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Ments engineer as he makes his way home aboard an Italian freighter Among the passengers are a couple of Nazi assassins intent on preventing his returning to England with plans for a Turkish defense system th Eric Ambler has ch

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Returning to his hotel room after a late night flirtation with a cabaret dancer at an Istanbul boîte Graham is surprised by an intruder with a gun What follows is a nightmare of intrigue for the English arma ”He took his rig Ms Marmite Lovers Secret Tea Party cabaret dancer at an Istanbul boîte Graham is surprised by an intruder with a gun What follows is a nightmare of intrigue for the English arma ”He took his rig

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E seductive cabaret dancer and her manager husband and a number of surprising allies Thrilling intense and masterfully plotted Journey Into Fear is a classic suspense tale from one of the founders of the genr As I hardly recall Chicken cabaret dancer and her manager husband and a number of surprising allies Thrilling intense and masterfully plotted Journey Into Fear is a Ms Marmite Lovers Secret Tea Party classic suspense tale from one of the founders of the genr As I hardly recall

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    In this novel set in the months before World War II Eric Ambler uses his typical hero—a novice inadevertently caught up in the world of international intrigue—to explore the reality of fear how it affects perceptions alters attitudes and undermines the will and yet how if embraced and acknowledged it may lead an ordinary man to perform an extraordinary actionOur ordinary man is Howard Graham an English engineer from a British firm who has been assigned to a munitions project for the Turkish government He considers himself little than a cog in the wheel of international industry until the evening before his return to England when someone hiding in his Istanbul hotel room takes a shot at him He begins to realize that his role in Turkey's preparations for war is important than he thoughtMost of the book takes place on a steamer traveling from Istambul to Genoa as Graham tries to guess which of the mysterious passengers is the one who is trying to kill him Is it the attractive Spanish dancer Josette or her crude husband and protector Jose? The old German scholar Haller who continually discourses on archeology? Or is it the Turkish tobacco salesman Kuvetli who insinuates himself into every conversation?The book gives us interesting glimpses into the lives and personalities of the passngers but its primary focus is always the mind of the hero Will fear blunt his senses into dullness or excite them to folly? Or will Graham learn to use that fear and save himself from assassination? By the time the novel concludes—but not before a brutal shipboard murder and an exciting chase through the Genoa streets—the reader will have learned the answerThis novel is not nearly as good as A Coffin for Dimitrios—few spy novels are—but it a superb entertainment worthy of your attention

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    ”He took his right hand carefully out of his overcoat pocket and looked at the bandages swathed round it It throbbed and ached abominably If that was what a bullet graze felt like he thanked his stars that the bullet had not really hit himHe looked around the cabin accepting his presence in it as he had accepted so many other absurdities since he had returned to his hotel in Pera the night before The acceptance was unuestioning He felt only as if he had lost something valuable In fact he had lost nothing of any value but a sliver of skin and cartilage from the back of his right hand All that had happened to him was that he had discovered the fear of death”An English engineer by the name of Graham is on a business trip to Istanbul His country is mired in a war that will soon be called World War Two He wants to do his part for the war effort but doesn’t realize that by doing so he has put his life in jeopardy He surprises someone in his hotel room and is shot This was supposed to be a business trip; how did it become a nightmare of international intrigue? What he knows and what he can do is something so vital that even if he disappears for six weeks it could change the scope of the war As he makes his way home by ship German agents are trying to stop him from reaching London Turkish agents are trying to make sure he has safe passage Guns appear and disappear An exotic dancing girl too gorgeous to resist is a lovely distraction but Graham is not a fool ”Every movement every piece of affectation was calculated it was as if she were still dancing” It’s not only women like Josette he can’t trust; it is everyone allies enemies and everyone in between Graham is going to have to save himself The reason Eric Ambler was so popular back in the 1930s and 1940s is because his stories felt like they were ripped from the newspaper headlines I can imagine many people from that era picking up his latest book in the train station or airport to distract themselves on their travels Certainly on my next train trip across the country I will make sure I have an Ambler in my hands to go with my crisp fedora a snappy red and gray striped tie and a London Fog trench coat This was light uick reading with a few improbable situations but it was a time of improbable things I had my own trepidations for the fate of our hero Graham I also wondered where Josette will be undulating her sinuous hips next tempting some man with less fortitude than Graham into her web of deceit If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account

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    All ratings relative to the genre of course35 starsAmbler wrote a series of novels from 1936 1940 then stopped for 12 years returning to fiction in 1952 This is the last of the early works Though these early works are considered Classics I found this book a shade immature in its techniue compared at least to Passage of Arms which is truly brilliant The lead character Graham is foolish in a very British way and so not wholly believable Because of this the plot which hinges on this character suffers somewhat But the secondary characters are vivid and in some cases compelling And the finale compensates for any flaws leading up to it An excellent book for Ambler fans but not necessarily the best starter book

