were humorous situations and layers of intrigue this book could have used a better editor as the plot seems to be scattered at times as id the author is trying on ideas I won't go out of my way to read another of this series but if I see a used copy I'd pick it up and five the author another chance

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    After accidentally treating her in laws to a peep show upon first meeting them then being dragged into a cat fight with her husband's vengeful ex Sara hopes her next case is a simple one A philanthropist's stolen identity seems right up her alley until she has to go to a seedy area to meet an informant And when Sara narrowly escapes becoming the case's first casualty a fate awaiting her sole witness she realizes she may be barking up the wrong treeGabriella Herkert has done what so many female mystery writers have such a hard time doing written a female protagonist who is smart funny strong and apparently hot if the reaction of her brother in law can be trustedAfter years of reading books in which the female lead acts like a four year old I'll show him or a teenager My husbandcop friendwhatever will never know if I it was a relief to read a mystery with a strong female lead who acts like an adultWitty dialog that stays realistic and a cast of appealing support characters made this book a fun readI'm giving this book a four star rating even though Ms Herkert was unable to stop herself from ending the book on a trite note Don't let that stop you from reading this book

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    Ok as a longtime Black Lab lover you could put a picture of a Black Lab on anything and I'd buy it Evidenced in the fact I bought this book as a relaxing read on an upcoming cruise Our first day at sea my friend and I found 2 chairs on deck and read while watching the glistening waters rush by turning from the dark blue off the coast of Fl to the vibrant turuoise of the Bahamas All was well with the world That is until I got to about page 10 It was at that time I turned to my friend and said This is the stupidest book I think I've ever read I reiterated this about every 20 pages She finally moved to the other side of the ship without telling me where she was going Can't say as I blame herIt's actually a 2 part mystery the first mystery is how this got past the editor and the second mystery is how I was able to finally finish it Unfortunately the book was so absurd insufferable?? that I cannot come up with any constructive examples of my opinion The storyline was ridiculous the characters weren't in the least bit interesting if sex is to be a major part of a story which is out of place in this genre then get writing tips from Jackie Collins and do it right and WHERE'S THE DOG? Not to fear other than this the rest of my cruise was spectacular

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    I enjoy the characters in this book but the plot seems to jump and there were a few editing problems Sara is an investigator for a law firm She goes to San Diego on business which is where her husband lives They married in Vegas after a weekend romance Connor wants to protect Sara and she wants to do her job There are some really funny parts like when they're hurrying into his apartment to celebrate being together again and Connor is undressing her when they open the door and his parents are waiting for them It was a compelling read but every once in a while there was a What's going on? moment

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    What was the editor doing when heshe was supposed to be editing this book? I'm so frustrated because 1 I love the characters but 2 the mystery plot is hard to follow and 3 there are too many inconsistencies Example there will be a conversation between two characters and out of nowhere another person joins the discussion without being written into the scene The plot was so convolutedI was able to follow sometimes and then at other times it was just too much confusion I feel like Herkert needs to streamline the plotsher first novel had the same issue But the characters are fun and witty and make things interesting

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    This is the second book in a series and it was all downhill as far I'm concerned Sara is newly married to Connor it was a Vegas uickie relationship and marriageso they're still getting to know each other He's a NAVY Seal and she's an investigator for a law firm He hates her job and she loves it and that is all these two talk about except for how hot they are for each other Jeez we get it He hates her job and she's not uitting Can we get a decent story now? Ahh I feel better now

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    A good mysterythriller with a very interesting protaganist a competent Stephanie Plum Lots of action and a complex plot with twists not all particularly believable but then its fiction My only complaint is that calling it an animal instinct mystery is overstated because the animal instinct played very minor role and it was this that first caught my attention Nevertheless I will add her other 2 books to my to read list

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Doggone An Animal Instinct Mystery

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Imple one So she takes on a case of stolen identity that finds her in a seedy back street Then Sara narrowly escapes becoming a casualty a fate awaiting her one and only witness In the meantime Sara Ok as a longt

download Doggone An Animal Instinct Mystery

After accidentally treating her in laws to a peep show upon their first meeting and having a catfight with her husband’s vengeful ex legal investigator Sara Townley hopes her next assignment is a s A fun entry i

download ¾ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ Gabriella Herkert

Seems to have picked up a sidekick a big black Labrador who shows up at every turn And since her only lead is growing cold in the morgue maybe following the dog’s nose isn’t such a bad ideaREVIEW What was the

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