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Twenty two year old Jenna has always been the serious type She’d rather spend time at home with a good book than drink and party in bars and she certainly isn’t one for casual hookups Twenty five year old Nick on the other hand is the king of the casual hookup and a legendary party animal Jenna and Nick are buddies despite their difference WON A COPY FROM A GOODREADS GIVEAWAYWhat an emotional roller coaster Nick and Jenna have their own drama and confusion Then every time I began to get bored with their current state the book moved on to a new scene The changes made it easy to keep reading Then at some point I just HAD to know how their story endedThis is a great book for an easy read with the romance promised

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S but both scoff at the idea of being anything than friends When Nick makes a drunken promise to Jenna though he finds himself being drawn to her in ways that are far from platonicA month after accepting a silly alcohol fueled challenge Nick simply can’t get Jenna off his mind She’s busy dating guys who are serious relationship material bu I tried I really did The blurb sounded so good But the style the book was written? Lol Nope

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T to her disappointment not one makes her heart skip a beat She too feels the growing connection between herself and Nick The two potential lovers embark on a roundabout and potentially disastrous journey to find each otherOn the way Nick will have to get serious Jenna will have to lighten up and both will find out if opposites really do attra entertaining The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characters in Animals up and both will find out if opposites really do attra entertaining