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8 thoughts on “Shingle Street

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    Phenomenal collection from a poet who understands form without either sacrificing meaning to it or becoming overly dependent on it Blake Morrison is all good things

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    This is Blake Morrison's first full length collection of poems since the mid 1980s Morrison has written two outstanding books the memoir And When Did You Last See Your Father? and the taut thriller The Last Weekend The others are mixed in uality and two As If and South of the River are frankly shitThe book's dominant colour is grey 'charcoal grey' like 'ash streaked mourners' 'unchanging grey the one sure thing' The opening seuence supplies the collection's title and is a bracing mixture of nursery rhyme and dour pessimismThe waves maraudThe winds oppressThe earth can't helpBut acuiesceFor this is east and east means lossA lessening shore receding groundThree feet gone last year four feet thisWhere land runs out and nothing's soundThe central metaphor coastal erosion comes to stand for the transience of life and recurs in 'Dunwich' a poem declaring 'The sea's a flat grey slab Like a flattened gravestone' In another poem even the trees looked scared to death and the other word for 'happiness forever after' is 'oblivion' The world gets a grim report in this volumeThankfully the 'This Poem' seuence lightens the tone fizzing with wit and sly ironic reversals 'Bonus' 'Hacking' and 'Prism' in particular strike me as outstanding as well as politically astute 'Redacted' is an inventive piece about the death of a British soldier that slyly attacks censorship When people smugly declare modern poetry irrelevant I rather hope someone nails poems like these to their front door Other favourites include 'Happiness' 'On the Beach' 'The Discipline of Dogs' and the almost villanelle 'Life Writing' the latter perhaps also serving as a sardonic classroom primer Again the uality is mixed I wanted to like the sonnet 'Anglers' but was put off by the overblown phrasing in lines four and fourteen Anglers may look like many things statues faded garden gnomes but 'holy men possessed by God' isn't one of them It's like comparing snails to porn stars Other poems like 'Wet' 'Lent' and 'The Road to Wales' are comparative duds Elsewhere Morrison says he has always been of two minds regarding pessimism in poetry wishing to both admit it into his work and react against it I enjoyed these poems far than his earlier verse I hope the ongoing struggle fuels collections yet

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    Some very formal structure in these poems which I usually can't stand but he uses it so well I found myself engrossed

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    I like the titular poem and a couple of others in there Otherwise although I think the author probably is a very accomplished poet I didn't get the many of the poems in the bookAdmittedly I have not read a book of poetry before and the last time I even touched poetry was back in secondary school EnglishThe titular poem had a lovely cadence to it and reading it aloud was a pleasure And there definitely was a strong theme running throughout the first half of the book that I appreciatedProbably going to be appreciated by poets and avid readers of poetry than an average reader like me

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    A moody atmospheric take on the coastline of Suffolk by a poet in full command of his craft No word is superfluous the sky sea and shoreline are full explored and the last poem Latecomer has particular resonance All I'm saying has been said before but not by me I love this collection

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    Accessible lyrical intelligent and beautiful Read the whole collection on the train to work will now put it aside and return to it later but I really rated this Musings on mortality and memory and the erosion of the coast of Suffolk which is both symbolic and acutely observed

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    I found the sing song rhythms the end stopped lines the simple language and the very noticeable rhymes and half rhymes jarring and opaue initially Reading some poems over I've enjoyed them but haven't yet found any to be very profound or moving

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    35 starsLoved some of the poems others didn't work so well for me

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Shingle Street

Blake Morrison À 6 REVIEW

Vistas a wave unleashes a flood tide of terror; a seuence of topical poems lays bare pressing political issues; while elsewhere portraits of the past bring forth the dear and the departed Ardent and elegiac and encompassing an impressive range of mood and method this is a timely offering from a poet of distinct talen. Accessible lyric

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EtsIn his first full length collection for nearly thirty years Shingle Street sees a return to the form with which he started his career Set along the Suffolk coast the opening poems address a receding world – an eroding landscape ‘abashed by the ocean’s passion’ But coastal life gives way to other dangerous. Some very formal

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‘A cul de sac a dead end track A sandbanked strand to sink a fleet A bay a bar a strip a trap A wrecking ground that’s Shingle Street’Blake Morrison’s first two collections Dark Glasses 1984 and The Ballad of a Yorkshire Ripper 1987 established him as one of our most inventive and accomplished contemporary po. Phenomenal colle

About the Author: Blake Morrison

Blake Morrison was born in Skipton Yorkshire and educated at Nottingham University McMaster University and University College London After working for the Times Literary Supplement he went on to become literary editor of both The Observer and the Independent on Sunday before becoming a full time writer in 1995A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and former Chair of the Poetry Book S