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    Horror and terror with some comic relief Well told tale Completely enjoyed New spin on starting over

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    When I started reading this I had a smirk and was looking forward to ripping it to shreds in a review after As I progressed though I found myself developing a strong fondness for it If I was to liken it to any other book it would be The Stand The whole post apocalyptic setting where one group is pitted against the other A genuine positive surprise

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    Good potboiler for by the pool Best if you don't think too hard about it

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    The earth passes through an area of strange plasma space fog unknown gas particles or whatever actual uote causing every animal which has every lived to rise from the grave all the way back to dinosaurs Do they need to have intact skeletons? It's unclear For that matter isn't the soil itself mostly made of the remains of millions of dead plants and animals? The dead have all their memories and personalities but they're bad tempered and have an irrational hatred for living humans which makes them want to killconvert them all They appear in the form of skeletons with a transparent ghost body including apparently ghost clothes but they're sort of alive they enjoy drinking booze eating food only vegetables and apparently having sex although they latter is thankfully mostly left to our imagination Thankfully for humanity the skeletons are just as mortal as normal people if you shoot someone in the heart and wait a moment for them to skeletonize you can shoot them again in their invisible place where their heart should be and they'll die again and turn to dustBut whatever that's the rules as the author establishes them it's a cheap shot picking apart the ridiculous ghost logic Sarrantonio establishes for this story since as is obvious from the jacket text Skeletons is a very silly book The 1990s paperback edition had a cool minimalist skull cover but the Kindle edition's cover looks fittingly trashy The story is told from the perspectives of four characters basically there's a good man a good woman a bad man he's a strung out punk rocker a la Johnny Rotten named Peter Garbage and the resurrected skeleton of Abraham Lincoln who wakes up disoriented in his tomb reconnects with his loving family and eventually is re nominated by his fellow skeletons to be the new president of the United States Meanwhile the human heroes go from one ill fated group of survivors to the next evading the skeletons and spending weeks traveling across the land presumably living off of fruits and vegetables since all animals turn to skeletons and then to dust the moment you catch them How do carnivores like the good guy's pet wolf survive? Fortunately for the humans after the first few chapters when the humans are mostly mopped up the skeletons spend most of their time fighting amongst themselves allowing Sarrantonio to name drop tons of historical figures Hemingway's skeleton did this and Archimedes did this and Richard Nixon is doing thisI read this book hoping it'd hit the same sweet spots as a zombie novel the dead rising converting the living but despite a few scary moments it's too dumb to work as a postapocalyptic survival novel OTOH it almost works as an apocalyptic supernatural black comedy and Sarrantonio obviously wants it to be one my favorite line Lincoln thinking I felt hollow inside but most of the humor is cheesy ie terrible skeleton pop songs The real problem is that it doesn't go far enough either way while half of the book is a comedy the struggles of the two good guys are presented completely straight with evil skeleton pursuers tragic deaths prophetic dreams and an Adam Eve legend so no prizes for guessing if they'll survive or not as they try to survive as long as possible until view spoilera second totally arbitrary miracle erases the skeletons from existence hide spoiler

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    An interesting take on the zombie apocalypse trope Like Bian Keene's The Rising we have something other than a virus or radioactive sludge and there's the hint of a Higher Hand behind the rising of the skeletons but that's pretty much eclipsed by the epic cast of characters which fortunately is engrossing enough to make you know care too much about the 'why' of the skeletons' rise Honestly what was interesting than anything was Sarrrantonio's ideas of what would happen with so many historicalpoliticalartistic greats suddenly reanimated and vying for a place in the world Anyway this novel is staple Sarrantonio what sounds like a ridiculous plot in his hands is a pretty entertaining read

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    I didn't finish it so this review is only for the first third or so of the bookAnyone who reads my reviews knows my feelings on sentient zombies Guess I shoulda actually READ the description when I put it on my TBR list instead of just going by a list of good zombie booksI have trouble enough with sentient zombies but sentient skeletons? How the hell are they talking? How the hell are they moving? I just gave up Too many good books out there to waste time on one I'm damn sure I won't like

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    Goofy little novel about all the dead people on earth coming back to life as very angry skeletons and making war on the living Interesting detours into what after life is like as a skeleton from the point of view of dead folk like Abe Lincoln

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    One of my favorite Abraham Lincoln back as president Hitler back in control or Geremany The Beatles again on top of the music chartsal at the same time

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    FAntastic book I've read it about 5 times and want to find it and read it again

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    Very cool premise and very interesting story Pacing though was not the fastest and I found it slowed my reading down

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Summary ¹ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB º Al Sarrantonio

F humanity are back with a vengenace a skeletal army hell bent on conuering the living and uniting the world under the banner of the deadAgainst this bloody backdrop of global horror a small group of refugees find themselves drawn together by a single vision a. The earth passes through an area of strange plasma space fog unknown gas particles or

Summary Skeletons

In Moscow the sound of bones echoes across Red Suare In America skeletons patrol the streets of Manhattan and blood stains the confields of the Midwest While in Washington D C Abraham Lincoln is heading for his third term in the White HouseThe best and worst o. Good potboiler for by the pool Best if you don't think too hard about it

Summary ¹ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB º Al Sarrantonio

Nd a shared fate to determine whether the last two humans on earth will survive or join the ranks of the newly risenSKELETONSTerrifying and outrageous Skeletons is a roller coaster ride into the fibrillating heart of darkness by one of horror's scariest writer. Goofy little novel about all the dead people on earth coming back to life as very angr

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 416
  • Skeletons
  • Al Sarrantonio
  • English
  • 01 October 2018
  • 9780553297546