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    Istanbul January 1940 English armaments engineer Graham is in Turkey on business crucial to the Turkish Navy's preparation for war On the night before he's supposed to return to England upon getting back late to his hotel room he discovers an intruder who fires three shots before escaping out the window wounding Graham's handJust a failed burglary he tries to persuade Kopeiken a Russian employed in Turkey by his company; but Colonel Haki head of the Turkish secret police with whom Kopeiken enjoys some sort of mysterious connection persuades Graham that he has misread the situation that there are people with Axis sympathies who want to ensure that Graham's work for the Turkish Navy goes uncompleted and that it would be safest for Graham to miss his scheduled train to Paris that morning and instead take an Italian freighter to GenoaOnce aboard the freighter however Graham encounters a motley crew of fellow travelers a Turkish tobacco salesman a dancer Graham met in a nightclub the night before and who is now coincidentally ? traveling with him a French couple who never stop arguing an archeologist who introduces himself as a good German any one of whom could be an assassinI settled down with this book sometime around noon yesterday My lamp light was flickering every few minutes as the east coast was being menaced by a uote tropical storm unuote but all the storm really did was whip around the branches of the trees outside my window for an hour or two And there was some rain Frankly it was one of the puniest tropical storms I've ever experienced A little disappointing I must sayIn any case I finished the novel by about 930 It's a real page turner Sharp dialogue interesting characters great suspense Ambler is very perceptive about the actual physical effect fear can have on the body He makes it easy to visualize the boat the sea the faces of the characters as well as their shoulders their hands; you can almost hear their voices The novel reminded me of a well done old Hollywood thriller in the vein of Five Fingers or The Third Man Sure enough it turns out that Orson Welles wrote a film adaptation for RKO released in 1943; Ambler's novel was published in 1940 and gave himself the role of Colonel Haki; Welles's buddy Joseph Cotten stars as GrahamHe plays it subtly but I particularly enjoyed Ambler's hints that there is a part of Graham that has been waiting for this kind of experience that it offers him something that his uiet life back in England simply can't The stakes are always high for all of us they're always life or death but we expend a great deal of effort in civilized society towards forgetting that With the veneer of civilized life stripped away maybe the uestion is whether Graham will find unknown capacities within himself or will be paralyzed by fear and the proximity to death On the world historical level Graham's journey mirrors the journey of Europe in the 30s from uneasy peace to the reality of war

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    Eric Ambler has chosen an everyman to be the protagonist of this suspenseful novel Graham is a nice uiet intelligent armaments engineer from northern England who has just finished a long business trip advising the Turkish navy He goes back to his hotel room in Istanbul and is surprised by a man who shoots several times before disappearing out the window Fortunately he is not seriously hurt Graham thinks the intruder might be a thief but Turkish intelligence tells him that the Nazis are trying to kill him It's just at the start of World War II and the Germans do not want Graham to bring the classified armaments information that he has memorized back to his English employer His travel plans back to England are changed and he sets off on an Italian freighter A small group of international passengers is on the boat During the voyage we are in Graham's mind as he tries to determine who he can trust The tension and fear increase as the voyage continues and the true identities of the passengers are revealed Graham's fear intensifies as he is put in a no win situation where his survival hangs by a threadOne of the passengers on the boat is a leftist Frenchman who thought that wars were created by international bankers and armaments manufacturers who would profit from the conflicts Ambler was known for his leftist views especially in his early works prior to World War II Another passenger is a Serbian nightclub dancer who remembers the atrocities of World War I and will not associate with the Turkish passenger A French couple will not sit at the same table as a German archeologist as a political statement Although the book is mainly an entertaining international psychological thriller it is interesting to read the political messages too When the book was published in 1940 at the advent of World War II the author did not know exactly which countries would be allies or the outcome of the warEric Ambler is known to have been an influence on authors Graham Greene and John LeCarre as well as filmmaker Alfred HitchcockThanks to my GR friend Judy for suggesting this book

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    Nicely atmospheric thriller The novel takes place in the months leading up to the second world war A mild mannered engineer becomes caught up in a situation beyond his control Really enjoyed the setting of this novel from the seedy barcabaret in Istanbul to the claustrophobic steamer The story motored along at a fast pace and the male characters were well presented Haven't read the author before well worth a look at for this genre

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    As I hardly recall this book I decided to flip through it before writing a short review In short order I found a few passages that capture some of the reasons why I enjoy reading Eric AmblerFrom page 7 in the mass market edition that I haveOver dinner at the Pera Palace Hotel Kopeikin gave war news For him the Soviets were still the July assassins of Nicholas the Second and Graham heard much of Finnish victories and Russian defeats The Germans had sunk British ships and lost submarines The Dutch the Danes the Swedes and the Norwegians were looking to their defences The world awaited a bloody Spring They went on to talk about the earthuake It was half past ten when Kopeikin announced that it was time for them leave for Le Jockey CabaretAnd from page 46A shock Mr Graham? You do not like it eh? It is not pleasant War is war But it is one thing to be a soldier in the trenches the enemy is not trying to kill you in particular because you are Mr Graham the man next to you will do as well it is all impersonal When you are a marked man it is not so easy to keep your courage I understand believe me But you have advantages over the solider You have only to defend yourself You do not have to go into the open and attack And you have no trench or fort to hold You may run away without being a coward You must reach London safely But it is a long way from Istanbul to London You must like the soldier take precautions against surprise you must know your enemy You follow me?I love how well Ambler captures the tempest of events that descended upon Europe in the 1930s and 1940s and how he weaves his story in and out of the real world There's something comforting too about the fact that even as crazy things were going on a writer still wrote tales for people to lose themselves within

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    A bourgeois technocrat is targeted for assassination by Nazi agents As I said last week Ambler wrote the best spy novels of anybody ever The plot is airtight he has a real gift for the internal mechanics of the story His everyman almost hero is thoughtful and human in a way we don’t normally see in this type of book and he has an admirable subtlety in his character building Lots of fun

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    Classic WWII espionage novel A civilian engineer working on a pivotal project for the Turkish navy is singled out for assasination by Nazi spies Can he survive the trip back to England? The writing is Le Carre than James Bond talking than action A uick read

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    From BBC Radio 4Unassuming engineer Mr Graham runs for his life across war torn Europe Classic 1940s thriller read by Richard GreenwoodI also read the printed version of this book by my rating didn't change

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