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Ations His director was Sir Humphrey Maynard the man responsible for selecting a certain Josie Fortune now Fullerton to work for himSerena Sondera an up and coming Argentinean female singer had been poisoned and the Security Services suspected that it was a serious assassination attempt by a nefarious foreign power They desperately needed her not to be lying at death’s door in a secret clinic in order to lure those responsible out of the darkness The answer – Maxwell Soriano would become Serena Sondera and perform in front of thousands at the next concert which was just days awayIt was time for Max to see just how good he really could beThe problem was that in doing so Max was to face the true reality of who he should always have been What he would do about it was another matter entirely. Always excellent in every wayI do not understand how an author can write so many books about the same subject and make everyone new and interesting all the way through Flawless as if I expected any less

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The Offer – “You have got to be kidding me; Serena Sondera”Life always delivers some surprises but for twenty four year old Maxwell Soriano this beat them all His life was hardly going the way he had hoped From a very early age he found his niche as a female impersonator At six he joined his three sisters as a juvenile version of the Spice Girls taking the part of Baby Spice The applause hit a spot and much to his parents’ and teachers’ disapproval he decided that that was what he was going to do with his lifeThe problem was not that he was a talented drag artiste but he was too good at what he did Few of those who watched him portray current and famous female singers actually believed him to be male They all believed him to be a talented mimic but without exception thought him ano. The OfferFantastic novel should have read this earlier as it gives a good background in Maxine Tells the tale of Max to Maxine and a very good if unusual transgender novel which also has a great plot with intrigue

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Ther girlHis personal life was another aspect that had yet to leave the starting block Determined not to be seen as just another gay drag artiste Max staunchly refused to adopt a life style that was anything other than that of a macho male away from the stage The problem was that all the girls in his life believed him to be gay and those men who came close were of the same opinion despite his insistence and persistence in denying itDespite believing he was truly gifted he found himself destined for the slow lane to stardom Indeed he found himself up a cul de sac as his current job ended when the seedy night club went into receivershipAfter the final performance a man in a suit made him an offer that was to shake him to the coreThat man was Major Harry Pearce of the Department of Special Oper. Another excellent offering by Ms AllanFast paced and action packed just the way I like them If you are into counter intelligence then this will hit all your buttons

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About the Author: Tanya Allan

Tanya Allan is a prolific writer of various works including novels short stories and poetry Some of her work relating to transgender issues may be familiar to those who feel that perhaps life would have been easier had they been born with a body and mind of the same gender Her other non TG work has also been published but under a different nameTanya is now settled in the southern half of

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