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Due to a botched ritual on the longest night of the year Harry has become something unheard of in the wizarding world a living vampire Harry must now de. Major Nanny (Daddy Corps, vampire Harry must now de.

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Termine how to kill Tom Riddle avoid a meddling Headmaster and keep from going into blood lust all while dealing with a typical school year And he can't.

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Seem to keep from watching his Defense Professor He's not certain if it's just for the blood or something Merlin help himhttparchiveofourownorgworks110.

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    Harry as a vampire is a concept that just tickles me pink However I find it's a hard one to do right I've read a lot of vampireHarry where Harry's personality is completely lost and that just ruins it for me completely But this Wow I can't say that Harry is really the same Harry from cannon He's smarter articulate sexier But he's Harry and that doesn't change just because he's a vampire As a vampire HacatesKiss was a real pro at throwing a neat spin on Harry's transformation and subseuent abilities and needs She was detail oriented which I love and toed the line when it came to supernatural bonding And the bit about the tomatoes was so small but so inspired I enjoyed the introduction of religion into the Potter world It added an interesting element but at the same time didn't overwhelm the story

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    Ok I'm biased because HK is my A03 co writer but she's also amazing and so is this fic I fangirled about it to her before realising it was her once