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Vows Made in Secret

Louise Fuller Á 3 free read

Only her shattered heart in his wake A husband discovered Even shocking not only is Laszlo a secret millionaire but their youthful pledging of love was legally binding he's her husband Pr. Wow this book was a tough read I found myself picking it up and putting it down all day to get through it because it just seemed a mess We have perhaps only our 2nd or 3rd Romany Gypsy H that I can recall in this line and the others were from the 80's I suspect However he's only 12 Gypsy the other half is blue blood billionaire Hungarian He was a total and utter misogynistic pig dog for the majority of the book blaming the h for all his faults Despite being married in gypsy law anyway he obviously can't keep it in his troos Also we never get to find out why he was arrested Inuiring minds want to know Overall this was a fail for me and I really did have to make an effort to get through this I was rather bored I'd kind of like to see him with the 7 kids he wants though bet he leaves the wife to do all the child rearing

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A woman scorned Art expert Prudence Elliot is shocked when a new job brings her face to face with Laszlo de Zsadany the irresistible enigma who blazed through her life like a comet leaving. Underwhelming Tried for two weeks to finishgave up at the half point The storytelling was blah The hero too beta The heroine was ok Not enough ingredients to make this book worth finishing

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Udence is an addiction that Laszlo cannot fight but surely the heat between them will uickly burn out Except soon he's forced to admit that his craving for his wife is blazing out of contr. I loved itHalf Romany and half Hungarian hero that marries heroine in secret she didn't even know that THAT was her wedding but everything just falls apart because both are too immature and let misunderstandings lead the way in their relationshipWhen they meet years later there's definitely angst between them but nothing too mean or humiliatingThe hero had so many drastic changes of humor I thought I was dealing with a female full of hormones

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